Turning my lifestyle umop apisdn

  1. Turning my lifestyle umop apisdn

    Hi everyone, I'm Michael; a mid 30's Australian father desperately looking to lose a lot of weight, build some strength and get healthy.
    I'm hoping to feel more comfortable and positive and get myself in a position where I can play with my son without losing my breath, confidently take my shirt off to go swimming in the summer, and just be a better husband by improving myself both mentally and physically. I'm sick of being stressed and feeling tired all of the time. I've got quite a journey ahead of me so I'm here looking for support, guidance, information, and inspiration.

    My (heartbreaking) stats are currently;

    • 178cm tall
    • 103 kg
    • Estimated 30+% body fat

    I've recently quit smoking so that's a hugestep in the right direction. It's now been two weeks since I had a cigarette. I'm currently looking for the right gym for me in the local area, which I think I've found over the weekend and I'll be signing up on payday this week so I can get stuck in from next Monday.

    In the meantime, I just wanted to get some help with my training and nutrition so I can hit the ground running. I've put together the below as a starting point for me and I welcome your thoughts and feedback.

    Workout Plan

    Base: 5x5 program

    Monday A –
    • Squat (5x5)
    • Bench Press (5x5)
    • Barbell Row (5x5)

    Wednesday B –
    • Squat (5x5)
    • Overhead Press (5x5)
    • Deadlift (1x5)

    Friday A-
    • Squat (5x5)
    • Bench Press (5x5)
    • Barbell Row (5x5)

    Alternate following week. Aim for a 2.5kg increase on every lift each session. Deadlift increase by 5kg each session.

    Weaknesses; Upper/middle back and lower traps which have caused shoulder injuries in the past due to muscle imbalances. To combat that I plan to finish every session with;

    • Face Pulls (3x10)
    • Straight arm overhead rope pulls (3x10)
    • Band pull aparts with external rotation

    Perform above first two exercises as a superset. I got these ideas from an Athlean X video I saw on YouTube.

    I've chosen the 5x5 approach because I don't want to overcomplicate it. I think to stick to the compound moves and focus on form is the best way to start, work my entire body, and I'll just slowly increase the intensity each week as my body becomes accustomed to training again. The rope superset will help me fix an existing issue that's caused issues before.

    I had also planned on some high-intensity cardio after lifting weights like a sled push, battle ropes, and skipping or something along those lines. I appreciate any help you can offer on this side of my training! Yes, I want to build muscle and improve my strength but my primary goal, to begin with, is to lose my gut and the dreaded moobs and stop filling out my shirts in all the wrong ways!

    In terms of nutrition I'm going to try and keep it simple with plenty of broccoli (I like to lightly fry in a little bit of garlic/chive butter), grass-fed steaks, chicken breast/thigh, salmon, and sweet potato, and fresh salads (lettuce, tomato, beetroot, carrot, avocado, cucumber, capsicum, feta). I like oats too and in terms of fruit I generally like to eat bananas, strawberries/blueberries etc. This is really where I could use the most support especially in terms of timings and portion sizes etc. The nutrition part is always overwhelming and that's probably because I largely overthink it. I need simplicity - especially with my long work hours and family commitments - and I need convenience. I don't mind preparing meals over the weekend if it means I can have a healthy lunch within a few minutes at work.

    Finally, in regards to supplements I am looking to get at least four weeks of training under my belt before I start introducing anything additional into my body, however, I will be open to thermogenics or anything that can help my weight loss, mood, and recovery. What feels like many years ago I used to enjoy PES Alphamine Raspberry Lemonade so I've considered that to curb my appetite and help my energy and focus throughout the day and SELECT Snickerdoodle protein for after training - but I have noticed their Protein 4 Oats product which sounds appealing.

    So that's me and that's where I'm at and my plans moving forward. I've obviously got a massive journey ahead of me but I know it's the right time for me to do this and I'm doing it for all the right reasons. I hope to have some of you along for the ride to help keep me motivated and on the right track.

  2. In for your success! Sounds like you have a solid plan, go get it! Nice avatar too

  3. Quote Originally Posted by SkRaw85 View Post
    In for your success! Sounds like you have a solid plan, go get it! Nice avatar too
    Thanks mate, hopefully, we finally get that new album in 2019.

