Poobah On the Road to 405 with John Pinder.

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  1. Thursday - Deads, and throbbing back fun.


    I feared barehanded deadlifts going in.. I figured I wouldn't be able to hold 405 for even 1.. I was pleasantly surprised to find I was wrong.. Looking forward to maxing out over 500 barehanded, and keeping it real.. Muahahaahhah.. (yea I'm a little over excited.. bite me. )

    Dead lifts:

    405 x 5 - http://media.putfile.com/Dead-Lift-405-x-5---bare-hands-Whoohoo
    455 x 2.75 - http://media.putfile.com/Dead-Lift-455-x-275

    Like I mentioned, this was the first time I didn't use hooks, and using the over, under grip... I didn't look happy, but inside I was pleasently surprised... Wish I could of got more on the second set, and I'm pretty sure I can get 5 at 455 next week... Keep in mind I haven't done deads in just over 3 weeks now.. infact I haven't done back in over 3 weeks now.. so I was a bit rusty. (and my hammies, calves an quads still hurt from squats on monday.. lol)

    At this point, my back was officially singing, and 15 minute rests were required to be able to walk half assed. It's a good pain... a back pump pain.. but damn it, it makes for a long night.

    Zerker Squats

    225 x 10
    275 x 9 - http://media.putfile.com/Zerker-Squats-275-x-9

    New exercises for me... I used the safety's of the squat rack... and It's probably still not low enough I suppose? First set was pretty easy, and I find the bar don't hurt my arms at all. Took 10 mintues then went at 275, my back still singing, and it sung louder and louder with each rep... I pussied out after 9 reps.. and actually I feel bad about that.. I could of done it... Hopefully next week, I'll be more acclimated to the routine, and my back won't freaking kill me as much... I should be able to do 315 plus for 10, at least at that depth.

    Hyper extensions

    100 x 20
    120 x 20

    Just feeling these out... the 120 was tough for 20 (actually did 21), but I can push harder next time.. again back was wailign at me to stop.. It was awsomely evil. lol

    Seated Rows

    200 x 9 - http://media.putfile.com/Seated-row-200-x-9
    200 x 8

    Not quite up to my normal expectations for these... had a hard time at it, and wasn't able to hold the pull like I normally like to.. but I never been so blasted by the time I got here, and the 3 weeks off don't help.

    Face Pulls

    120 x 10
    140 x 10 - http://media.putfile.com/Face-Pull--140-x-10

    Had no clue how I'd do, and i underestimated quite a bit on these.. no sweating, shaking or fear going on here.. must up the weight. As far as form I'm not sure.. felt alright, but maybe I should of been leaning back more.... and pardon my camera man on this one.. lol

    Abs (Ab Crunch Macnine)

    130 x 20
    150 x 20

    Feeling this out for 20 reps... i should do more next time.. not alot more, but more.

    Grip work (Hand gripper)

    150pounder x 30+ish seconds Both left and right hands.
    200pounder x 20ish seconds Both Left and right hands.
    150pounder x 35ish seconds both left and right hands.
    200pounder x 39ish seconds right, 20ish seconds left.

    I'm an idiot.. thought I was suppose to do these today.. but that's tomorrow... But let me tell ya, my forearms are sore to the touch... I think I showed them a thing or too.. interestingly they got stronger for the most part on each set.

    Curls (Standing cable curls)

    160 x 8
    160 x 8

    Biceps felt great and were strong and fresh, even though the rest of me was pretty much mud. Even better was I had no pain pulling these, from down low.. I've been dealing with pain for so long, and it was getting better.. but tonight, the pain was not there.. I could of probably handled 170 in the first set.. but 160 for 8 in that second set was perfect.


    I'm proud of doing unassisted deads... I know I kicked my backs arse.. my grip is learning a thing or too.. and my biceps are still pretty strong after the lay off.. I'm quite happy.. Now if my back would not get so damn pumped, I'd be able to get home sooner so I can type my novel, about how it went.. lol

    And I assume it's a good idea to skip grip work tomorrow?

  2. IA thinks he's god. Screw that site. I skimmed through most of the posts, where does Pinder post?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by ktw
    IA thinks he's god. Screw that site. I skimmed through most of the posts, where does Pinder post?
    Sorry.. screw what site? Mighties or teamsniffy's?

  4. Friday - Gay Gym Day

    Band lockouts

    2 board 135 + dbld Greens x 3
    2 board 135 x dbld
    3 board 145 + dbld Greens x 3

    then the nightmare began...

    Apparently someone complained that I should be able to bring in this stuff and do the **** I was doing.. The lady in charge came over and asked me to stop immediately, and that modifying machines is strictly prohibited...

