Dinosaur inspired transformation.

  1. Dinosaur inspired transformation.

    I'm an unhealthy, unhappy, 35 year old from Sydney. Over the years and years of alcohol and drug abuse, together with a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet, I've become very, very weak. My libido has faded, along with my self-confidence. I have made the decision to turn my life around. My aim is to gain physical and mental strength, to gain muscle and change my eating habits.

    WHAT I WILL DO -I will train my mind and body inspired by the old-time, dinosaur style of training, and record my progress. I am going to make myself accountable by starting this training log and I will post all my training on this forum. I will also change my diet and eliminate all the bad things in my life that are damaging to my health.

    I'm currently doing virtually no training of any kind and am consuming the worst diet know to modern science. It's time to turn my life around.

  2. Best of luck man, remember consistency is key. Maybe ease into things so you aren't overwhelmed and slowly introduce healthier foods and a new workout regiment.

  3. Its never too late to start, good luck!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement.

  5. MY STARTING POINT- Over the last couple of days I have documented information to reveal where I am currently at. I have taken body measurements, photos (which are only for my own private use at this stage), and performed various lifts to assess strength. So here are all the stats that I have to work with.........

    My current weight is 74.5kg (164lbs)

    Body measurements;
    -upper arms 30.5cm (12inches)
    -chest 96.5cm (38inches)
    -waist 90cm (35.5inches)
    -thighs 22cms (56inches)
    -calves and neck are both 38cm (15inches)

    -Deadlift, 70kg (154lbs) attempted 80kg, but couldn't get it off the ground.
    -Squats, 50kg (110lbs) This was on a rack with no safety, and I was alone, so I did my best under the circumstance.
    -Overhead Press, 30kg (66lbs) attempted 40kg, but couldn't get it.
    -Bench press, 40kg (88lbs) I didn't go all the way bar to chest, again, cause I was alone.
    -I am unable to perform a full push up or pull up.

    So there are the hard facts. I have some work to do. Over the next few weeks my focus will be on adaption. I'll get my body used to training, and develop the training habits. I'll also get my body used to eating cleanly and regularly. I want to lay down the foundations, so that I have a base to build upon. I look forward to a future of hard, hard training.

  6. Today I got off my ass and faced the goal that I have been putting off for too long. I did squats. I was as weak as I have ever been in my life.
    warm up. Back Squats, bar only (20kg) 8 reps.
    Front squats. bar only, 6 reps
    30kg, 5 reps,
    30kg, 4 reps (found it very difficult)
    20kg, 5 reps
    20kg, 7 reps (pushed myself very hard)
    That's it. I felt weak mentally and physically. I want to improve and grow strong. I'll lift more tomorrow.

  7. Gotta start somewhere. I'm following good luck man.

  8. Thanks for the encouragement. Today was my 2nd work out. Had yesterday off, my legs are still in pain from the first day (squats).
    Today was pushing.
    Bench press, warm up, 20kg, 8 reps/2 sets
    40kg, 3 reps (felt very heavy)
    40kg, 3 reps
    40kg, 2 reps (Pretty much till failure)
    30kg, 6 reps/2 sets

    Incline DB Bench, 10kg each, 5 reps/2 sets

    DB Military press, 7.5kg each, 3 sets/4-5 reps

    Military Press, a few stes (I don't quite remember weights/reps/sets)

    I should probably write my workouts down, as I'm going off memory here, and it may be a little inaccurate. I think I may have even done Barbell Military Press first, and DB Press after. It is very close, but not 100%.

    Felt good though. Really enjoyed the workout, and tried to push myself. Can't wait to train again.

  9. Sunday, 23rd June; Back/Neck

    DEADLIFTS!!! (My favourite)
    Warm up, 30kg, 5 reps
    40kg, 5 reps
    50kg, 5 reps
    60kg, 5 reps (this was feeling very heavy. I believe failure would occur on 6th or 7th reps)
    60kg, 5 reps
    60kg, 5 reps

    Barbell Row
    40kg, 3 reps (this felt too heavy. Couldn't squeeze my back at the top of movement. No control/only moving with momentum)
    30kg, 6 reps (much better, I was able to get a good squeeze at he top of the movement, and control the bar on the way down)
    30kg, 6 reps
    30kg, 6 reps

    Dumbbell Shrugs (20kg per DB)
    sets of 6 reps.

