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  1. MTINSIDEOUT's log to life and lift

    Welcome everyone to my log. I have started this log in an attempt to better track my workouts, eating habits, supplements etc. I am 5'10" and currently 225lbs, not sure about body fat percentage but hopefully I can update this with that info as well as other stats later. Right now I'd say the short term goal within the next 8 weeks or so would be to recomp into a more fit 220-225lbs. I would also like to update this with some before and after pictures maybe I can post the befores this weekend. For the moment I will post some of my staple supps.

    NOW ADAM men's multi
    Fish oil
    Resveratrol 400mg
    Quercetin 800mg (support for the resveratrol)
    Bromelain 165mg (comes mixed with the quercetin I get)
    Creatine mono 5g
    Whey Protein (as needed)

    Pre/intra workout supps

    SNS Caffeine (100-200mg)
    Biocore agmatine (250-500mg)
    Biocore citrulline malate (500-1000mg)
    BCAA's 5g
    DMAA (25-50mg)
    Potassium gluconate

  2. Had a pretty good strength training workout last night which has made me really hungry today. Back December I got some bad tendonitis that has really slowed me down but frankly it was my own fault for being stupid, i tried to go to heavy to soon. For the time being I'm testing the waters to see how my elbows feel about direct arm workouts. I did one set for both tri's and bi's last night and no significant pain though I do feel a little something in my tricep. Anyways last nights session looked something like this:

    Warm up:
    20 back raises
    20 sit ups
    30 push ups
    20 dips
    10 pull ups
    10 chin ups

    Smith machine flat bench 125lbs 3 x 15
    Cable chest fly's 25lbs each arm 3 x 20

    Seated military DB press 45lbs each arm 3 x 15
    Single arm DB lateral raise 15lbs 3 x 7
    Single arm front raise 15lbs 3 x 7

    DB bent over row 70lbs 3 x 15
    Hammer Strength Lat pull down machine 180lbs 3 x 15

    Preacher curls using easy grip bar 45lbs 1 x 25

    Tricep cable kick backs 10lbs 1 x 20

    Overhead DB decline sit ups 15lbs each arm 3 x 20 (each set I used the weights for 10 reps and the other 10 were without the weight)

    Also did face pulls for the first time 15lbs 3 x 15

    What I have eaten so far today:

    6am: peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat
    9am: 1 scoop MRI pro nos vanilla whey with 5g BCAA
    noon: NY street meat (ground lamb, white rice, broccoli, small side salad) followed by my daily vitamins
    3pm: 1 scoop MRI pro nos vanilla whey with 5g BCAA
    7pm: small bowl of campbells broccoli cheddar soup, 5 nabisco chocolate wafers (ugh couldn't help myself) and 1 scoop NOW unflavored whey protein.
    8pm: Pre workout drink with the supps listed in the first post mixed with 1 cup green tea (brewed with 3 tea bags) and 2 cups cranberry juice
    9:45pm: The rest of the broccoli soup and can tuna with red wine vinegar
    various times throughout the workout day I drank 3 cups coffee black

  3. Now comes the tough part of my day. Had some protein at 3pm but won't get a chance to eat until about 7ish depending on how the trains run. It's not a big deal for today since I'm just going to do some light steady state cardio but it sucks on lifting days. I'm running a 10k on Saturday so I'll skip friday's workout, with any luck I'll get a chance Saturday to do a some body weight exercises.

  4. Made an attempt at a quick meal before heading out for my light cardio session. Looking to do 1.5m on the treadmill in 15min followed by some walking. After that I'll likely eat the rest of that broccoli cheddar soup and a can of tuna or maybe a burger see what I feel when I get back.

  5. Just got back from the gym and visiting the gf. Had a nice cardio session while watching the food network (yes this is my commercial gym lol). I did my 1.5m in 15min and felt good, continued to walk for a bit in total 2.5m in 37min. Time to finish up that soup and canned tuna.

    Tonight's motivation: my GF, the awesome people of AM, Taco Bell and Trivium.

  6. 5/10/13 Food log:

    6am: peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat
    9am: 1 scoop MRI pro nos vanilla whey with 5g BCAA
    12pm: spicy ramen soup with noodles, veggies, chicken and 2 eggs (didn't drink the broth)
    3:15pm: 1 scoop MRI pro nos vanilla whey with 5g BCAA and daily vitamins
    8pm: tostito's with cheese dip and salsa, gin and tonic, chicken parm with penne pasta
    At some point I also drank a Stella

  7. Had to walk a bit more than usual today to get ready for the race tomorrow. Figure it's worth noting I walked about 1.5m total today with about 50lbs of crap strapped to me.

