Poobah On the Road to 405 with John Pinder.

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by NickW
    Where in Canada are you at? Are you close to Niagara Falls? If so I will be in that area on July 8th and 9th and we could meet up. Let me know!
    mauahaha.. that's an awsome offer. I'd love to have a picture with Nick. I'm in Ontario, but a good 6 hours from Niagara Falls.

    Although July 8th, 9th is a weekend..?

    Ah.. but with 2 kids, a full time job.. it's pretty hard to get away... we'll see.

    What's bringing you to Niagara?

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Poobah
    mauahaha.. that's an awsome offer. I'd love to have a picture with Nick. I'm in Ontario, but a good 6 hours from Niagara Falls.

    Although July 8th, 9th is a weekend..?

    Ah.. but with 2 kids, a full time job.. it's pretty hard to get away... we'll see.

    What's bringing you to Niagara?
    I am guest lifting and putting on a little seminar at a meet at Falls Fitness Factory in Niagara.

  3. Friday - Chest, etc.

    Working around a few nagging injuries... My left palm is bruised pretty good, from Dead's I'm presuming. And my right wrist all the way up my arm is a bit messed up.

    And I FORGOT MY DAMN CAMERA.. Don't know how but I did, in my rush to pack my **** for the gym.. Sorry guys.

    Paused 4B Press

    315 x 3
    335 x 3
    355 x 3

    For those that don't know, I was directed to pick a weight and increase it 20 pounds every set, hopefully coming near or reaching failure on the last set. Well I underestimated.. I easily completed all 3 sets on my own.

    Paused 3b Press

    315 x 3
    335 x 3
    355 x 3 (some help)

    My instructions for this exercise was to start 20 pound lighter then I started the above exercise.. and work my way up 20 pounds per set again.. BUt seeing as I completed the above sets easily enough I started at the same weight.

    I thought I had this, but in the last set... stupid me forgot to tighten my wrist wraps.. and considering the state of my right hand it made a huge difference.. I was quivering like a fish out of water, and it didn't feel nice either. I needed some help, more or less to keep me from loosing balance... But I think I would have had it if I had the straps wrapped up tight. I think I'll stay here next week though. and move up the 4b stuff.

    Seated BB Military Press

    95 x 14
    115 x 11 (last forced)

    Not a huge lift for me.. Hell most nights I have a hard time raising my hands to my head to shampoo myself.. lol. But the good news was, I was able to do these comfortably with no pain.. and the last time I did a over head press motion, it practically ended up killing me.. (left arm tendon troubles). So all is good.

    Rotator work

    20pnd x 10 reps each arm.

    I only did one set per arm and didn't push real hard today... My right arm did not like this exercise at all.. and I figure if it hurts to much, I shouldn't be doing it.

    Shoulder stretches

    Blue band x 25

    After 15, I brought my hands in more, then again at 20.. and for 25 I brought them in even more... These felt good.

    Grip work...

    Skipped... between my bruised left palm and my ****ed up right arm. (specially when my fist is closed). I again didn't want to make things worse? Does this make me a puss, or am I finally getting a bit smarter? Not sure.. lol


    I liked the day in general.

  4. Monday - Legs

    Got my training partner and brother back into the gym.. he'll be training 3 days a week with me, just hitting chest once a week.. That's good news for me.. I'm fairly sure he won't be walking for the rest of the week. muahahahaah

    Box Squats

    315 x 2 (13" box) - http://media.putfile.com/Box-13
    275 x 5 (13" box) - http://media.putfile.com/Box-Squat-13
    275 x 5 (14" box) - http://media.putfile.com/Box-Squat-14

    I sincerely thought I should of had 315, but these box squats were more then I anticipated.. as for the box I brought a tap measure to be accurate, I slapped some **** together, and it came up 13".. I figured close enough, but by the end of the first 275 set, I wanted that 14" so I made an adjustment.