    I suggested this isn't a machine, it's a bench.

    I explained that this is a normal training utilized in gyms across the world. I explained how everything works... etc..

    After I sat there for a few minutes.. I went over and asked her for the managers name or number so that I could write or explain the situation in some fashion... When this arsehole.. who obviously did the explaining said, it's not the Ymca that has a problem with you.. It's me and people like me that don't appreciate you coming in here with all that shiet and wasting our time. he went on to say he pays a member ship here and he shouldn't have to deal with my crap. THen he said I was on the bench for an hour. (when in fact it was just 30 minutes.. and granted I never set this exercise up before, so I had to test the red bands first then had to go with the greens etc.. not to mention putting together 150 pound dumbells.. etc.. it took a bit of time.).

    At this point I began to see red.. pretty quick. But managed not to say anything to stupid.. instead I told him point blank not to ****ing talk to me, and I can see you god damn tears.. (muahaha).

    A few moments later... I came back long enough to mention to the woman and him, that I have a member ship here too, and whether I'm doing band work or doing a regular bench routine, I'm still going to do my 6 sets at my pace... It's my right aswell as it is yours.

    A few moments later the manager came up stairs and asked me what was up.. (she's a 25 year old gal, that really doesn't no the first thing about training).. but I calmly explained everything to her very clearly and intelligently.. explaining resistance, lockouts.. how it all works... powertraining, my trainer, and how all of this stuff is completely normal stuff that is well known by just about anybody pursueing powerlifting.

    Then I mentioned that both of the gyms trainers were well aware of my program and both knew that I was bringing the boards in.. and the number one trainer imperticular was quite interested in my training, and my bands.. and he in fact suggested to use bands to increase resistance a long time ago...

    So at this point she informed me she would talk to christian, and let me know what they decide.


    Now the ****ing arsewhipe that raised the stink in the first place.. I never talked to in my lift to this point... He's been going to gym for the last year and half just like me.. when I started he was actually benching more then me.. and now I'm benching twice as much as him.... I never liked the guy either... he always has a scowl on his face.. and I always had the disctinct impression that this guy is a fine example of an idiot that has no business doing roids.... cause he seems to gain and loose like a yo-yo.. and frankly he's looking weaker then ever.. while I grow stronger every single day.

    Personally I think he's a must be some sort of a jealous *****... I have more friends in the gym that you can shake a stick at.. I can get spot at anytime... and this ****er.. rats me out inside of 20 minutes cause he doesn't like the stuff I brought to the gym.

    Piss me off..

    anyway.. got a run at the moment..

    I did check out another gym.. pretty well equiped.. and explained the entire situation to them regarding bands and what not... they have no problem with any of it.. and at least the one dude knew what I was talking about..

    not sure what I'm going to do just yet.. should find out next week.


    edit... sorry for all the spelling and grammer mistakes.. I was in a rush, and never proof read.

    I also did 3 additional sets of 3 with regular weight.. I thought the rage I was feeling would make me stronger..but nope... I struggled to do 295 for 2.. then dropped down and barely squeeze 275 for 2 sets of 3... I was not happy with my performance.

  5. I meant the ironaddicts forum, I haven't checked out your other one. I got **** for having chalk once, then I pointed out the fact that the o lifters that go in there late at night bring tubs of it in and the guy quickly shut up and never bothered me again. People don't care about boards and boxes though, they just give me weird looks all the time.

  6. Also on squats, I'ts hard for me to tell, but how wide is your stance. When I started going heavy on squats, going really wide and sitting out, like pushing my ass out almost helped me gain a lot of rebound at the bottom of the lift and really helped to bring the hammies into the movement.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by ktw
    Also on squats, I'ts hard for me to tell, but how wide is your stance. When I started going heavy on squats, going really wide and sitting out, like pushing my ass out almost helped me gain a lot of rebound at the bottom of the lift and really helped to bring the hammies into the movement.
    I'm about mid width stance at the moment.. 20-22".. I realize in the long run I'll have to spread it out even more, but my abductors and adductors aswell as my hip flexor's are not yet up to the challenge.

    I understand what you saying though... and I would imagine your right... only thing that worries me when I think of the mechanics of it,... IS knee's... Definately need a strong wrap when going heavy with a wide stance like that if you ask me... but I'm still a newb at heart.

    As for Mr. Pinder...

    I would say his home is probably www.teamsniffy.com. There he posts under 11819-056..

    And he posts at a small board, of mostly serious guys with little to moderate expereince that are serious about getting and implementing good advice, at www.mightysworld.com/forum. It here where he watches and posts on my progress.


    Anyway back to the story of last night...

