When training, is there a standard to abide by weekly as far as progress? What I mean is, how often should I max out? How often should I move up in weight or should be able to move up in weight? Is there a certain time standard that most you guys stick to that lets you know you are progressing at the right pace? I understand its broad and there are plateaus and what not. For example if I'm 21 years old, 6 feet tall, 175-180 pounds. And my bench max is at 250. And I'm about to begin a new 12 week workout plan. When should I try to max out again? As far as just the regular lifts on everything doing sets of 10, how often should I add weight to the bar? Every week? Or is that unrealistic? I just want to make sure I am working out as hard as I think I am ha and I am easily discouraged so I want to know the average rate of progress for you guys. I understand its vague and several factors play as well such as max natural potential and what not but I'm not there yet. Only 21. If you can share your experience with me that would be great. Thanks!