    Paused Squats

    225 x 5 - http://media.putfile.com/Paused-Squats---225-x-5
    275 x 5 - http://media.putfile.com/Paused-Squat---275-x-5

    I figured these would be harder.. but they actually might be easier for me.. even though I go deeper. I need all he pointers and advice and or direction you can all shoot at me.


    BW - 60 CW x 8 x 8

    10 pounds less counter weight then last time.

    HYper Ext.

    BW + red band doubled x 17

    Decided to do just one set since I'm doing the Ghr's... I thought I might rest pause and get 20.. but at 17 I started to see stars and almost blacked out..


    180 x 25

    Last 5 were brutal like last time.


    212.5 x 25

    Not a rest pause required this time... Running out of room to stack weight.


    bw x 13 x 8

    Seated calves

    685 x 20 x 20

    Got em all.. I was making screaming like a little girl though on rep 19 and 20.


    My squat sucks... I know i held my form decently until the last rep more or less... but I'm all ears for how much weight to attempt next time, and form adjustments.


  5. Wait I thought you had done 275x17, shouldn't these box squats be cake then?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by ktw
    Wait I thought you had done 275x17, shouldn't these box squats be cake then?
    You'd think.. But it seems that fact that I try to sit back more, coupled with completely resting and sitting on the box and starting with zero tension, makes it much harder then the paused squats I did that were actually lower then the box squats..

    And even the 275 x 20.. was a ***** after 7.. and paused quite a bit, with a long damn pause in around 16 or 17.

    Um.. I'm hating box squats. lol

    (something appears to be wrong with the box squat vids... I might have to reload them tomorrow night?)

  7. box squatting is much harder than regular squatting

  8. Then my normal squats should be a ****load higher considering I've been box squatting for the past few months. Nice to know, guess there is less standing between me and my 405 goal.

  9. Tuesday - Chest, Shoulders & Grip

    I'm starting to get that strong feeling back.

    Paused 2b Bench

    335 x 3 - http://media.putfile.com/Paused-2b-p...et-1---335-x-3
    335 x 3 - http://media.putfile.com/paused-2b-p...et-2---335-x-3
    340 x 3 - http://media.putfile.com/Paused-2b-press---340-x-3

    Other then the fact my spotter felt the need to touch the bar on the second rep of the first 2 sets.... I didn't need him, and I did progressively better.

    It appears with all my worrying about improving form, I've been forgetting some very basic issues. in these sets I rediscovered really trying to squeeze my eblows in, and flaring my lats, I think I forgot how for awhile or something... but as soon as I did, the bar become really stable, and I was able to lower the bar slowly and steadily without it taxing me or feeling uncomfortable, and lift off dramatically improved... in the third set I was able to (and especially on the final rep) I was able to utilize both tucked elbows, flared lats, and a strong leg drive, that rep was cake. I must remember to do the little things.

    Notice how in the third and heaviest set, I bring the weight down slowly and controlled, yet have a much quicker lift off? Its the elbows in baby.. and lats flared. Me likey.

    Paused Floor press

    255 x 4.5 - http://media.putfile.com/Paused-Floor-Press---255-x-45
    245 x 5 - http://media.putfile.com/Paused-Floor-Press---345-x-5

    Bit a bit more off then I could chew in the first set, but If i was a bit quicker bringing it down I probably would of had the steam to finish.. I feel bit lop sided doing these, feels like my right arm is much bigger then my left.

    Front Band Raises

    Blue, both hands at a time x 10 x 10

    Side Band Raises

    Red, each hand x 10 x 10

    Left arm didn't hurt.. finally!!! Time to start increasing the difficulty.


    Red Band x 20 no rest pauses..
    Blue Band x 20 some rest pauses..

    On the blue band, I started choked up about 4-5 inches on either side, but around 10 or so I had to ease up a bit. Good tug though.. Me love it.

    BB Static Holds

    315 x 4 sets

    This sucked.. I didn't do very well.. Left palm is still bruised... But I wont' let it bother me.


