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  1. 5/21/13 Food log:

    6am: peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat
    8am: few pieces of beef jerky
    9am: 1 scoop whey protein
    12pm: spicy ramen (beef, mixed veggies and an egg) followed by my daily supps
    7:30pm: 10oz fried chicken breast strips

  2. 5/22/13 Food log:

    5:30am: peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat
    8:30am: few pieces beef jerky, 1 scoop vanilla whey, 5g BCAA's
    12pm: 1/2 steak wrap, 1/2 turkey sandwich, side salad with bacon and blue cheese
    5pm: smart ones teriyaki chicken dinner, can of tuna, 8oz can of A&W rootbeer
    9:30pm: burger on a plate with veggies

    I have a lot of energy this morning, might of been the music I was listening to on my headphones but hopefully that energy stays with me until I hit the gym later today.
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  3. 5/22/13 Workout Log:

    Motivation: Throwdown - Hellbent

    20 back raises (15 with 25lb weight)
    20 decline sit ups
    3x DB flat bench (50lbx20, 70lbx15, 85lbx10)
    3x tricep presses (210lbx10, 150lbx15, 90lbx20)
    3x15 DB shoulder shrugs (90lb, 80lb, 80lb)
    3x15 Decline DB press (70lb, 60lb, 60lb) - side note: it was really tough getting on the decline by myself with this weight
    3x10 10lb front raises on lifefitness pulley machine
    3x15 incline press on lifefitness pulley fly station (30lb, 20lb, 20lb) - side note: douche bag at the gym was doing concentration curls on the incline bench, he was using DB's when there was a rack with a BB right there, wtf!!
    20min walk on the treadmill 1m - I tried to run and felt tightness in my groin so i stopped, didn't hurt or anything but I think i may have strained it trying to get on the decline bench
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  4. 5/23/13 Food log:

    5:30am: peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat
    9:30am: 1 scoop vanilla whey with 5g BCAA's
    11am: subway chicken bacon ranch footlong on whole wheat
    2pm: muscle milk RTD
    6pm: fried flounder sandwich on whole wheat

  5. 5/24/13 food log:

    5:30am: peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat
    8am: half a myoplex RTD
    9am: monster energy drink
    10:30am: half a myoplex RTD
    2:30pm: nathans cheeseburger and fries
    9pm: venison and brown rice, eggplant rollatini, piece of cheesecake

  6. 5/25/13 food log:

    11am: banana and cup of egg whites
    2:30pm: sausage sandwich
    3pm: 30 pieces sushi
    6pm: cupcake, slice of coconut cake, slice of keylime pie, brownie

  7. 5/26/13 food log:

    1pm: pancakes, eggs, wheat toast, sausage
    7:30pm: ham, sweet potatoes, veggies

  8. 5/26/13 workout log:

    3x12 iso lateral low row machine 180lbs
    3x15 seated row 100lbs
    3x12 standing lat pull down 70lbs
    3x12 seated lat pull down 140lbs
    3x12 standing Db row 80lbs
    3x15 standing curl with EZ grip bar (20lbs+the bar weight)
    10min on elliptical
    1hr playing tennis

  9. 5/27/13 food log:

    11am: foot long italian sub
    3pm: ham, sweet potatoes, veggies
    4pm: cheese burger, sausage sandwich

  10. 5/27/13 workout log:

    3x20 One-Arm High-Pulley Cable Side Bends 30lbs
    3x20 Standing Cable Wood Chop 20lbs
    3x20 Kneeling Cable Crunch 50lbs
    3x20 overhead DB decline sit ups 20lbs per hand (12 reps with weight and the rest without)
    wrist rolls overhand forward/reverse and underhand forward/reverse (1 set 5lbs, 2 sets 10lbs)
    20min on treadmill (1.5m total)

  11. 5/28/13 food log:

    5:30am peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat
    8am: few pieces of beef jerky
    9am: 1 scoop vanilla whey
    12pm: seafood soup (the botched recipe that I still ahve in the freezer), chobani greek yogurt (strawberry banana), daily supps
    4pm: 1 scoop vanilla whey
    7pm: kalbasa, fried potatoes, sauerkraut
    10:30pm: 1 scoop vanilla whey

  12. 5/28/13 workout log:

    35min on the elliptical

    Still sore from Sunday and Mondays workouts so figured I'd keep it light today. I have a 3 mile race Thursday and another run on Sunday so I may not do to much heavy lifting this week. My right foot has been a little sore the past 2 days I think because of all the walking I did last week. For my job I had to do some surveying and was walking around for 4+ hours 3 days in a row with dress shoes on. Doubt it's anything serious but I think I'll keep things light until the race Sunday is over with.