    I have 3 gyms all about the same distance from my place.. (5 minute drive or less)... which is really good, only one other decent gym in this city and it's a good 30-40 minutes away at rush hour..(about the time I'd need to go there.)

    I'll be checking the third one out tonight... If the Ymca won't see the light I will ask them for a refund for both me and my brother*(My training partner, who is currenlty unable to train anyway.. but that niether here nor there), that has been paid in full through October 2006... so if can't be reasonable, I can certainly ask them reasonably for a refund.. and if they don't allow that, I'll take it to the Better Business Bereau(sp).. Surely they can't expect me to pay member ship fees at 2 gyms, because they won't allow me to do the training I need to do

    My only other dilemma, is moving to a new gym means.. I'll be new meat, and will have a very hard time finding spotters... It takes time to make friends and build commodery amoung gym mates... One bro at the ymca though has already agreed to quite the ymca if they don't allow me to do what I need to do, and move to another location with me... So worst case senario, I can help me at least a few nights a week and friday is one of them.

  8. That's a bad situation man. Really ****ing stupid how people won't allow proper training at a training facility. Yah, I wrap pretty loosely once I start hitting moderately heavy triples, and then tighter as I go up. The wraps don't seem to help with the lift but give me a good piece of mind at least.

  9. Monday - Squats

    Squats (ass to grass)

    200 x 20

    Got all 20 this time, although 20 wasn't pretty. I assume I should try 210 next week? What you think?

    45 degree hyper ext.

    bw x 20
    bw x 20

    Moved in the hip rest, thing as directed... had no support at all... it was way harder... I managed to do alright in the first set, till about 12 reps, then I had to take a few rest pauses.. here and there. Second set was more brutal, and I needed rest pauses after 10.

    Like last week, I could barely dismount the machine.. walking was paintsakingly slow.. and my heart was beating in my low er back. I also couldn't lift my legs on a stool.. hammies were toasted.

    I took a 10-15 minute rest before I was cable of moving around again. lol


    140 x 25

    Can still do a pinch more... didn't need to rest pause.


    140 x 25

    Rest pauses during the last 10 or so.

    Decline bench ab crunches


    I know i'm supposed to do 20.. but the ab crunch machine was busy, so I jumped on the incline bench.. I got 12 reps with a 45 pound plate on my chest.. then had to drop the weight.. got 5 more... and then I had total failure.. got up almost, and I slowly started to fall back down against my will.

    Second set, I just tried with bw... and by 15, even with rest pauses I again, just couldn't squeeze another inch.

    Standing Calve presses.

    275 x 20
    260 x 19

    Brutal calve pain...

    Conclusion, I improved across the board..

    Gym Update:

    It's final, I'm moving to a new gym.. the ymca had no problems offering me full refund for my remaining time there. I just have to have me and my brother fill out the forms, and I'll be out of there in the next few days.
    Good news is the new gym I'll be going to has way more heavy duty equipment capable of taking much more poundage... it is also the home of the big boys around here.. including this cities only Pro bodybuilder.. which I have a unique relationship with... (if I play my cards right, I bet I can make him my new workout partner in the future.. mark my words. I doubt I can make him a powrelift though.. lol )

    John any chance You can utilize a power rack for my high end stuff come this friday.. I'm a bit leary of walking in on my very first day knowing nobody.. and needing help with boards and bands... it would be a fairly bad first impression... and its a huge gym with very few members, and the members they do have are much bigger then the average ymca dude. just an Idea though... your the boss.


  10. Looks good bud, keep us updated.

  11. Tuesday - Chest, shoulders and grip

    Paused Flat Bench

    295 x 3
    300 x 3
    305 x 3 (3rd was forced)

    Yes finally My spotters got the message loud and clear... And the hands were no where to be seen. I got 295 x 3 easy.. had really good glide path aswell. I also got 300 x 3 with no hands in sight, 1 and 2 were easy, and 3 wasn't to hard, but hard enough. 305 x 2 was all me, but the third one only came up about 1/3 of the way and I just lost it, had the rest of the rep forced with my spotter. Good improvement today.

    Oh yes.. almost forgot, I never forgot to pause this time, and each pause was a full 1-1000, 2-1000 slow count.. I done good.

    Paused DB Flat (hammer grip)

    95 x 8
    95 x 8 (8 forced)

    Typical for me.. I seem to like to improve in either bb or db.. but seldom both... But the good news is I pretty much matched last week.. hell I may of even improved... Some of you may of noticed that in my first set that I was sure I did 8 in last week... only actually had 7 reps.. (lol I can't count I guess.)