  8. 5/11/13 Food log

    10am: pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon, wheat toast with coffee
    11:45am: Gatorade with preworkout mix (was going to use before/during the run. Since I had made it before we saw the rain I figured I may as well drink it down)
    4pm: beer, 12oz steak, whole potato, slice of watermelon and salad
    5:30pm: 1 scoop unflavored protein, 1 scoop fiber (to help the steak along), rice pudding and small slice chocolate cream pie, chocolate chip cookie with coffee
    6pm: finally got to my daily supps
    12am: beer and a few pieces of cheese with wheat thins

    Woke up this morning and it was pouring out so we didn't do the 10k after all and went to breakfast instead. Today is Mother's Day BBQ so my diet won't be much better later on. Feeling a little tired since I slept on the couch and woke up a few times in the middle of the night to my niece crying lol. I'm going to have to focus this coming week on my diet and cardio to bring my recomp back on track but no worries I can still do this.

  9. 5/12/13 Food log:

    So today being Mother's Day we decided to take Mom out to the diner. Didnt eat anything to bad but could of been better. Have a ton of left overs so at least it will save some cooking during week. The biggest problem right now is the left over chocolate cream pie... Hard to throw away but just as hard to eat when you know you shouldn't be... I didn't spend last night in my house so it may have something to with why I'm a little tired today. Worth noting that just above my elbows (what I think is tricep tendonitis) was bothering me after the arm workout earlier this week. For that reason I think I'm just going to do some running today. I will hold off on any direct arm workouts for another 2 weeks before testing the waters again. The pain was not severe at all but just enough to feel that it's there and I have no interest in making worse.

    12:30pm Turkey club panini (turkey, bacon, swiss, tomato with 1000 island) and side sweet potato fries with a cup of coffee.
    8pm: preworkout mixed with 1 cup tea and 2 cups cranberry juice. 1 scoop unflavored whey protein
    10:45pm: the rest of the panini and fries from earlier with a small piece of the chocolate cream pie and my daily supps

  10. Went for a light jog (about 1.5 miles) followed by an hour walk (somewhere around 2 miles) with the gf, a friend and his dog. The run and walk felt good, had some trouble breathing during/after the run but that is normal to happen to me from time to time. I get chronic bronchitis so sometimes my breathing doesn't work with me during runs, I keep one of the albuterol asthma pumps in my car just in case. Breathing could also be attributed to allergies as my nose was running a bit today.

  11. 5/13/13 Food log:

    6:30am: peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat
    9:30am: 1 scoop MRI vanilla protein, 5g BCAA's(had to take clariton D for my allergies today)
    12pm: pita pocket with steak, mixed veggies, feta cheese and hummus followed by daily supps (this was freaking good)
    3pm: 1 scoop MRI vanilla protein, 5g BCAA's (drank about 4 8-10oz cups of coffee at work today)
    7:45pm: small tuna sandwich and preworkout with tea and cranberry juice (also mixed a 1/2 scoop whey)
    10pm: burger on a plate and 1 scoop unflavored whey

    I noticed on my ride home (somewhere around 6:30ish) I was more irritable than usual. Maybe a side effect of the clariton d and extra coffee causing some high blood pressure?

  12. Haha so apparently the new place I ate at has a nutrition calculator. Here was my lunch nutrition facts.

    Calories 643
    Total Fat 26g
    Saturated Fat 9g
    Cholesterol 90mg
    Sodium 1777mg
    Total Carbohydrate 53g
    Dietary Fiber 8g
    Sugars 9g
    Protein 50g

  13. 5/13/13 workout log

    Tonight's motivation: Miss May I - Porcelain Wings

    Hammer strength free weight chest press 90lbs 3 x 20
    Standing lat pull downs 50lbs 3 x 20 (last set I did 12 reps before lowering the weight to 40lbs to finish up to 20 reps)
    Face pulls 10lbs 3 x 20
    Reverse flies (fly machine) 50lbs 3 x 15
    DB chest flies 17.5lbs 3 x 20
    DB seated military press 45lbs 3 x 20 (last set I got to 15 before switching to 35lbs to finish the set)
    Seated rows 100lbs 3 x 20
    Ran on treadmill 1.3m in 14min continued to walk for a total of 1.55m in 20min

    Felt great with the exception of some minor stomach discomfort. Got through all my lifts without any issue with my elbows and then ran. While running I did feel fatigued faster than usual. I was hoping to run 1.5m before walking but I stopped at 1.3m because I didn't feel right. Feel fine now other than tired and hungry which I think is normal after a workout.

  14. 5/14/13 Food log:

    6am: peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat
    8:30am: 8oz milk
    9am: 1 scoop vanilla whey with 5g BCAA's
    12pm: seafood soup, i screwed up this recipe and am kind of stuck with it now :/ (brown rice, eggs, squid, octopus, mussels, shrimp with sriracha)
    3pm: muscle milk RTD (was on site surveying so I did a good 4hrs of walking)
    6:45pm: 4oz steak and 4oz burger with cheese and thousand island and a few pieces of watermelon
    7:45pm: my daily supps

    I weighed in last night at 220, I'm really surprised by this with how crappy I ate over the weekend. If i drop down to 215 I will have to increase my cals throughout the day. I'd most likely choose greek yogurt to add in as a snack for the high protein content and because it tastes good.
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  15. Just got home and feeling exhausted. I walked around for 4hrs today surveying so I guess that counts as some form of cardio. I was starving when I got home (which luckily was a bit early today) so I ate a bunch of food. Think I'm going to take it easy tonight and if all goes well I may do legs tomorrow. I'll have to be more mindful of my time at the gym as I can feel I'm not getting enough sleep.
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  16. 5/15/13 food log:

