I have decided to make the journey into powerlifting. my training history is some solid training in highschool which i only appreciate now and didn't derive the most benefit from due to needing large arms and abs. i got caught up in the beginning of that crazy program that is currently everywhere. after some good atrophy i made the switch to o-lifting that i competed in for about 2.5yrs. then i spent some time bouncing around and correcting mus recruitment. i've been training specifically for the powerlifts since the beginning of the year. this has been a down/deload week and i have the plan ready to start on monday 4/8/13. i will be doing squat/dl on monday and thursday, bench on friday and press and more back work on wednesday. if anyone wants to see the plan in more detail i can put it up its very very simple.

my current best lifts are @200-205
squat 475
bench 305
dl 535
haven't competed so no total but if i count my best lifts then i get 1315

my first goal is 1600 at 220.

i'll put up my last training session today before i get started monday.

Lets do this!