    Front raises

    Blue both hands 2 x 10

    Side Raises

    Red one hand 2 x 10


    red one hand 2 x 20

    Hard to judge improvement on all these band exercises... Side raises imperticular are difficult, cause my left arm continues to hurt when I do these... hurt even more then last week from what I can tell.. but loosened up and hurt less in the second set. As for the rest I try to tighten up the band a bit, and make it so the last one is more then just difficult.. These things make me sweat profusely too.. just in case you were interested.

    BB static holds

    315 x 30ish
    355 x 15ish
    315 x 25ish
    315 x 20ish

    Okay.. I should probably rethink these... I'm thinking about adding 5-10 pound every week until I just can't do it anymore.

    Conclusion... I repped soldily for pause squats 300 x 3. That's a good reason to smile if you ask me.

    And I'm officially no longer a member of the YMCA.. Tomorrow I sign up at the new gym, and take some snap shot of equipment for Mr Pinder. Got to see alot of my friend, which was nice, said alot of good byes.... I didn't cry I swear..


  12. Quote Originally Posted by Poobah
    And I'm officially no longer a member of the YMCA..
    First step toward being a "real" lifter haahha jk

    Tomorrow I sign up at the new gym, and take some snap shot of equipment for Mr Pinder. Got to see alot of my friend, which was nice, said alot of good byes.... I didn't cry I swear..

    yeah right

    Nice progress, poobah!

  13. Thursday - Back

    Rack Pulls (Bar set to bottom of knee cap)

    315 x 5 - Warm up
    405 x 5 - Chalk, over/under, http://media.putfile.com/Rack-Pull---405-x-5
    455 x 5 - Straps, double over, http://media.putfile.com/Rack-pull---455-x-5

    By Jebus... John told me to try 405... and here I was thinking that it would be easy... Let me tell you it ain't. Turns out pulling from the ground allows you to create alot of explosive momentum with your legs that you can use to pull through the top half... Well pulling from a rack completely robs you of that momentum.. It's a *****. Lol. If you notice on my first attempt at 405, I had to regroup a few times before I realized this was serious business. 455 was nasty, but with the straps I was able to concentrate soley on moving the weight.

    Zerker Squats

    225 x 10, http://media.putfile.com/Zerker-Squats-225-x-10
    275 x 10, http://media.putfile.com/Zerker-Squats---275-x-10

    Vast improvement, but probably largely do to the fact I didn't do deads from the floor (which kept my legs fresh). I moved the bar down a bit lower then it was at YMCA.. but after the ease of the first set, I was pretty sure I needed to go lower yet. So I dropped it another notch, and added 50 pounds. That set was work.. My forearms have bruises from last week, and by the 7th rep, I was smarting. By the 10th rep both my legs and my lower back fried at about the same time.. and if you look carefully, I had rubber legs threatening to topple me over on the way back to the camera.. What fun.


    Houston.. We have a problem.

    The gym is better in general, but not a hyper in the joint.. I didn't know what to do in it's place.. and frankly I was hobbling around bad. Another bad thing about this gym, no damn seats to sit down and let the back kewl off.

    I was thinking about adding in dimel squats.. but thought that might would john really torcher my like that? Anyway, what do I do in place of hypers?

    Seated rows

    200 x 12
    220 x 7

    This weight pile is a little messed up, the weights really start to jump up as you get heavier.. 220 was my only option after 200... I should be good for 8 next time around though.

    Face Pulls

    165 x 10
    165 x 10

    Can do a bit more... but the damn weight stack takes some jumps from here, I'll have to see how offended they get if I peg weight..


    Ball crunches 2 x 20

    It's true.. Alot of the biggest guys in the gym truly don't know jack about how they got so big.. they just worked thier arse off and ate. The biggest guy in the gym at the time... was just huge as sin... And we ended up almost walking into one another.. and he was very kind.. which gave me an opening... Turns out he's been lifting for 21 years now, which shocked me cause I swear he didn't look a day over 25. He's actually 42.
    Anyway I went and did my first set of crunches... and when I was done, he came right over to me, grabbed my ball and proceeded to show me exactly how he thought it should be done. Now I don't know if he's right or not... but basically he had me roll forward more so my knees stayed about 8" from the wall, and my ass was down low... When i went back I was suppose to really stretch my back out and completely relax my abs, giving it a good stretch. (normally I come back and keep my abs flexed, and by the end of set I'm glad it's over).. well this set of 20 was the easyest set i've done in my life... and when he said.. "so how's that feel" I sort of just went with it and said... "Great".. (I couldnt' very welll say it feels like I didn't work a thing).

