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  1. Had a fantastic workout. Almost wasn't going to go and was gonna use today as a recovery day but had a buddy ask me if he could try a pre workout (jack3d micro this time) and he made me feel like a bum because he was going and I was gonna sham out lol.

    After I got there I was definitely glad I went. No ridiculous PR's but the MM connection was solid and I was all kinds of pumped up. Felt friggin GREAT! Actually looked pretty beefy in my XL fear no workout T-Shirt, it was all draped off of my shoulders and chest and you could see my traps straight through it leading down to my tiny little waist. I flew through it today as well, I was just chugging along.

    Pre-Workout: 1.5 Scoop Prodigy (This is definitely the right amount for me lol)

    Intra: Water/Gatorade Powder

    14FEB Upper HT 2

    OHP- 3x10

    95x10, 95x10, 95x5 (lol what a shot to the ego, although my 1RM is only 145 )

    Pull-ups- 3x10
    BWx10, BWx7+1, BWx7+2+1(assist)

    a1. Chinese Rows- 3x12 // 45x12, 50x12, 55x12 (holy pump)
    a2. 1/2 Kneel DB OHP- 3x10 // 40x10, 45x10, 50x10 (holy lactic acid buildup lol)

    b1. Scapula Dips: 3x12 // BWx12, +20x12, +35x12
    b2. BB Curls: 3x10 // 70x9, 70x7, 60x9
    b3. DB External Rot.: 3x12 // 10x12, 20x12, 20x8
    b4. Turkish Get-up: 3x3 // 45xF (2 R, 1 L), 35x3, 35x3 (per arm)

    Felt like a straight monster on this one. Pull-ups were humbling (normally do Chins) and we did a few this morning with PT. Got a couple of nudes, I'm a terrible poser so give me a break, got one relaxed of the back and one attempt at a lat spread. I think they show some pretty good progress personally, especially considering all of the time I am being forced to undereat, undersleep, and undertrain (stupid 82nd lol)

    Shoulders rolled slightly forward Relaxed
    Attachment 74963

    Good Posture Relaxed
    Attachment 74964

    Lat Spread (I'm really bad at this lol)
    Attachment 74965

  2. Preworkout: 1.5 scoop Prodigy, 1 Cap Paragon

    Intra: water

    Front Squat: ATG 3x10
    185x10, 205x8, 195x8 (could have probably done 10 but didn't have the rack set up for me to risk failure)

    Snatch Grip RDL: 3x10
    135x10, 155x10x2 (couldn't hold it and forgot my chalk)

    a1. Split Squat: 3x12 // 90x12, 100x12
    a2. 1 leg Swiss ball curl: 3x10 // BWx10x2

    Didn't do the complex.

    Crappy day, my fuse has been short since last weeks field problem and I was about to explode at the gym. Nobody was even doing anything wrong but just having people around me was pissing me off today.

  3. No sprints today. Its snowing out here in NC, coming down pretty hard too!

    Not sure how I feel about driving in it...

  4. Stupid snow.

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  5. Jesus I don't know where to post......I feel that I need to reply twice!!!!!!
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by Sean1332 View Post
    Jesus I don't know where to post......I feel that I need to reply twice!!!!!!
    Lol its like following a snags log (I think I'm subbed to 3 of his lol)

  7. Yesterday's Update:

    Pre-Workout: 1.5 Scoop Prodigy

    Intra: Idk, water or powerade or something

    Incline Press: 4x10
    115x10, 135x10, 145x10, 155x6

    CS DB RD Row: 4x10
    20x10, 25x10x2, 30x7.5

    a1. WG Cable Row: 2x15 // 90x15, 100x15
    a2. DB Bench w/ Bridge: 2x12 // 65x12, 75x8

    Face Pulls: 3x12 // 80x12, 90x12, 110x12
    Lying Tri Ext: 3x12 // 20x12, 25x12, 30x4---25x4
    Cable External Rot: 3x12 // 20x12, 30x12, 20x12
    Standing Cable Crunch: 3x12 // 130x12, 140x12, 130x12 (tried the stack, wasn't gonna happen lol)

    This workout went great! Got a new workout partner and me and him are able to compete pretty well, he's got me on most flat presses and I have him on the Inclines and Standing. He's the reason I grabbed the 75's instead of 70's lol, he walks up after I did my first set and grabs 80's, pissing me right off lol.

