GPF Road Recovery

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  1. GPF Road Recovery

    Hello everyone I’m starting a recovery log for the month of February, and for those who were following my last log understand I was in a car accident on December 20 2012. The person who hit me was completely at fault however my car was total, and I have sustained some soft injury's to my back and neck. It’s been around six weeks after I had my accident can I’m feeling much better, so I made up in mind to start training. Some of the obstacles I have to deal with: The injury its self may have sat me back greatly (I wasn’t eating the way I should have). Having transportation (I’m carpooling with a coworker to work and back to the chiropractor, finding a ride to go train my clients, and then training myself) so yeah I need a car. My first training was a 15 week training log that was going to last 105 days with the goal was to maintain weight and drop the BF to 6 percent and zig -zag my way that 220lb with less than 10 percent. Now I’m Training to recover, get back into shape and get my bf to 6 percent and get my LBM to 200 or 200 plus.

  2. Day 1(Yesterday)
    Chest Press 50lbx10 70x10 100lbx10
    Dumbbell Fly 15lbx10 17lbx10 17lbx10
    Shoulder Machine Press 50lbx10 70lbx10 100lbx10
    Shoulder Raises 15lbx10 17lbsx10 17lbsx10
    Triceps Push Downs 50lb 3x10
    Dumbbell Kickback 10lb 3x10

  3. Day 2
    Rest Super Sunday go Ravens

  4. Day 3

    I'm feeling a lot better, however due to my time schedule I couldn't train, tomorrow on the other hand will be different.

  5. Day 4
    Back and BI

    Arm Machine 80x10 125x10 200x10
    Dumbbell Curl 22x10 27x10 30x10
    Single Arm Curl 22x10 27x10 30x10
    Back Machine 100x10 3 set
    Dumbbell Row 40x10 3set

    *I had to cut my training short today,because my ride pick me up from the gym after training myself and my client
    * Good the Chiropractor told me that I'm getting better, and that I should be lifting weights (just not heavy) LAME!!!!
    *Still looking for a good deal for a car :-(

  6. Day5

  7. Day 6
    Bench Press 135 3x10
    Arm Machine 80x10 125x10 200x10
    Dumbbell Curl 22x10 27x10 30x10
    Single Arm Curl 22x10 27x10 30x10
    Back Machine 100x10 3 set
    Dumbbell Row 40x10 3set

    *Good News My doctor said that I'm coming alone just fine, and in two more session she might sign me to an early leave
    *Bad News however I discovered a knot at the top of my traps, not sure what it is, but hopefully they can get me back to 100%

  8. Day 7

    *Trained 3 clients and didn't do anything as far a weights and cardio)
    *Good day today I got my new car (Certificated Pre Own Car 2012 Chevy Impala B-) )
    * So now this mean, all I have to do is heal completely and I'll be good to go

  9. Day 8

  10. Day 9

    Train some clients didn't have time to try and train, going to the doctor tomorrow for some adjustments hopefully I'll be back in rear forum.

  11. Day 10

    Bench Press 135x10 225x10 315x3
    Dumbbell Raise 171/2 3x10
    Dumbbell Press 20 3x10
    Tri Press Down

    *Good news the doctor said that the knot was just a sore on my trap muscles and that it will be something that they will be motoring.
    *I can bench 315 3 times on my own so I haven't lost to much strength, and I wanted to work on my physic as far as lifting heavy weights
    *I cnt describe the feeling in my back when I lift heavy,I just know its a feeling, I wish I can feel quickly I feel as if I'm getting out of shape by the day :@

  12. Day 11

  13. Day 12

    Sitting DB Curl 25x10 27x10 40x10
    Atl DB Curl 25x10 27x10 40x10
    Preacher Curl 25x10 27x10 30x10

    Arm Machine Call 125x10 155x10 155x10

    Lat Pulldown 100 3x10
    DB Row 45 3x10
    Machine Row 130 3x10

    * 30mins of Cardio before Training
    * Good news my Back is feeling great and next week of possible tomorrow I'll be back on my serious routine before my car accident
    *I still have to check with the doctor from time to time I have a know in one of the Trap Muscles
    *I have to also buy a new scale for my body comp (weight,BMR, LBM, BF etc....) the one I had needs to be replaced

  14. Day 13

    Bench Press 225 3x10
    Chest Press 210x10 230x10
    Hammer Chest Press 180 2x10
    Fly Machine 210 2x10
    Press Down 75 3x10
    Dips 3x10

    *My back was starting to hurt a little a so I stop and did some dips and press downs, and I had to me up with my girlfriend

  15. Day 14

    Leg Press 210x10 230x10 250x10
    Leg Extension 130 3x10
    Lying Leg Curl 50 3x10

    Hip Adduction 12 3x10
    Hip Abduction 12 3x10

    * Monday I'll be training harder but I still wanted to take it a little lite, I was think it would better just to wait but I was aread in the gym after training some clients.

  16. Day 15

    I just took it easy before Mondays training (back is feeling better by the day)

  17. Day 16

    Chest Press 100x10 170x10 170x10
    Fly Machine 100x10 130x10 130x10
    Shoulder Machine Press 100x10 170x10 190x10
    DB Raises 30x10 40x10 50x5
    Press down 100x10 130x10 130x10

    *I using the scale from the gym I train at, so I should have my BC posted soon, remember something when wrong with mines and it needs to be replace

  18. Day 17
    Cardio: 50:00
    Cals Burn 1200

  19. Weight: 232
    Body Fat: 18.5
    Pounds of Fat: 41.79
    Sum of Skinfold: 65
    Lean Body Mass: 190.24
    BMR Set Point: 3967

  20. Day 18

    Lat Pull Down 3 130x10
    Row Cable Machine 3 120x10
    Single DB Row 3 50x10
    DBCurl 40x10 2 50x10
    EZBar Curl 70x10 80x10
    I. Curl Machine 3 70x10

  21. Day 19

    500 Cals Burn

  22. Day 20

    I'm going to hang out with my girlfriend after work, so I'm going to hit legs and cardio tomorrow and cardio before and after church on Sunday.

  23. Day 21
    Dumbbell Body Squats 40db 3x10
    Single Legs Squats BW 3x10
    Leg Press 170 3x10
    Single Leg Press 170 3x10
    Leg Ex 130 3x10
    Hamstring 130 3x10

  24. Day 22

  25. Day 23
    Bench Press 135x10 225x10 315x5
    I. Bench Press 135x10 135x10 225x2
    Shoulder Machines Press 110x10 140x6 140x6
    Dumbbell Lat Raises 27x10 30x10 3x10
    Tri Press Downs 70x10 70x10 70x10

    * Feeling better knees are kinda stiff and the doctor said I was allowed to more sessions :-)


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