    Now here's the kicker.. He then proceeded to tell me, that if I keep working my abs like that I will quickly burn away the fat as I replace it with muscle.. Suggesting that abs work results in spot reduction of fat in the belly. He then went on to say, that you should never add weight to ab exercises it's not needed.. all you need to do is try to do it faster and faster... I'm looking at him like these are gold nuggets.. (and for a ll I know they are) but everything else i have learned was telling me.. You got to be ****ing kidding me.

    Preacher curls ( on some plate loaded machine )

    125 X 4 + 90 x 5
    100 X 6

    Not really sure what the weight really is.. the mechanism weighed something... and It was weird. It was hard to get it moving, but eased off in the middle portion, and got hard again going into the squeeze at the top.. I think I'll move to ez or bb free curls next time.

    Conclusion.. I think I done good.. but I need a new exercise? Was my Zerkers low enough?

    P.s. Sorry about the avi's, my program that converted them expired..
    P.s.s. I need to see a doctor about my need to write overly long posts.

  14. Those are the same dudes that come up to me and ask me what the boards are for and say that if I want to build strength I need to do 1 to 5 reps with dumbells and if I want to cut that I should do 5 to 10 reps with barbells. Or the old guy crew who you can tell is massively juiced but have been doing the exact same routine with nearly the same weight for 2 years now and apparently seem to know nothing at all about training.

  15. Quick update..

    To keep y'all informed. I'm suppose to drop my Zerkers down even farther..

    And drop my rack pull down a few inches... (I'll have to stand on a plate or something.)

    I also have to sub, gm's, pullthroughs, or back attacks in place of the hypers I can't do at that gym... I'm taking suggestions on the best option.

    what you think?


  16. Friday - Bands kick your chest's arse day.

    Band lockouts from about 5-6" off chest

    Dbld blue + 135 x 3
    Dbld blue + 135 x 3 - http://media.putfile.com/Band-lockout-Blue--135-x-3
    Dbld blue + 145 x 3
    Dbld blue + 145 x 3 (the last one took eons to extend.. Brutality.)

    Looking back I thought I used greens on my first and only and prematurely ended band day.. but I didn't it was the blues. Set up was easy this time, I just tucked the bands under the bottom of the power rack... then I walked over and got the biggest set of dbs I could find, bent over picked them up and anchored the cage down. (I thought the gyms biggest were 120's, but I later realized I just bent down and picked up 2 145's and took a walk with them, I also used the 120's just to make sure the cage wouldn't go anywhere.) This was freaking hard.. harder then I expected... the bands were stretched more then last time, cause they were pinned to the floor and not to a few db's.. but still.. wow.

    The last set, was just nuts.. that last rep took what seemed like forever... but I just kept squeezing and squeezing till I was up.

    Lockouts Top 4" stroke (well close to 4")

    365 x 3
    385 x 3 http://media.putfile.com/Lockouts-Top-4---385-x--3
    385 x 2 http://media.putfile.com/Lockouts-Top-4---385-x--3
    365 x 3

    Don't know how I feel about these.. I thought some how I would have more.... Makes it hard to image how I'll ever get to bench 405, when I can barely move 385 4"... I know it's all part of the process though, and I swear those band lockouts are evil in terms of killing a muscle in rather short order.

    First set, I felt I wasn't getting enough of a stroke.. so I put some small steel 5 pound plates under each leg. Still wasn't enough stroke, so I put in some thick rubber 35 pounders under the legs... I'm fairly close, but I'll let john be the judge.


    Sitting knee on bench, elbow on knee rotation from 12:00 to 9:00.

    20 x 12 each arm

    Standing arms out to side, Rotation from 12:00 to 6:00

    15 x 12 each arm

    Shoulder stretchs

    Blue band x 25

    Grip work..

    Gripper 200lb x 4 sets

    I wanted to do plate pinches, but the gym didn't have 25 pound plates.. and 10's were to easy... and 35's are way to hard. So I just used the grippers. didnt' bother counting, just held it each time till I couldn't damn well do it anymore.


    Not sure what to think.. Whatever I did today it was not easy... Someone that hasn't seen lockouts before might wonder what the hell is this guy doing moving the bar about a measily 4".. well it was no joke.

    Sorry I didn't get 3 on that third set.. for the life of me I could not move it off the pins... I even reset and tried again.. but there was nothing left.

  17. Monday - Squat day

    Squats (ass to grass, or as low as my fat ass will take me)

    220 x 20

    Hmmmmmmm, I got them all without any assistance... By 7 I was thinking, by jebus what have I goten into.. by 9 I thought how the hell am I going to pull this off. By 12 I was a desperate man... 17 I made a load ass groan/growl, 18 was simply a *****.. but oddly enough with a bit of a rest pause, 19 and 20 were pretty easy?