    Today's Update:

    Not nearly as good as yesterday's, started late and was stressed out as I was leaving. My anniversary is coming up next month and I'm going to take my wife to the George Strait concert in Greensboro but can't find the seats I want (am debating between floor seats or just going for lower level but am not sure if floor is worth the extra $150 as I've never had floor seats). Couldn't find my chalk but my partner was waiting so I left without it, forgot my bands as well (AGAIN!)

    Pre: 1.5 Scoop Prodigy, 1 Cap Paragon

    Intra: basically nothing, was sweating like a pig too....

    Trap Bar Deadlift: 4x10
    225x10, 255x10, 275x5 (DAMN GRIP), 315x2 (AARGHH)

    Good Mornings: 4x10
    135x10, 185x10, 225x10, 155x10

    a1.DB RDL: 2x15 // 40x15
    a2. RFE Split Squat: 2x12 // 90x12

    BB Bridge: 3x12 // 135x12, 155x12, 185x12
    Supine March: 3x12 // BWx12x3
    Monster Walk: N/A
    Swiss Ball Roll Out: 3x12 // BWx12x3

    Couldn't hold the 275 but figured "what the hell" and thought I could just reset my grip when necessary and keep going until I got the 10 on 315. I was WRONG. And unfortunately when I start focusing on my grip I lose focus and my lower back was taking too much of the load, there wasn't any rounding but it was less hip drive and more spinal extension. That's why we cut the superset short because both of our backs were cramping up HARD!

    Did a lot of air squats this morning for PT and I was a little tight just getting started but it evened out after the first set. Oh well there is always next week

  8. Had a good workout tonight. Relieved a lot of stress from this week, going to get rewound tomorrow at work but oh well.

    Wasn't able to do any speed work on Wednesday, got off work at like 2030 and had to go back in at 0530. It was dumb.

    Got off kinda late today but it was early enough to hit the gym. Got there at like 2015 and left at around 2125 (give or take), hit some McDonalds on the way home, gonna eat, shower, sleep and prepare for another long day. Hoping to make it to the gym tomorrow but I am going into the field on Tue/Wed and we are supposed to be on lockdown in the company AO all weekend (for literally no reason ), won't be back until March 10, gonna bring my TRX and continue the Paragon (just to maintain saturation and hopefully maintain some muscle with the limited food/rest/exercise).

    Pre-Workout: 1.25 Scoop Prodigy

    Intra: Water/Gatorade

    Upper HT 2

    75x10, 95x10x2, 105x9.5 (so close lol!)

    BWx10, BWx5+5 (lost grip, jumped back up to finish lol), BWx10, BWx6+3+1(assist)

    a1. Chinese Rows: 2x15 // 55x15, 65x15
    a2. 1/2 Kneel OHP: 2x12 // 45x12, 55x12

    Scapula Dips: 3x12 // +25x12, +35x12, +45x12
    BB Curl: 3x12 // 60x12, 70x11, 70x6--60x2
    DB External Rotation: 3x12 // 15x12 (too much), 10x12x2
    Turkish Get-Up: 3x3 (per arm) // 30x3, N/A, N/A

    The get-ups put too much torque on my knee, it's been sore recently and these were pretty painful. Better safe than sorry when it comes to knees lol.

    Focus was good, was sweating up a storm, and strength was up (did way more than last week on most exercises). Overall I felt good, looking forward to front squatting tomorrow :happy:

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention, I get to jump into this year's JOAX. And for those that followed my AN log you all know how my last jump went....