    Neck harness
    10kg plate, 8 reps, 2 sets

    Lateral neck curls,
    10kg plate, 8 reps, 2 sets


  10. Today I received a Trap bar!! I know I only just did Deadlifts 4 days ago, but I had to test drive my new toy!!! So here's basically todays workout,

    Thurs, 27th June

    Trap Bar Deadlifts, (it feels good to be able to type that!)
    Warm up, 60kg, 8 reps*
    I should also mention that my trap bar is about 6kg heavier than my Olympic bar, and I'm not taking that into consideration on these numbers, as I probably should.
    80kg, 1 rep (in the mood for singles)
    90kg, missed (ok, so my max is probably about 80-85kg on the Trap bar. Considering it's heavier, that means I can lift approx 15-20kg heavier on the Trap bar)
    80kg, 1 rep
    80kg, 1 rep

    Deadlift holds (I don't know if there is such thing as this exercise, but I've been thinking about Farmers walks lately, and decided to do single Deadlifts, with a hold at the top of about 10-15 seconds, to give my arms and traps a Farmers style workout)
    80kg, 3 sets (these worked really well. My forearms and upper chest/traps are pumped!)

    Trap Bar Shrugs,
    70kg, 6 reps, 3 sets

    Trap Bar bent over rows
    40kg, 6 reps, 2 sets (felt heavy)
    30kg (which is closer to 40kg equiv. on Olympic bar), 8 reps, 2 sets

    And done!

    I really like the trap bar. It kind of feels like I hit places that a conventional bar missed. I also feel like this bar is going to help in learning Deadlift form. I really liked the Bent Over Row. Due to the raised handles and shape of the bar, I could really pull the bar right up and squeeze tightly. I'm very happy with this bar.

  11. Sun, 30th June

    Front squats, Bar only (20kg), 8 reps
    30kg, 5 reps
    40kg, 2 reps
    40kg, 2 reps
    Back Squats 40kg, 3 reps
    30kg, 6 reps
    30kg, 6 reps
    30kg, 6 reps
    Military Press, 30kg, 3 reps
    20kg, 8 reps. 3 sets

    That's it for today.

  12. Way to put in the work man. Keep pushin hard

  13. GJDM

    Expect to see some impressive noob gains!
    Will follow your progress!

    Love threads like these.

    Keep up the good work!


  14. Fri, 5TH July

    Didn't have a very productive week at all. Did a workout tonight (Friday, 5th July), the first workout since Sunday. A lot went on this week, and I let excuses get in the way of my progress. Here is the basic workout I did. I am writing this on Sunday, 7th July, so I am doing my best from memory.

    Warm up. Front squats, bar only, 8 reps, 2 sets
    Trap bar Deadlift 4 sets, 3 reps (up to 80kg)
    BB Deadlifts, 3 sets, 5 reps 60kg
    Supersets, Bench Press 30kg/BB Row 30kg 5 sets, 6 reps

    I have made the resolve to give everything to my training and diet, and I will not let myself or others down again. I will train very hard over the coming weeks. This has become even more important, as I have now made the decision to study for a career in fitness/health. I currently work in optical retail, and have for 12 years, but have made the decision to follow my heart and study Fitness and Nutrition. It's even more crucial to get in the best shape possible now.

  15. Mon, 8th July
    This morning I woke up DESPERATE to make progress!! I just want to get bigger and stronger and feel more confident.
    I had a strong coffee and did squats in my garage.

    Back Squats;
    Warm up, bar only 8 reps
    30kg, 6 reps
    40kg, 5 reps
    50kg, 5 reps (didn't expect that!!)
    *60kg, 3 reps (holy ****! I couldn't squat that before)
    60kg, 3 reps
    60kg, 2 reps

    * I usually squats below parallel and feel a 'squeeze' in the hole (the bottom of the squat), but when I hit 60kg, I didn't quite go as low as usual, as I did not have a safety rack and it did feel very heavy. I believe I was squatting to approx. parallel. My goal now is to work up to owning 60kg. I would like to be able to squat 60kg, for 5 reps below parallel.

    That was it for this morning. I feel I have made a small step forward, and can't wait to see what else I can do in the future.

  16. Wed, 9th July;
    Legs still sore from Monday. Did some upper body pushing today.

    Warm up
    Military press, bar only 8 reps/2 sets.

    Thick Grip Push Press
    30kg, 5 reps/2 sets)
    30kg, 4 reps (failure to do 5th)
    30kg, 3 reps, rest 10 seconds, 1 more rep

    Thick Grip Bench Press
    30kg, 8 reps
    30kg, 6 reps/3sets

    Tried to perform some Trap Bar shrugs, but started to run out of gas. I really need to eat more. I need to up my protein intale to ensure that I rebuild to the maximum, and eat more good fats and good carbs to get through the workout and help recovery. I need to start taking diet a lot more seriously!!

  17. Have been quite sick lately. After what felt like the most productive workout so far I was very tied for a few days, then I caught a cold/flu. Blocked sinuses, dry, sore throat. I managed to squeeze a mini workout in during the last week, at a point when I wasn't feeling too bad.

    It was an ab workout, and I'm still sore as hell three days later!

    It went, Roll out on an ab wheel, 3 sets of 8 reps.
    Lying Leg raises, 2 sets of 15 reps,
    Sit ups, 2 sets 10 reps

    I'm still trying to shake off this cold. I'm nearly back to well again. I'm going to ease back into a routine, and pay closer attention to diet.


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