Hey guys and gals,

Welcome to my functional day o' hell. I typically don't entertain most flimsy balance-board, stability ball workouts that are estrogen laden (sorry girls!), but I have learned to reap the benefits of both worlds, the bodybuilding world and functional realm of hell and I have to say this isn't your typical wimp workout!

It only requires some type of steps, a medicine ball (the heavier the better), and literally the shoes on your feet and you will get your anabolic cardio in to burn those calories while having fun.

To the workout!

20 Box Jumps
30 Step Ups x Each Leg
50 Air Squats
30 Mountain Climbers
17 hip trusts
20 jump squats
20 high knees
20 ball slams
20 rainbow squats
20 walking lunges
20 pulse squats
10 burpees
10 ball swing x each side (top to bottom crossbody motion)
40 in place lunge x each leg

Challenge? Repeat 5x

I did three rounds of this in about 40-50 minutes after my leg day and the results were a great burn the next day. Obviously if you are in pain sitting down on the toilet the day after legs, as is understandable do not attempt this and let your legs recover a bit. The structure of my routine allows for muscle groups x 2 a week to be worked, and since it was a less strenuous day I decided to giver.

I guess the real point here is that every bodybuilder has an off-day, it's what you do with that off-day to enhance your ROM, Muscle pliability & joint reactivity is what really counts. Esp after heavy atg squat days and max deads. Fun

This workout core is based off a workout I found online, albeit modified by myself to enhance it.

As a PTAG-CPT, ViPR, TSCC trainer I do have several knowledge and equipment certifications that are accredited, next to my name to enhance functionality.

So I am more than happy to give back and offer my advice within my scope of practice to anyone in the community.
Please feel free to post your results and any comments&questions you may have .