  9. Had a great workout today, made up for yesterday's missed workout.

    Pre-Workout: 1.5 Scoop Prodigy

    Intra: water

    Front Squat: 4x10
    155x10, 185x10, 195x10, 205x10 (Felt awesome, in a painful way)

    SG RDL: 4x10
    135x10, 155x10 (strap), 185x10 (strap), 225x10 (strap)

    a1. Split Squat: 2x15 // 90x15, 120x15
    a2. Swiss Ball Ham Curl: 2x12 // N/A (no swiss ball)

    Pull-Throughs: 3x12 // 42.5x12, 57.5x12, 72.5x12
    Side Bridge w/ Abduction: 3x12 // BWx12x3
    Wall Psoas March: 3x12 // BWx12x3
    Prone Bridge March: 3x12 // BWx12x3

    My legs are smoked out, I was rocking this one. The pump on the split squats was CRAZY, it felt good but painful. Had some cool vascularity going on in the forearms, was wearing my new "Get to da choppa" T-Shirt. Decent focus this time around, but strength was definitely up from last week. Bout to eat and watch some of the Dark Knight Rises before bed.

  10. Did Monday's workout today and will do Tuesday's tomorrow. Leaving on Tuesday for this JOAX, not supposed to be coming back until March 10 but it is rumored to be shorter because of the budget cuts.

    Anyway, had a great workout. Have a little bit of pain in that rotator cuff (infraspinatus specifically), guess I pushed it a little too hard lol. It didn't affect my workout so I'm not too worried about it.

    Pre-Workout: 1.5 Scoop Prodigy

    Intra: Water

    Incline Bench Press: 3x10
    135x10, 145x10, 155x7 (1 more than last week)

    Chest Supported RD Row: 3x10
    25x10, 30x10, 35x10 (+5lbs, +2.5 Reps over last week)

    a1. WG Cable Row: 4x12 // 90x12, 100x12, 110x12, 120x12
    a2. DB Bench w/ Bridge: 4x10 // 65x10, 70x10, 75x9.5, 75x8.5

    Face Pulls: 2x12 // 110x12, 120x12
    Lying Tri Ext: 2x10 // 25x10, 30x8
    Ext. Shoulder Rot: 2x12 // 10x12, 30x12
    Cable Swiss Ball Crunches: 2x12 // 40x12, 60x12

    A note for the Incline Bench: My shoulders were a little fatigued today, all of my sets felt heavier than usual. I'm guessing this is from the Prone Bridge Marches yesterday, holding oneself in the front leaning rest position can get tiring if done for long enough lol. Still was able to get it for 1 more than last week so I am convinced that I am making good progress.

    Overall Notes: Vascularity is improved/improving (gets better everyday it seems) and the pump is actually growing on me. I generally have a hard time getting a pump in my pecs because they have historically been tougher to activate with bench presses. My pecs were visually pumped (incredibly noticeable) by the time this workout was over. Energy was good but I am noticing more of a focus increase most days and don't really get too much of a pick me up from this product (although I can't really say I get one from most products).

    Strength is climbing still, and most of all I am having fun. This is a good change of pace from the usual training for me, I generally spend more time developing maximal strength and don't spend a lot of time getting a pump (which I always love to have lol). Can't wait to see what kind of progress I have been making over this run (even though the field training is going to set me back a little bit).

  11. Did a little maxing on the big 3 today, wasn't really planned but my lifting partner wanted to see where we were at before going to the field.

    DL: worked to a 1RM of 330 (PR)
    BP: worked to a 1RM of 215
    BS: worked to a 1RM of 345 (PR)

    Then I went to my actual gym and did-

    Trap Bar Deadlift:
    275x7, 295x7, 315x10

    Good morning:
    135x10, 155x10, 185x10

    Called it a day and am eating now.

    Lost my mechanics when I went for 225, my elbows flared out at the bottom and I couldn't push it through. The 215 was easy but I guess I just haven't practiced the motion enough to keep my form at 95+% 1RM.

    Also, I'm no longer jumping (thank God).

  12. Quote Originally Posted by jimbuick View Post
    Going shopping later today, need to get real food for my house again.

    Back in the gym tomorrow.