    I was for the most part pain free on bench... and it really got pain free and more controlled as soon as I squeezed them elbows and flared those lats. Granted it's not as easy as all that, cause there was a time recently that it hurt me alot to draw my elbows in.. so whatever was the reason for that, has fixed itself.. and I'm looking forward to my next bench day.

    The missing video files:

    i Have no idea why, but i tried uploading the video's to putfile 5 times now, and everytime the box squat video's never work... wtf is that about? I tried renaming the files.. i tried changine the way I named them.. no matter what I do.. nothing. Grrr.

  10. Thursday - Back day

    Rack Pulls (well below knee's)

    485 x 5 (chalk only)
    485 x 5 (straps added)

    Been awhile since I did rack pulls... but I definately improved. Grip really wasn't a problem in the first set other then the fact that it was really hurting my left hand. I don't think I could of hacked a second set without straps, so I added them. I locked out all 5 in the first set, but the 5th rep in the second set was probably a pinch shy of lockout, and no matter how much I tried I couldn't quite move it there.

    Other then that, I think its fair to say I re-bruised my left hand. wah wah wah.

    Zercher Squats

    285 x 8

    Hmmmmm bit off more then I could chew... Plus i had to wait quite a while for the equipment to become available, so that might of hurt me, or might of helped me. To be honest I've been a bit stiff walking around since monday, and I feel a bit worn out in the legs (quads imperticular).. Perhaps a bit overtrained? Not sure?


    BW - 50 x 4
    BW - 60 x 9 (complete failure at the bottom of 10)

    Wow can 10 pounds make a difference... but going back to 60, I had a nice pr. So all is well.

    Seated rows

    235 x 9.5
    235 x 9

    Stayed at 235, and surprised myself with 9.

    Face pulls

    190 x 10
    190 x 9

    Not entirely sure on these numbers... I left my book at home. sounds right though. A big guy came and started talking to me during rep 6 or 7 and blew my concentration a bit. I didn't answer him though till I was done.

    Abs - regular on the floor

    BW x 17
    BW x 8

    Much improvement.


    I said the hell with them tonight.


    Back has been feeling rested lately.. and not nearly as sore as in weeks past. I don't know what I'm going to do with my hand situation, should I just use straps, and ease up more on grip work till it heals.. Or should I just work through it and shutup?

    Legs feel tired.

    Interesting fact:

    Remember that big dude that showed me how to do abs, and said that doing abs spot reduces fat in the gut etc etc.. and went on to talk about toning etc. Well I found out today the guy was the 1997-1998 Mr. Canadian, I think Wes is his name. wierd.

  11. Hey with the board press, it might be easier if you have a 2nd spotter hold the board or even the guy behind you. When I was short on spotters I had my friend give me a lift off and then hold the board and if I needed a spot just took the hands off the board and helped.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by ktw
    Hey with the board press, it might be easier if you have a 2nd spotter hold the board or even the guy behind you. When I was short on spotters I had my friend give me a lift off and then hold the board and if I needed a spot just took the hands off the board and helped.
    I agree with ya... I get so many different spotters, some are a bit confused on what to do.. This guy seemed fairly sure I couldn't do it at times, last thing on his mind was holding the boards.. but I showed him.

  13. Ya people stare at me when I bring equipment into the gym like that and are always wondering what the hell is going on during my sets.

  14. aWeS0mE laWg bR0sk1. R3pS 4 U

  15. Quote Originally Posted by 2Juiced4U
    aWeS0mE laWg bR0sk1. R3pS 4 U
    You Guys and your crazy writing...

    Thanks Mang.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Poobah
    You Guys and your crazy writing...

    Thanks Mang.

    What a long read but worth it brutha, early on when you were switching gyms I coulda sworn you were in Guelph......I had some of the same problems at the YMCA here but got out in a similar fashion to you.....anyways, I'll be watching this one closely.....reps for a sweet log


  17. Quote Originally Posted by jecko29
    What a long read but worth it brutha, early on when you were switching gyms I coulda sworn you were in Guelph......I had some of the same problems at the YMCA here but got out in a similar fashion to you.....anyways, I'll be watching this one closely.....reps for a sweet log

    Welcome my canadian Brother... and thanks.


