OZMM Quest to Greatness

  1. OZMM Quest to Greatness

    Hi all,

    Just trying something new and different on trying to get my goals this year. So thought keeping a log of my gains and what not might be a good way about seeing my results a bit better and maybe getting a helping hand from others.

    Anyways a little about me... 27 years old have been training now for well over 10 years. Own a Supplement store and have been in the suppelement and fitness indusrty for about 7 years. After some recent things happining in my life I found myself living alone and very out of shape and overweight, although quite strong.

    I embarked on a weight loss journey which basically cut me off from the world but then end result was me being 224lbs at my heaviest to getting down to 158lbs at my lighest... Im now back to about 165 - 170lbs.

    People that I hadnt seen in a long time where quite shock at my changes as you could imagine, at the time I was still able to maintain most of my strength that I had built from when I was quite heavy.

    My current goals are to get to a solid 180lbs whilst dropping body fat, hey im not a bodybulder and its cold and coming into winter where I live, so Im not looking to hop on a stage or walk around shirtless, but I think I can get to around 10% B/F at 180lbs, I know I have the drive if I keep at it with full focus. Hoping this log will help me.

    I will update again soon with my current diet/supps & Training programme... which over the past 3 weeks has been very interesting.

    Thanks everyone..


  2. Ok I will jsut go day by day on my food and lifting as it changes from day to day.... sometimes haha

    Today: Upon waking played with my dog while sipping on a scoop of Muscle Pharm Combat Protein

    Meal 1: Scrambeld Eggs on 1 peice of toast, side of ham... got it from a cafe, so not sure on quantitys but would have been roughly aobut 6 eggs and 200g ham.

    Next meal: which im eating now so about 3 hours after the other meal is just 160g of Turkey Breast and 1 cup of Greens

    Next meal: 3 hours or so which is also my pre training meal will be the same as the meal before, just with some added brown rice not alot probably about 75g

    Training Supps: Currenlty on Craze... so 1 scoop of Craze, durining training i drink a drink called P2P, its by an Australia Supplement company. its basically, carbs, creatine, glutamine, bcaa, eaa's, cit malate and prob more but is the best intra workout I have ever used. Usually I just drink some straight aminos post workout and then eat as soon as I get home after training. But as im going to start doing longer cardio post workout now I will be having 2 scoops of Humapro + 3g Vitamin C.

    Then its meal time once i get home: Which today will be turkey again with some veggies.

    Last meal of the day: will be 60g of whey, 40ml water 100g blueberries... all mixed together and frozen for about 20 minutes... Sludge I think its called.

    And that will be my food for the day..... its roughly aobut 2000cals

  3. As for training tonight, I have been following a training program that was post in the articles section of this site back in February, "4 weeks to a massive chest" I know I wasn’t going to build a huge impressive chest in 4 weeks, but was hoping it would improve my strength in my chest which is definitely has, hitting PB last week on Strength day of 265lbs for 2 reps on flat bench... Anyways the workout for tonight is Chest Hypertrophy and will consist of the following....

    A. Bench Press 3 10-12**
    ** Drop Set - After you complete the last rep of the last set, rest for 15 seconds, reduce the load by 30% and try to match the amount of reps with the new weight. Rest 15 seconds and repeat with another 20% load removed.
    B1. Single Arm Incline Dumbbell Press 2 10-12
    B2. Trap-3 Raise 2 10-12
    C1. Cable Chest Fly 2 10-12
    C2. Face Pull 2 10-12

    I will then do 20 minutes on the cross trainer post workout, I do 10 minutes pre so 30 minutes of cardio.

  4. Yesterday training went really well as i said in my previous post, i am into the 4th week now of this Chest Programme and have really enjoyed it and have deff noticed from signifcant gains in my chest, strength and maybe a little bit of size.

    Was a higer rep range yesterday but on my chest workout on the last set was repping out 90kg for the 12 reps (198lbs)

    Diet for today is the exact same as yesterday... always cook for 2/3 days at a time.

    Tonight is the whole body workout, I have no lost and strength in my other lifts only doing them once in a whole body thing whislt doing chest 3 times a week.

    A Chin Ups 3 8-10
    B1 Romanian Deadlift 2 8-10
    B2 Single Arm Cable Row 2 8-10
    C1 Seated Calf Raise 2 8-10
    C2 Pallof Press 2 8-10

    Again will alos do 30 minutes of cardio 10 pre and 20 post. The 10 pre is at a low rate its more of just to get my head into what im about to do, the 20 minutes post training is normally at a higher intensicty but not all out balls to the wall HIIT or anything.