  13. 5/29/13 food log:

    6am: peanut butter and jelly sandwich
    8:30am: dunkin donuts wake up wrap wiht bacon
    12pm: chipotle barbacoa burrito with everything
    4:30pm: 1 scoop vanilla whey and 5g BCAA's
    10pm: cheese burger and sweet potatoe fries

  14. 5/30/13 food log:

    5:30am: peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat
    9:30am: 1 scoop vanilla whey 5g BCAA's
    12pm: chicken ramen soup with egg and veggies
    4pm: 1 scoop vanilla whey
    7:30pm: apple
    10:30pm: ham and veggies

  15. 5/30/13 workout log:

    3 mile run outside 30min total

    It was f'ing hot in NY today during that run. Other than that the run went well although I was pretty tired toward the end of the race. I have another 4 mile race this Sunday but hopefully it won't be so brutally hot and humid outside.
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  16. 5/31/13 food log:

    11am: 2 burgers on plate with veggies
    1pm: 1 scoop vanilla whey
    5pm: tuna sandwich with hard boiled egg on hard roll
    10pm: honey chicken crisper a with fries and corn

  17. 5/31/13 workout log:

    Today's motivation: August Burns Red - Paradox

    Barbell flat bench 135lbx20, 185x12, 195x10
    Overhead DB press 60lbx8, 50lbx15, 50lbx15
    Set weight BB front raise 20lbx12, 20lbx12, 40lbx8
    DB decline bench press 60lbx15, 60lbx15, 60lbx15
    Smith machine incline bench press 90lbx12 for 3 sets
    Lateral raise on pulley machine 10lbx12 for 3 sets
    Pulley machine tricep kick backs 10lbx15 for 3 sets
    Incline reverse DB fly 17.5lbx12 for 3 sets
    DB fly 20lbx20 for 3 sets
    20min walk on treadmill total 1m

    The stars aligned for this workout lol. No one was at the gym and I was feeling great. Didnt want to mess with triceps to much because my arms are still getting over the tendonitis but everything is feeling great. Hopefully my next workout goes just as well.

  18. 6/01/13 food log:

    2pm: 2 burgers and eggs on a hard role
    5pm: 1 scoop vanilla whey
    9pm: smoked turkey leg
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  19. 6/02/13 food log:

    1pm: fettuccine alfredo with chicken and a microwave pizza
    4pm: lean shake
    6pm: chicken fingers and fries

  20. 6/02/13 workout log:

    4 mile run

    This run f'ing sucked... It was way to hot out to run in Central Park but I did it anyway. I had to walk some parts because I thought I was going to pass out from the heat.

  21. 6/03/13 food log:

    5:30am peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat
    9am: 1 scoop chocolate whey
    12pm: steak, rice, veggies, hummus and pita followed by daily supps
    4pm: 1 scoop chocolate whey
    7pm: cheddar baked biscuit and 2 slices of watermelon
    10pm: steak and baked potato

  22. 6/03/13 workout log:

    3x7 chin ups
    3x7 pull ups
    3x21 iso lateral low row (100lbs using alternating grip overhand, underhand, side grip split 7,7,7)
    3x15 bent over barbell row 70lbs
    3x15 iso lateral wide lat pulldown machine (150lbs)
    3x10 seated cable row (60lbs both arms, 40lbs one arm at a time, 40lbs one arm at a time)
    3x15 twisting standing high row 45lbs
    3x15 ez grip cable curls 40lbs

    Had a great workout overall on this one, felt great the whole time and my arms didn't hurt. Still using the lighter weights to make sure I don't hurt anything, during my pull up/chin ups my forearms got real tight and thought it may have been the tendonitis but once I finished with those they felt fine the rest of the workout.

  23. 6/04/13 food log:

    5:30am: peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat and a lean shake RTD
    9am: 1 scoop whey
    12pm: chicken ramen with veggies
    3pm: 1 scoop whey
    7:30pm: kielbasa and fired potatoes
    9:30pm: 1 scoop whey

  24. 6/05/13 food log:

    5:30am: peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat and a lean shake RTD
    9am: 1 scoop whey
    12pm: chorizo burrito
    3pm: 1 scoop whey
    7pm: USP Oxy Elite protein chocolate flavor, roughly 1 scoop (delicious)
    10:30pm: lean cuisine teriyaki chicken

  25. 6/05/13 workout log:

    10 chin ups
    10 pull ups
    20 dips
    30 push ups
    20 back raises
    3x20 One-Arm High-Pulley Cable Side Bends 35lbs
    3x15 Standing Cable Lift 25lbs (these seemed very difficult to me, not used to the motion yet I guess)
    3x20 Kneeling Cable Crunch 45lbs, 55lbs, 65lbs
    3x20 overhead BB decline sit ups 40lbs, 40lbs, 60lbs (12 reps with weight and the rest without)


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