  18. Friday - Chest and stuff.

    Been so long since friday, I forget what some of the problems were exactly.. And I still haven't had a moment to upload vids.. So this will have to do for now. :icon_scra

    4b Press

    335 x 3
    355 x 3
    375 x 2.5

    Better performance then last week.. but I thought I should of had that last one.

    3b Press

    315 x 3
    335 x 2.75
    355 x 2.25

    Had Board problems here in the second set.. basically board came down almost hit me in the fact.. which totaly threw my off as I tried to tell my bro to grab the board.. and when he did, he kept holding the board even when I was about to drop the weight on my head.. THankfully I held out long enough for him to realize what was happening. 275 was hard though, but again I have a feeling concentration was my down fall.

    Military Press

    135 x 7
    135 x 10 (forced)

    Obviously I should be warming up for these... I haven't been up till now, I figured the bench was enough to do the trick.. nah. From now on, I'll 2 warm up sets.. and I should see some heavier weight.


    20 x 20 x 2 (right arm having troubles)

    Shoulder Stretches

    blue x 25

    Grip work



    Not a good excuse, but I skipped grip work today, because I wanted to get out of the gym and go see movie with my brother.. (he paid, belated birthday gift).

    I'll try to get those vids up someday soon.. but I'm not home right now. Busy weekend.


  19. Tuesday - Chest & Heat Wave

    I'm a miserable bag of sweat.

    Paused 2b

    340 x 3
    345 x 2
    345 x 2

    I'm blaming it on the weather... Heat and humidity, put us at about 40% today... Made me slow and miserable... and energy was in the pisser.

    Paused Floor Press

    275 x 5
    275 x 4

    Barely sqeezed off 5 in the first set, and failed after 4.

    Front Band Raises

    Blue, both hands at a time x 10 x 10

    Side Band Raises

    Red, each hand x 10 x 10


    Blue Band x 20 x 20

    BB Static Holds

    325 x 4 sets

    My hands didn't actually hurt to much this time.. so at least this was positive.


    To bloody hot and humid... sleep last night was a nightmare. I need to invest in A/C, but i'm to cheap. HOpefully things will cool off soon.


  20. Thursday - Deadlifts

    Aright, It wasn't a deadlifting master peice I was hoping for, but all in all I really hit some nice pr's. I'm blowing up Pinder style.


    505 x 4.5ish http://media.putfile.com/Deadlift505x45
    505 x 2.2ish http://media.putfile.com/Deadlift505x2

    I used straps today in some hope that I'd do be fresh enough to attempt a single pull of 545-550 after the innitial 2 sets... But duh, obviously It wasn't going to happen. I Still got another rep though, and I did better in the second set then last time.. so I'm happy.


    Erm... warning sissy gene alert. Yea I decided to skip it and give my legs a whole week off. They still aren't feeling very fresh yet... Best way to describe it is... It's just way to damn hard to stand up, get out of chairs and off the damn toilet... weak... not like I use to be, when I'd stand right up like there was nothing to it. Come monday though it will be legs again, and no rest for the wicked.. please no teasing the sissy man. :moonagain

    Assisted GHR's

    BW - 50 CW x 6 x 6

    Awsome, I actually almost pulled off 7 in the first set before crashing out.

    Seated Rows

    250 x 8
    235 x 10

    Yes baby.. machine max (still have room to stack additional plates though), I feel this is a freaking great improvement. specially since I don't really involve the rest of my body when I do these..

    Face Pulls (wide grip)

    200 x 10
    200 x 9

    Again... great improvement.. really feeling these exercises hitting there marks.


    bw x 17
    bw x 10

    No real improvement here today, but I could feel them more then usual.. if that means anything.