    How much should I do next week Master John Pinder.


    Alright this is bv far the oldest and rattest peice of equipment in the gym.. no foot plates, no adjustments just plain old rails and cheap beat up padding. I tried to get into potion for ghr... but the distance between where the knees go and the ankles go is almost to far (it's made primarily for reverse hypers) and my knees were sliding (to damn sweaty) everywhere and threatening to fall right off the plateform. I was not for the life of me comfortable even attempting one rep, and on top of that I was unable to find someone to spot me.. So I opted for reverse hypers instead.

    Reverse Hypers

    bw x 20
    bw x 18

    I was able to go further then before without rest pauses.. I'm fairly certain this perticular peice of equipment is harder aswell.. as you fold straight down, verses 45 degree reverse hypers. I could be wrong.. but at 18 I couldn't get up.

    Welcome the back pump.. cripes I tend to get a good one.. I'm the only ****er around that seems to be cripped after doing **** like this. I need to loose upper body weight.


    150 x 25

    Similar machine (new gym vs. old gym) with similar results, I didn't really need to rest pause so I'll try 160 next week.


    140 x 10 + 170 x 15

    Now for whatever reason, this machine is either easier then the YMCA's version, or I was able to handle 30 pounds more? Probably a combinatoin of both.


    bw x 20
    bw x 16 (Failure)

    Alright I decided on a peice of equipment to do these.. it's plate loaded so eventually when I loose excess upper body weight, the sky will be the limit with this. My abs are actually quite strong, but I swear I carry almost all my excess weight on my upper body and on top of that i have short legs and a long torso.

    Smith Standing Calf Raise

    275 x 20
    260 x 18

    I'm fairly certain this smith machine bar and apperatus is a good 10 pounds heavier then the ymca's... Cause it was freaking difficult, and it was everything I could do to just match last weeks numbers. I like the fact that they have mirrors in front of this smith.. lets me watch my feet.


    Another good day.

  18. Tuesday - Chest, shoulder and grip

    Paused Bench

    300 x 3
    300 x 2.75
    300 x 3

    I got another good spotter today.. understood not to touch the bar unless I needed it.. and damn did I need him in that 3rd rep of the second set. Basically I think I brought the bar to far back towards my head before I had suffiecient hieght... My right hand lost it, and the bar was going to come down hard on my head.. I think I probably would of caught the second safety pin, but I'm glad my spotter was there to save me. It's also a good lesson to always use collars, cause I came inches away from loosing the weights off the right hand side, which would of created an even more embaressing scene.

    Whatever I did wrong in that second set, I corrected it in the third and got all 3 sets under my own steam, although lock out was ***** on that third set.

    I'll start at 305 next week.

    Paused Flat DB (hammer grip)

    95 x 8
    100 x 8 last one needed some help.

    Complete strange appeared out of no where behind me to spot me without me even asking.. (strange but welcomed). I got the first 6 completely on my own, and I think 7th, although he did have his hands on me at that point.. I probably needed some help on 8.

    next biggest dbs is 120's... then 145's and that's it.. so I'll have to make due?

    Front Raises

    blue band, both hands 2 x 10

    Side Raises

    Red, one hand 2 x 10

    Left arm continues to have issues with these motion... The first set is really difficult, and it just hurts some where in my delt.. I don't know if it's muscle or tendon related... the second set is usually alot easier. My right arm is doign significantly better but I don't want to race ahead of my left arm... any advice?


    red choked up 2 x 20

    I really like these. And I've been feeling these and face pulls more then anything else.. The rest of me never gets very sore anymore.. (I thank bcaa's... but some would disagree and thats fine. )

    BB Static Holds

    325 x 1
    335 x 3

    Going well.. will increase weight every week I imagine... But doing these in front of the mirror rocks.. My arms looked jacked for real..


    Happy, but a little peeved about that second set where I almost lost my head.

    Intersting thing happened though... The manager was working out today, and we got to chatting a bit.. and later in the locker room, he actually asked me if I done any shows (as in bodybuilding shows). I'm surprised I didn't laugh... It's kewl though, cause he is actually dieting down right now for a june comptition, and we were standing in our underwear so he could see pretty much all of me. he said well you certainly have the mass.. I was mildedly flattered, and i explained the history of poobah.. and that at this point bb isn't on my horison, but powerlifting might be another story.. but hey you never know what the future might bring..