  4. Lol. Don’t hold your breath...

  5. Quote Originally Posted by SkRaw85 View Post
    Lol. Don’t hold your breath...
    They were in the studio this year so I’m choosing to remain optimistic lol

  6. 🤞🏻 I truly hope it all comes together

  7. So, good news; I've officially signed up for 12 months to World Gym. They have a great set up and it's only 5-ish mins from my house.

    I've also purchased a few pre-made meals from Core Powerfoods. All the meals are high protein and more importantly, will help with portion control as they're all 350g servings with approx 40-50g protein and 40-50g carbs per meal. I thought these would be best for lunch as I'll be working out in the evening so it should provide enough energy for my lifts.

    I also found a great deal on Alphamine so I decided to jump at it at grabbed two bottles. I'll try some other fat burners once I've finished those. Unfortunately I couldn't get the Raspberry Lemonade flavour that I love but hopefully, the Strawberry Pina Colada is just as tasty.

    I do have a question about the timing of carbs and even whether I should be restricting the amount I have per day? Or if I'm just reducing my total calories per day will that be sufficient for weight loss? All the pre-made meals I've purchased have rice or pasta so would I better off limiting my dinner to grilled chicken or steak with broccoli or should I have carbs post-workout and have a protein shake before bed?
    FWIW I'll dose the Alphamine in the morning so I likely won't have any breakfast and I'll have another in the afternoon sometime post-lunch so it helps my workout without dosing too late to affect my sleeping (hopefully).

    I'll post some pictures of myself prior to beginning my journey to hold myself accountable and to keep myself motivated to escape this deplorable current physicality and I'll log my workouts the best I can. The next step is the biggest and I'm really looking forward to it to be honest, even if there's a little trepidation.

  8. OK, so no pictures yet because I need to work up the courage to post my fat ass on the forum but I've been sticking to my prep meals consistently and have started limiting my alcohol. I'm a big drinker - I drink every night, and I'm not talking about 1 or 2 glasses so this is important for me to cut down and eventually cut out altogether.

    I had my first session last night and it went well. I started really light because I haven't lifted in over 2 years but I was happy with my form which was what I was focused on - just training my body to get the technique right before I start adding weight.

    SQUATS: 5 X 5 AT 20KG/45LBS
    BENCH: 5X5 AT 20KG/45LBS
    ROW: 5x5 AT 30KG/66LBS

    My tempo was quite slow and very controlled through every exercise in both eccentric/concentric phases. I kept my rest time to a minimum. It was maybe 60 seconds between each set. I didn't rest between exercises beyond changing my set up in the rack.

    After this, I went straight into my face pull/overhead straight arm cable superset to work on those weak muscles and imbalances in my posterior chain. Again, not heavy at all, just the first pin but focused on proper form and that mind/muscle connection.

    To finish off, I did 20 slams with the 4kg medicine ball and straight into 30s of skipping as a superset. I did this 3 times and then hit the bike just to loosen up my legs and keep the blood pumping before I went to stretch. I'm actually doing a YOGA class tonight at 7 PM as my muscle tightness has been the primary cause of injuries in the past so I'm trying to address that from the start so it doesn't hinder my results or hold me back once I start increasing the weights.

    Next session is Wednesday with squats/overhead/deads. Actually really looking forward to it!

  9. So I tried the YOGA class and I think I'll definitely stick with it at least once a week. I felt pretty good after a big long stretch and my core could do with additional work.

    I had my second training session last night and although my legs are feeling it my form has been good and my squats have been deep. If I can maintain this technique as I add more weight I will be happy. So far no joint pain either which is a massive bonus.

    SQUATS: 5 X 5 AT 22.5KG/50LBS
    OH PRESS: 5X5 AT 20KG/45LBS
    DEADLIFT: 1x5 AT 40KG/88LBS

    Rest was minimal at 30-60s. I could actually add more weight to the lifts but I'm just trying to fully commit to the 12-week program and use the weights the STRONGLIFTS 5X5 app recommends to start with and keep increasing them with every session - even if I look ridiculous for now! I just keep thinking that I need to leave my ego at the door and in 3 months I'll hopefully be lifting more than 80% of the posers in the gym doing 20 variations of bicep curls every night.

    After my lifts, I did my cable face pulls and straight arm overheads as a superset 3 x 10. I then went straight out to do 60 skips with 10 medicine balls slams using the 12kg ball. I also did three sets of this and finished up with a 1.5km ride to pump blood into my legs and had a good long stretch. So far so good! I'm resting up tonight, might just do some stretching at home, and then back to it tomorrow.


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