RussianOG's Afghanistan Pump

  1. RussianOG's Afghanistan Pump

    Hey guys, I'm fairly new here and been reading up a lot. This will be my journal that I start here in Afghanistan and it will progress though my return and so on.

    A little bit about me:
    My names Jack Pavlov, born in Russia, California resident. 23 Years old. 5'8"ish and 190lbish. Before I joined the Marine Corp, was pretty small, muscles undeveloped. On my last deployment in Okinawa, I started working out. Followed around my friend pretty much with the 1-2 muscle groups a day 5-6 days a week routine and accomplished 10-15lbs of muscle gain by the end. Supplements were you generic, protein, pre workout, and vitamins. Between Okinawa and this deployment (Period of 9-10 months), i didn't work out one time. I was constantly going in and out of the field, and my diet was ABSOLUTE ****. Days I wasn't in the field, i splurged on dominos bread bowls and carls jr on base. Days i was in the field, had to eat MRE's constantly. Spent at least 3-5 months of that time eating MRE's. By the time I begun my working out here in Afghan, I'd lost maybe 10lbs of muscle mass, felt weak, and gained a significant amount of fat (10-20lbs). Fat was gained all around but definitely stood out in my chest, abdominal and leg region. And here I am now.

    Here is a photo about 3-4 months into last deployment in Okinawa:
    Can't post pictures till 150 posts, IDK if someone can waive that?

    Situation: I work 14 hour days here. That Compiled with Sleep, only leaves 1-2 hours max of working out.

    My weak points:
    Legs and Chest are probably my weakest points as they were never heavily worked out as much as they should have, with proper routine, diet and supplementation.

    Current Supplements:
    Jack3d (2-3 scoops before a workout, old school, not micro)
    100% Beef Amino Acids (9-12 pills throughout the day, post meal)
    Fish Oil Capsules (1 capsule upon wake up)
    Infinite Labs 100% Whey Protein Isolate ( 1.5 scoops post workout, minutes after I'm done lifting)
    BSN Syntha 6 Protein (upon wakeup/before bed)

    I do have Natures Fuel on the way. It is an Vitamin/Amino acid supplement in powder form as well as Betabol. This would be my first time trying Betabol and here is the link to what it's about. If you guys have any experience or know a lot about pharmacology/biology and would be willing to shed some light on it's effectiveness, much appreciated. Otherwise ill be posting updates as to how my body reacts with it.
    I will be buying Liv52 for daily use as well as a joint health supplement.

    Some plans for a month from now. I was thinking about hopping on a cycle of a "mild" PH. Epistane. I would also like to have some help with formulating that cycle in terms of everything needed. My intent with Epistane is to do some cutting/lean muscle gains. From everything I read, I heard diet is what determines the results of a cycle. So I was thinking Low Glycemic Carbs/High Protein and lean protein diet?

    Anyone have any input on taking a thermogenic supplement throughout this time? will it help cutting down the fat, will it inhibit muscle growth or any of my other goals in terms of gains?

    From what I gather:
    On Cycle:

    • Epistane (1-2 bottles of 90 pills each, 10mg per pill). 30(21) 40(28) 40(28) 40(28) 40(28) 40(28). Total of 161 pills needed. This is assuming I take it everyday regardless of working out? If not, then that number will be 115 pills. I was thinking on the last two weeks to up it to 50 but haven't read much about that dosage being popular. As I also understand, these need to be taken spread out throughout the day? Also, is there a specific brand which is more successful and effective. I've seen 3-4 different brands of epistane and each of those have a small difference in the chemical structure. From my efforts to google the difference, I couldn't find much but there must be a reason for that.
    • CEL Cycle Assist
    • Hawthorne Berry (for blood pressure)
    • Liv52

    Post Cycle:

    • Clomid or Nolvadex? Not sure how to administer since I found it online and it was in liquid form.
    • Liv52
    • CEL PCT
    • DAA / Test Booster?

    I'd love any suggestions and help, especially with dosing the post cycle and the proper way to do it.

    Workout routine:
    I'm still trying to refine this so if you have any tips, much appreciated, or how i can manage my time better and still get a full workout in.
    Mondays and Tuesdays I try and do Heavy weight for as much muscle gain as possible and Thursdays through Saturdays I try and do low weight, high explosive reps. Ill mix in a high weight exercise on those days if I missed something on Mondays and Tuesdays

    • Mondays: Upper body (Chest, Back, Arms) I try and get shoulders, Triceps, and traps in there but constantly find myself running out of time before I have to go back to work. It's either I get them in and do a couple less sets on the other muscles or just try and squeeze them in later.
    • Tuesdays: Lower Body (Squats, Leg Extensions, Calf Raises and maybe leg presses depending on how sore my legs are from squats). I try and do at least 8-10 sets of squats utilizing a mix of increasing weight but staying steady for 4-5 sets at 80% of max weight. I try not to train to failure on these to prevent full body and mental fatigue. That goes with a lot of my workouts but upper body, usually last set is to failure or just a couple reps shy of it.
    • Wednesdays: Rest Day
    • Thursdays: Back and Biceps (Low weight, high rep, explosive delivery)
    • Fridays: Chest and Triceps (Low weight, high rep, explosive delivery)
    • Saturday: Legs and Shoulders/Traps (Low weight, high rep, explosive delivery)
    • Sunday: Rest Day.