  19. Thursday - Deads (MuahahahahAAHAH)

    Deads (conventional)

    315 x 5 warm up with straps
    425 x 5 (Chalk only)
    455 x 5 (Chalk only) http://media.putfile.com/Deads--455-x-5

    I've been feeling really big accross my back lately.. and I really wanted to test myself.. Only thing was John told me to 425 and I got **** last time I jumped up to 455 and only completed 2.5 reps. So I did the 425 for 5.. and then the thinking began.. do I do 455 and use straps? Do I do 425 again? Do I do 435? Finally I decided, **** IT, And I did 455 with no straps... Yea baby.

    And as for my grip? It was not even a concern, I had more then enough grip to rep more if my back could do it. Honestly I'm really looking forward to a mx attempt in the future.


    275 x 7 http://media.putfile.com/Zerkers-275-x-7
    225 x 10 http://media.putfile.com/Zerkers-225-x-10

    Alright, I lowered that bar significantly and if that ain't P or SubP I don't know what is? (is it? lol). The success of the previous set might of went to my head though. I just tried more then I was capable for 10 reps at that hieght. I tried really hard though. Since I didn't hit my 1 x 10 that was asked for I dropped the weight and tried again. As you can tell I handled 225 with fairly good posture right until the last few reps.

    I consider this a great success.. and finally I'm low enough.. (is it? lol). perhaps now I need to work on keeping my arse down?

    P.s. I got 7 reps on that first set, but only 6 made the video before the clock ran out.


    75 x 20
    90 x 20

    The first set I attempted while my back was still pumped pretty bad... and it was difficult to compete the set because of that. I ended up sitting down and letting things kewl off, before trying again. 90 x 20 was much easier then the first set was.. So depending on how my back feels I'll probably raise it up some more.

    Seated rows

    220 x 10
    220 x 8

    Not much to say.. it was a bit difficult to keep my back straight during these pulls cause of the tension in my lower back.. but no big deal, and I improved nicely.

    Face Pulls

    165 x 10
    165 x 10

    Second set was tough, but damn I like these.. I was actually feeling my lats really working.. and I rarely ever feel my lats working.


    bw x 20
    bw x 20

    Completed my reps this time at least..

    Standing Ez Bar Curls

    90 x 8
    110 x 5

    Ugh... My arms might be large, but these numbers aren't that impressive.. lol. OH well, gota start somewhere.. And I smashed all my other numbers to smithereens.


    10 minutes bike
    5 minutes Eliptical

    It's a start.. I'll do 20 minutes next time.


    I wrecked all my numbers today. Vengence, don't look now, but I'm coming for your dead.

  20. Friday - Chest

    Band Lockouts (approximately 6" off chest)

    2 #3 (blue) dbld x 5 (warm up)
    145 + 2 #3 (blue) dbld x 3
    155 + 2 #3 (blue) dbld x 3
    165 + 2 #3 (blue) dbld x 3
    175 + 2 #3 (blue) dbld x 3

    Huge improvement from last week, considering in the last set of last week I had an epic squeeze getting that last rep up at 145 + the bands. Interestingly I found that the warm up was a real freaking panic for the stabilizers compared to when you load on the plates.. the plates almost help stablize things somehow.

    Lockouts (4" short of lockout and up)

    385 x 2
    375 x 2
    365 x 3
    365 x 3

    Sorry boss, I thought for sure I'd be able to hit 3 in the first 2 sets, considering how well I did previously... but I just couldn't.. and I tried really hard.. Then In the third set, I tried something a bit different, and I flared my elbows out a bit more then I was previously, and it felt alot better, and seemed i had alot more power that way, the 365 x 3 was very easy.

    Not sure if this helps, but on the ones that failed it seemed to me that something in my shoulders was tiring out which didn't allow me to get my pecs to fire right? rear delts maybe? Does that make sense at all?

    External Rotator on Knee 9-12 oclock

    15 x 20 r
    15 x 20 l

    Propped External Rotator 6-12 oclock

    15 x 20 r
    15 x 20 l

    Shoulder stretches

    #3 (blue) band x 25

    These are interesting, I'm trying to choke up more, and sometimes I'd hold it in the back and concentrate on relaxing and letting my arms come a bit closer together..

    Grip work with 200lb grippers

    4 sets each hand

    I hate these almost as much as static holds..

    Cardio (Treadmill)

    30 minutes

    2.5 was to slow, I just walked at 3.0 miles and maintained a heart rate of 120. is this good enough John or should I get my heart going a bit more?


    Over all I'm happy with a large improvement on band lockouts. I did more reps on rotators, got my 30 minutes of cardio.. and I really think these stretches and rotator works are helping alot.. My shoulders felt really good going into today, and they steel feel fine.. even with the insane push trying to get those 3rd reps.. Normally that sort of stuff hurts me in some way. Hope I'm not in to much ****.