    Ez bar curls

    100 x 10
    110 x 9

    Arms are feeling healthier, but I'm not quite ready to push to failure with these.


    Other then my sissy gene.. (thanks Hank you ole'smuck you.) I feel my hams and my back have shown great improvement lately...

    I'm getting tired of a couple ying yangs lately.. Been getting alot of, "Are you training to be a powerlifter?" and "if your not going to compete, why do you put yourself through that torture?". I suppose it's sort of flattering that people are noticing and consider what I'm doing to be torture.. but still, They are dip ****s all the same.

  21. Friday - Chest etc.

    A little late getting this update in.. but my weekends are a blur most of the time.. Hard time getting my protein today.. Grr.

    4b Bench

    340 x 3
    360 x 3
    380 x 3 (3rd forced)

    3b Bench

    320 x 3
    340 x 3
    360 x 3 (3rd Forced)

    What buggers me most right now, is glide path... I would not of needed help if I could keep my glide path under more control... the first 2 reps of the final set of 3b bench were really strong, should of had the third, but I drifted to low when I came down on the board, and I couldn't get under it to drive it up without alot of help.

    Other then that, my right shoulder is acting up a bit again. (wah wah wah)

    Seated Military Presses

    155 x 10
    205 x 5 (help on the last 2)

    okay warm up definately made a big difference... And I know I would of had 205 x 5 if my right shoulder wasn't totally given it up.... It was just falling to pieces on me specially when the bar was all the way down. If I was healthy, this would be cake.

    Rotator work.

    15 x 20 x 20 (each arm)

    You guessed it, right arm was aching the whole time.

    Shoulder stretches.

    blue x 25

    Gripper static squeezes

    Each hand x 4 sets


    Improved nicely.. but if my right shoulder would get it's **** together I'd do even better.. I know, I know.. "Shut up and Lift".

    Peace boyz, and girlz.

  22. Considering the pain I received from my shoulder and it never getting better till it got a long amount of rest. You might want to get a physical to make sure you're not working too hard for your end result to be perm. damage. Shoulders are involved in so many lifts that giving it proper rest is hard but impossible oon your routine.

    405 isn't worth your health. I would suggest a doc visit for at least x-rays.

  23. You probably have tendonitis in your right shoulder poobah. A sports massage therapist or chiropractor who is skilled in releasing myofacial adhesions would be able to help a great deal to relieve pain and increase range of motion.

    You need to cut your workload down. You are doing too many forced reps, you are going to failure too often.

    EDIT: actually, it's probably the humeral attachment of the bicep muscle. I had the same problem a long time ago.

  24. Thanks for the concerns guys...

    Its on off and on again problem lately... About a month back I felt perfect for a day, had full bench press range with zerio discomfort... then I had a few weeks of aches, then I had a day where everything was perfect.. and now I'm of course feeling the pain, when I go to the chest, and low on the militaries.

    I've had a similar problem in my left arm/shoulder that lasted a good 6 months... Pain would travel from my wrist up my forearm... curls were painful, and flyes were out of the question, and benching hurt the left shoulder... I had to drop free weight bicep exercises, wear wrist wraps, and generally lower working sets and try not to go heavy. And it slowly got better. I think it all started from heavy curling and pulling a ligiments in my elbow..

    So now I have very similar problem with my right arm.. I wake up in the morning and my forearm generally aches... If I pick up a jug of whey, with my hand around the cap arm straight down.. that hurts the elbow quite a bit My right wrist hurts under the weight of the bar, and my shoulder gives it up. And for about 4 weeks not my right rotator exercises are pissing me off. But not to the point I'm in tears, like it used to be with my left arm.. (that sucked).

    Not sure if the problems are related, or if One problem helped the other one to happen.

    Right now I think I have a pulled tendon ligiment issue which is causing me a bout of tendonitis and a seperate issue with strained rotator pausibly causing tendonitis there aswell.

    I'll try some ibuprofins? for a bit and see if that helps.

  25. stop curling


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