CZ's 5/3/1 Off Season Mass Log

  1. CZ's 5/3/1 Off Season Mass Log

    What's up guys I decided I'd start the 5-3-1 program to up my strength a little bit. Some background info, I'm 17 years old, junior in high school, 190 lbs 10%BF after a recent cut... I play outside linebacker for my football team so I'm trying to get to 200+, but with more lean mass instead..
    Maxes: Bench 255
    Squat 365
    Deadlift 415
    I low balled my numbers because I feel like the weight I actually got was more in bad form (lifting butt off bench, knees in on squat, and rounded back on deadlift) so I'm about at 85-90% of my actual maxes. I've watched all the "so you think you can..." Series and I've pretty much got the form down. Now I'm ready to get stronger. My goals are
    Bench 280-290
    Squat 380-400
    Deadlift 450

    As far as diet goes I'm getting 7-9 meals a day consisting of approximately 3500+ calories at 370 carbs and 80 fats with 250-350 protein.

    As far as supplements go, nothing special..
    On preload creatine,Mutant Mass, orange triads, no3, c4, fish oil.. Just the basics.

  2. Today's workout : Bench

    Flat Bench :
    -5 reps at 90
    -5 reps 115
    -5 reps 135
    -5 reps 150
    -5 reps 170
    17 reps 190

    DB flat bench
    -10 reps 55
    -10 reps 65
    -10 reps 75
    -10 reps 80
    -10 reps 85
    I didn't even get close to failure on any of these as told.. Should I go up?

    Parallel dips
    -10 reps w/45 strapped
    -10 reps w/45 strapped
    -10 reps w/45 strapped
    -10 reps w/45 strapped

    Machine chest supported rows
    -12 x160 squeezing shoulder blades together for all sets
    -12 x160
    -12 x160
    -12x 160
    -12 x160

    Cable pushdowns
    50lbs x100

    Rope face pulls
    70lbs x100

  3. You could, or up reps. I go to sets of 15-20 before hitting a new number for dumbells. Up on DB's is a 10lb jump for most people, unless they have platemates or use load able DB's.

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