Smolov jr low 400s

  1. Smolov jr low 400s

    I'm currently training for a police academy this June which means I'm doing grease the groove for pull ups and push ups Monday through Friday 3-6sets of 50% max reps along with one day of conditioning, two days of running(one long one short) a day of swimming and various tabata workouts throughout the week mostly on days I'm not doing the above mentioned cardio. Everything is progressing nicely and my standard gym workouts have taken a back seat but I am interested in giving smolov jr for bench a try as I've always wanted to. Strayed away fro trying it out from negative reviews about injuries from pressing so much but I've already been pressing three times a week for the past 3+ years so I don't see any issues there as my shoulders are fine. I'll be stretching the program out to four weeks so I can continue to press only three days a week since that's all I can make it to the gym with all the other stuff I am now doing. Quick overview of the program for those who don't know. The original smolov jr is four bench sessions a week, usually MWFS. Firs. Day is 6x6 70% second day 7x5 75% third day 8x4 80% and last day 10x3 85%, each week the rep schemes and days stay the same but you add 5-15 lbs depending on how heavy the weight feels. I'll be doing three days a week so the 10x3 will land on the first day of week two and so forth and only adding 5-10lbs a week. The reason for this log is all the reviews and results I could find are with people benching low 200s to mid 300s and wanted to give it a go from a 405 standpoint. Some background is I've been stalled out at low 400s for a while having highs of 445 and lows of 385 but for the most part able to hit 405 any given Sunday. Managed to hit 385 for 3,2 on Monday with pauses so plugged 405 into the calculator to use for this cycle. Today was 6x6 70% which is 285 for me. All reps were paused and breaks started out as 3 minutes for the first three sets but jumped to 5 for the last three. Finished up with a 180lb leg press tabata cycle and a incline treadmill tabata cycle. Also 4 sets deep into my grease the groove pull up and push ups sets. 2 before the gym and 2 after. Sorry for the length of this post, future ones will be much shorter.

  2. Solid day 2. 7x5 75% at 305 lbs. got all sets and reps paused no spot. Not that it makes a huge difference since I'm been self handouts for 3+ years now. Almost didn't hit it today as motivation was low as well as energy. Glad I did as all reps felt fluid and decently light. Excited for 8x4 come Monday.

  3. Day 3; 8x4 at 80% which has me at 325. Only did 6x4 and decided to use prilepins chart to alter the total reps as I noticed they are much higher than the top recommend for those percentages. Guess it will now be a smolov jr inspired cycle which I'm dubbing Souplov Sr

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