    The Thursday-Saturday setup is new, and i'm trying it out this week. Before that I was doing:
    Mondays: Upper Body A
    Tuesdays: Lower Body A
    Wednesday: Rest
    Thursday: Upper Body B
    Friday: Lower Body B
    Saturday: Rest
    Sunday Rinse and Repeat or cover anything i missed.

    There isn't much I can do for Diet as i'm in afghanistan but here is what my daily diet consists of.
    I wake up with a protein shake and some beef jerky. Go to Gym, have a post workout protein shake. Go to work, as I go to work, i get food at the beginning. I get 3 grilled Chicken Breasts, cup of cucumbers, and a sweet potato if they have them.
    2-3 hours after that meal, i consume some more beef jerky. I have another meal around 4-5 hours later and it consists of Chicken Nuggets and cucumbers. This meal goes on at 1am and the chow hall serves nasty ass fried **** during this time, so chicken nuggets/chicken tender is the best i can do. 2-3 hours after that, I supplement with more beef jerky. and In the morning, depending on how I feel, i have another protein shake (casein). I drink water with all my meals but due to my job, one in awhile, i will consume a small energy drink.

    Here is my first week log from 1.03.13. It's in a spreadsheet I made. The Meal Log tab is inactive because of fluctuations in schedule and I primarily eat the same thing everyday:
    Can't post links till 150 posts, can a moderator or someone waive that in my settings?

    I will be uploading them weekly as well as trying to make posts about those days workouts if I have time.

    I'm pretty self conscious but ill try to get a couple pics up. I took a couple from this second week. so it'll be from there. We are lacking mirrors in this place and my iPhone camera has gone to **** (been through 2 deployments) so pictures won't be great in quality but you'll get the general idea.

    I will be ordering the supplements and PH probably next week as they take two weeks to get here and would like some immediate assistance to make sure I'm ordering all the right stuff.

    I'd just like to throw out that care packages of supplements or anything that can help me here are welcome, i'll gladly write reviews for any products if anyone is trying to get that out there. Lol, not asking for hand outs just throwing that option out there PM Me for address.

    Thank you all for reading and hopefully keeping track, helping me stay on point and fine tuned all throughout my time making this log. I'm very open minded and easily take in constructive criticism based on anything I write here as I'm well aware that most people here are probably more experienced then I am in all subject matter discussed.

  2. 1.11.13

    So I already had roughly 1-1.5 hours to work out but then they had mass casualty drills on the base so it knocked the time down by 30 more minutes, this is all I could get done.

    Pump from 2 scoops of Jacked was great.
    Felt the burn after every muscle group (3-5 sets)
    Sweated pretty decently, felt almost like a cardio workout.
    Allowed only 1-1.5 minutes of rest per set.
    Focused on Form and explosive speed. The weights were roughly 40-60% of max weight.

    Shoulder Press

    • 75x16
    • 75x16
    • 75x16
    • 75x14
    • 75x12

    Bench Press

    • 115x16
    • 115x12
    • 115x8

    Barbell Forearm Curl

    • 25x20
    • 25x20
    • 25x20

    Dumbbell Curl

    • 30x16
    • 30x14
    • 30x12
    • 30x12


    • 45x20
    • 45x15
    • 45x12
    • 45x12

  3. I haven't yet done any cycles or anything, just my current diet and training regimen:
    Here are some numbers from week 1 when I started writing down and Now. I'm just posting relevant workouts that had significant changes, smaller muscles tend to not change as drastically. There were all around gains but i'm personally impressed with my chest gains as that was one of my weaker points going into this. As I climb up in weight, from reading, it will be harder and harder to make gains.

    9lbs gained, I'm sure it's not nearly that in terms of lean muscle but Idk, i'm not sure how to calculate specifically.

    I've eaten under my maintenance cals, supplemented with high protein and lots of beef jerky.

    Bench Press 145x5

    Incline DB Press 40x10

    Bench Press 145x5

    Shoulder Press 95x10

    Bench Press 145x5
    180x5 (to failure)
    Bench Press 155x5

    Incline DB Press 45x10


    Bench Press 165x5

    Incline DB 50x10

    Bench Press 170x5 (x2)

    DB Incline Press 50x8

    My routine changes were adding in Rep Ranges and DS/SS
    Heavy Sets > Rest > Rep Ranges > Rest > Heavy Sets > Rest DS/SS > Rest and repeat
    Monday upper body
    tues lower body
    wedn rest
    thur upper
    fri upper
    sat lower

    I think right now i'm going to be switching to
    chest tri
    back bi
    shoulder trap


    Incorporating DS/SS and rep ranges ever other heavy set workout.

    Big shout out to Luke_pni for helping me out!!

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