    Also.. the manager of the gym is kewl.. the guy I was talking too that asked me if I ever competed.. is the main dude. And today we chatted a bit, and I asked him about some better flooring so I can drop the deads without worry.. (there are some large holes under the ****ty matting they have now from weights dropping.. and braking the tile underneath.) He Immediately said he's heading to Toronto this weekend to buy some equipment, and he'll look for a deadlift matt of somesort for me.. in the mean time feel free to do what ever you need to do.

    Later, he grabbed the treadmill beside me, and I asked him also to consider a ghr with a plate mounted reverse hyper extension.. and I explained why I wanted one.. He said he'd look into it and I believe he will, cause he's serious about lifting.. but If I thought about I would of probably offered him some decent cash that he could pocket if he did buy one wth gym money.. but he left before I thought of it. If he doesnt get one, I'll definately try offer.


  21. I was reading my old journal from the beginning trying to find where I posted my diet.. along the way I noticed some fairly kewl things.

    On Feb 5th 2006, I benched 300 pounds for 1 rep for the first time. Now I bench 3 x 3 for 300 pounds with full 2 second paused at the bottom, And I plan to move up to 305 next time.

    On March 5th 2006, I posted I weighed 340 pounds.. and this morning, I weighed 320 pounds.. A loss of 20 pounds... So It appears I'm moving in the right direction afterall.

    Mr. Pinder this diet still pretty much applies to workout days... For non workout days. None-workout days are similar, but you'd remove the dwo and pwo drinks, and cut about 70% carbs in the evening meal. I may also cut carbs back a bit in my 3something in the afteroon meal.

  22. I'm totally pissed.. I just lost this entire post. I don't mind writing posts, but I hate writing them twice.

    Monday - squats


    245 x 20

    I did it completely on my own and without assistance.. sure I had to gasp for breath alot, and many times I thought I just wouldn't be able to get up again, but time and time again, I just started raising. it's a good feeling.

    Hyper Ext.

    bw x 20
    bw x 20

    Only 1 rest pause around rep 17 on both sets... I was much stronger on these, and I was a crippled mess for a good 15-20 minutes. I came '' close to just lying on ground and praying.

    I'll need to add some cables soon..


    160 x 25

    Again no rest pause.. hard it was but no harder then last week.. You just gota love a virgin muscles progression early on.


    170 x 25

    I should of did more, these was easy.. me bad.


    bw+10 x 20
    bw+10 x 20

    Slowly but surely curly.

    Standing Calve Raises

    275 x 20
    275 x 19

    Didnt drop down this time.. but damn did set 2 hurt like hell. I was totally fried on attempt at 20 in the second set, and couldn't budge myself above parellel.


    Treadmill x 20 minutes (3.0mph)

    Cardio I cut short simply cause my calves were just to damn pissy.. I was going to cut it short at 10 minutes.. but I persevered for another 10. I probably could of kept going, but **** it.. I just didn't want to be there anymore.


    Improvements all around.

  23. Tuesday - Chest, shoulder & Grip

    I'm a very happy with tonights workout.

    Paused BB Bench

    305 x 3
    305 x 3 http://media.putfile.com/Paused-Bench-305-x-3
    310 x 3 http://media.putfile.com/Paused-Bench-310-x-3

    Things evidently came together tonight. Last time out, I was shaking under the bar, almost dropped it on my head partly due to a strain in my left shoulder from my first experience with upper 4" lockouts.. and had to fight like hell to keep it under control. Tonight I was 100% healthy, I had complete control from top to bottom.. absolutely painless, and very powerful through the entire motion. I had to add another 5 in the last set, and it was still easy. 3 plates a side next week. Not even winded, could of done more reps too probably... I love days like this.

    I will say reviewing the footage, I should slow my 2 count a bit.

    Paused DB bench

    100 x 8
    100 x 6.5

    Got the first set completely under my own power... Second set, I failed about half way up.. Should of asked for a spot... But didn't.

    Front Raise

    Blue band, both hands at once, 2 x 10

    People were curious today, and tried a set.

    Side Raise

    Red band, one hand at a time, 2 x 10

    Still pain in my left arm.... completeing the first set is damn difficult, but the second set is rather smooth.. I wonder if this is tendon related? It's a pain in the arse anyway.


    red band, 2 x 20

    choking up a bit more... rest pause on 17.


    30 minutes on the treadmill.


    Very happy with the performance

  24. Awesome...JP's got you moving right along. Good log.

  25. Quote Originally Posted by kwyckemynd00
    Awesome...JP's got you moving right along. Good log.
    He is isn't he... God love him.

    405 ain't that far off.. he said this morning.. whoo hoo.


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