Critique My Workout Please

  1. Critique My Workout Please

    Hi everyone I'm a new member here. This is my first post and I was interested in what's going on here. I'm 17 years old, and I've never worked out in my life. I'm doing it now and I was wondering if I could have your advice on my training. I'm 6'3" and I'm highly overweight at 290lbs. Even though I am very heavy, I almost feel athletic- I don't run out of energy very often and I am very active. I'm not terribly out of shape, but I do have a lot of fat and would like some advice. My goal is to make the basketball team next year at my highschool. I'm easily one of the tallest people in high school here, and my teacher told me I could grow to 6'8". My arms are 6'8" and I've never had a growth spurt, I've just always been bigger than others. So it's possible I suppose. Here's my workout currently- 3miles jog, everyday Basic weight training workout 3 times a week Shooting baskets for 1 hour everyday Some extra cardio on the days I'm not doing weights. I have about 6 months to get in good shape. I'm sticking to about an 2800 calorie diet, but low carbs and tons of protein. I really want to accomplish my goal, and ill do anything to get there. Give me any advice or recommendations to get where I need to be. Final weight isn't as important as endurance, VERTICAL, strength, and fat to muscle conversion. Please tell me anything and everything you can suggest and ill work at it. I have the motivation, tell me what to do. Thanks!

    First day- 31.35 jog at 3miles, will do shooting, weights, and a game of basketball with my friends later.

  2. Lifted weights...3 sets of bench 10 times at only 95 pounds but oh well, I was drained. Did tons of chest. Played basketball for about 3 hours at my park 5 on 5 with the "ghetto ballers". They were pretty damn good, but I could keep up. I guess it helps when you're 6 inches taller than most of them. Good night, will train tomorrow

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