    6:30am: peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat
    1:30pm: 1 cup of rice pudding
    2pm: 2 cheeseburgers with 1000 island dressing and daily supps
    6pm: scoop whey protein and down fiber followed by my preworkout mix
    10pm: chicken, pasta and veggie mix (some kinda frozen stuff) looks healthy though

  17. 5/15/13 workout log

    Tonight's motivation: Dry Kill Logic - As thick as thieves

    10min elliptical warm up
    1 set life fitness V-squat machine 180lbs
    3x20 calf raises on V-squat machine 180lbs
    3x10 deep squat 225lbs (2 sets 185lbs)
    3x7 185lbs deads
    3x10 leg press 360lbs
    3x20 calf press 360lbs
    3x10 life fitness glute machine
    15min walk on treadmill (about .5m)
    2 mile walk with the gf

    I feel like my deads and squats were off today. Usually I don't struggle as much with them but I did today maybe because it was hotter than usual in the gym. I was sweating like crazy today lol. Anyways outside of that I felt pretty good. It was such a nice night that I decided I to go for a walk with the gf.

  18. 5/16/13 Food log:

    6am: Peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat
    8am: 8oz cup whole mild
    9am: 1 scoop vanilla protein mix in my coffee (I'm crazy like that sometimes), 5g BCAA
    12pm: chicken salad wrap with side salad
    6:30pm: steak, baked potato with sour cream, 1 scoop unflavored whey
    7:30pm: daily supps and preworkout supps
    10pm: 2 scoops whey protein and 2 aspirin
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  19. 5/16/13 workout log:

    Tonight's motivation: As I Lay Dying - Anger and Apathy

    3x6 pull ups
    3x6 chin ups
    3x20 push ups
    1x15 dips
    1x20 back raises
    3x20 life fitness crunch machine 110lbs
    3x20 (10 reps per side) standing weighted side crunches 45lbs
    3x12 behind the back wrist curl

    If this workout doesn't aggravate my tendonitis then I can safely say I'm on the road to recovery. As a precaution though I am going to take some aspirin before bed. Hopefully it won't bother me in the morning. I felt great during the workout considering my legs are still sore from last nights lifts. Looking forward to relaxing over the weekend and then it is back to hitting the cardio. Got a 3m run at the end of the month to get ready for.

  20. Forgot to note I am running out of the unflavored whey. Thanks to the folks at USP I will be replacing my unflavored whey with a new tub of Oxy Elite Protein. This whey is designed for lean gains which will fit in nicely with my recomp. I look forward to trying it out
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  21. 5/17/13 Food log:

    6am: 1 scoop unflavored whey (out of wheat bread so no PB&J this morning)
    8am: chobani greek yogurt (strawberry banana)
    9am: 1 scoop vanilla whey with 5g BCAA's
    12pm: chicken, pasta and veggie mix
    2:30pm: chobani greek yogurt (raspberry)
    5pm: 1 scoop vanilla whey protein
    9pm: chicken, bacon mushroom pizza (3 slices)
    11pm: beer

  22. 5/18/13 food log:

    1pm: Friendly's - loaded waffle fries, mozzarella sticks, quesadilla, turkey club super melt, half an Oreo shake
    7pm: watermelon, pineapple and last scoop unflavored whey (have to buy more at some point)
    Midnight: 2 slices chicken, bacon mushroom pizza
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  23. 5/19/13 food log:

    11:30am: french toast with scrambled eggs and cheese
    12:30pm: daily supps
    3:30pm: core power RTD protein shake (never had this before but got the chocolate flavor today and was not disappointed great taste)
    5pm: Pre workout drink
    9pm: pasta with meat sauce

  24. 5/19/13 Workout log:

    Motivation: The word alive - Hounds of Anubis

    Overhead DB decline sit ups 20lbs each arm 3 x 20 (each set I used the weights for 10 reps and the other 10 were without the weight)
    30 push ups
    20 back raises
    15 dips
    7 pull ups
    7 chin ups
    20min elliptical

    Had a really good sweat going on during this workout and it felt good. Was also looking pretty lean and muscular, so far I must be doing good. I still have to get some measurements and pics up though. I weighed in the other day at 218lbs so I'm not sure if I'm still losing weight or it was just some water weight making the difference. Been eating liek garbage the past few weekends so it is surprising if I'm losing weight.

  25. 5/20/13 food log:

    6am: peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat
    8am: few pieces of beef jerky
    9am: 1 scoop vanilla whey protein
    12pm: NY street meat (ground lamb, white rice, broccoli, small side salad) followed by my daily vitamins
    3PM: (I don't remember if I had my scoop of whey or not?)
    7pm: 1 can tuna, 1 celest microwaveable pizza, 1 cup Ben and Jerry's late night snack ice cream
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