    Cheers for anyone that has taken the time to read this.


  5. Another great session... No huge lifts to report... Those new pulls killed my core... People thought I was a bit strange in the gym doing them, will get some measurements up this week... Kicking myself I didn't do any before this 4 week blast.

    Thanks to anyone reading


  6. Also last night there was 10 minutes on the cross trainer pre and 20 mins treadmill full incline for 20 minutes at 3.5mph.

    Bit of a supplement update also, forgot to mention that I add DAA to my intra workout drink and non training days just take it in a shake before bed. DAA easily the best booster on the market, buy it in a straight powder cheap as chips and works.

    Diet for today is similar to my other days I have chicken rather than turkey, but have some awesome lean turkey burgers for dinner tonight, prob have them with a big salad and then just take the dog for a walk, I like to pretty much do little on my off days, but still got to get a bit of cardio in there.

    I know people will say you need to do cardio to lose weight and what not, but I enjoy it, it’s good for your heart and personally works well for me with fat loss...

  7. Yesterday was rest day, took my dog for a walk but that was about the extent of any movement. Did cook up my food for the next two days just more turkey and veggies and boring "bro" foods like that.

    Workout today is Chest Strength..
    A. Incline Barbell Bench 4 6-8
    B1. Floor Presses 3 6-8
    B2. Seated Cable Row 3 6-8

    Thats it.... will probably throw some arms in at the end... plus my cardio.

    Supp update.
    Still using all the same supps as normal, starting onhumapro just postworkout today as per article by Charles Pol on EAA's post workout.

    See how it goes aye

    Thanks again for reading


  8. Last Heavy Chest day yesterday, wasnt as great as the week before did 90kg on incline which i think is aobut 200lbs.... My mate wasnt there to spot, felt like I could have lifted more... but oh well next time.

    Then was jsut floor presses and cable rows, cable rows was the whole pin load stack which has no numbers on it, old school gym lol and floor presses i did 80kg on both sets.

    Have today off and then another chest session tomorrow will give full review of it as I will be fresh to train in the monring. so should be a great session.

    Diet has been spot on not missing any meals and eating super clean.

    Will weigh in over the weekend also and get some mesurments done.

    Thanks again


  9. Ok yesterday, had my last chest workout of the program I had been on was a high rep day so no big weight to report.

    All and all the 4 week cheat blast has been great for growth and strength. With all big benches going up a fair bit, which was basically my main goal.

    I went and did some arms last night just got a bit of a blast.

    This morning I decided to do a big leg session as I hadn't got to do one during the past month. Strength still there with getting up to 240lbs on squats. And 400lbs leg press... Mainly focusing on form and going deep on both...

    Will be heading back to the gym tonight to smash some shoulders out.. I enjoy the weekend when I can get to train 2 times a day. I will miss a few days next week as its my birthday and going out for dinner and what not with family is the priority At this time.



  10. Hey guys,

    Hit shoulders last night... felt pretty great as I hadnt done them in ages jsut on there own.

    I will be hitting back tonight and then I will be having Tuesday and Wednesday off as its my brithday and have some dinner things to go to both nights.

    Probably will be great to use the rest as I have trained 5 times in the past 3 days, well after tonights back session anyways.

    Wont be anything heavy just good form and good rep range and good weight.

    Diet today has bascially been Turkey at every meal, even breakfast lol and will prob have the rest of it for dinner.

    Lucky I love the stuff, of coruse with veggies and a bit of carbs in my pre training meal. I enjoy eating the "bro" foods.

    Cheers guys

  11. Diet today has been the exact same today as yesterday! BOOM

    No training today as i have some dinner commitments and need a day off anyways as have trained 5 times in 3 days.

    If anything will do some cardio after dinner, IE take my dog for a walk

    Did Back last night in the gym, was good to get a full proper back workout in

    Lat Pull down Wide Grip 5 Sets
    One Arm Row (hammer Machine) 3 sets
    T Bar Row 3 Sets Last set drop set 6reps 4 drops of weight
    Wide Pull downs 4 sets 12 reps
    Low Cable Rows 2 sets 10 reps

    Post cardio was just on the tredmill at full incline at aobut 3.5mph did aobut 25mins.

    3 people since i have finished my Chest programe last week have commented that they didnt realize my chest was that big. So there ya go must have put on some thickness there.

  12. Another rest day today, Cooked up more turkey today so diet is exact same Going out for a big steak tonight so might be over the normal 150g of meat, but thats ok....



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