    Also, I have to write a 3000 word essay because our new guy doesn't know how to stay up for 30 minutes on guard.
    Ended up going to the gym tonight lol. Couldn't wait.

    Pre: 1.5 Prodigy (hit me hard today)

    I was dragging before going so I jumped straight into 1.5, it did the trick.

    Front Squat: 4x10
    135x10, 155x10, 185x10, 205x9

    SG RDL: 4x10
    95x10, 135x9, 165x10 (S), 205x10 (S)

    Split squat: 2x15
    100x15, 100x15

    Took it a little easy today, rest was longer and the gym booted me before I could do the Complex.

  13. Didn't end up going shopping today, had to go into work because of some idiots getting a DUI last night.

    Hit the gym for the workout that is generally scheduled for Thursday, didn't do the complex again. I'm doing shortened workouts for these two days so that I can work myself back into the routine, which will begin again at week 2 (again) on Monday.

    Pre: 1 Cap Paragon, 1.5 Prodigy

    Upper HT 2 09MAR13

    OHP- 4x10
    75x10, 85x10, 95x10, 115x8--105x2

    Pull-ups- 4x10
    BWx10, x9, x9.5, x8.5

    a1. Chinese Rows: 2x15 // 55x15x2
    a2. 1/2 kneel OHP: 2x12 // 45x12x2

    Felt like I was about to vomit at the end, my conditioning is so poor right now. My strength is actually holding strong from where I was before this JOAX, which is awesome. Had a really good pump today and my vascularity was good, looking a little thicker in the chest but still not thick enough. I have a bird chest, very disproportionate in comparison to my shoulders (noticeable when in a shirt, less noticeable shirtless, or so it would seem).

    Might do some sprinting tomorrow along with a little SMR.

  14. Keep on truckin' muddertrucker

  15. This is yesterday's update:

    11MAR13 Upper HT 1

    Pre: 1 Scoop Prodigy

    Incline Bench: 4x10
    125x10, 135x10, 145x10, 155x10 (+3 from last week)

    CS Rear Delt Row: 4x10
    25x10, 30x10, 35x10, 40x10 (+5lbs)

    a1. WG Cable Rows: 2x15 // 100x15, 110x15
    a2. DB Bench w/ Bridge: 2x12 // 70x12, 75x9.5

    Face Pulls- 3x12 // 110x12, 120x12, 130x12
    Lying Tri Ext- 3x12 // 25x12x3
    Ext. Shoulder Rot. - 3x12 // 10x12, 20x12x2
    Standing Cable Crunch- 3x12 // 120x12, 130x12 (started with the SB crunch and I couldn't figure them out)

    Had a good workout, but for the first major time in this log I did not react well to something. I don't know if this is because my breakfast was slightly smaller or because my workout was more intense (it didn't feel like it honestly). When I was done working out I felt really weak, I was shakey, and had a bit of a chill. This started maybe five minutes afterwards and went on for just shy of an hour. I was having a hard time putting down food but that is all that was able to help. Strange because this is less caffeine than I have used for most workouts during this log, not sure what it was about really. Felt like my dad described insulin reactions, which is strange.

    Did not work out today. Will make it up tomorrow if possible. I'm jumping tomorrow and I don't like to workout before a jump (bad juju), lets hope I don't fall to my death tomorrow

  16. Been kinda quiet in here with all of the rep searches going on

    Got home from work, passed out on the couch; in uniform. No workout, besides the 8 mile ruck march we did for PT. (which blew, in case you were wondering). My knee kind of popped out of place (or something) during the ruck, I popped it back when we finished. It's been bugging me on and off ever since.

    Friday: Upper HT 2 15MAR13
    Pre-Workout: 1 Scoop Prodigy

    95x10x2, 105x10, 115x7

    Pull-ups- 4x10

    a1. Chinese Row- 2x15 // 55x15, 70x15 (PR)
    a2. 1/2 Kneel OHP- 2x12 // 45x12, 50x12


    Scapula Dips: 3x12 // +45x12, +70x12, +90x12
    BB Curl: 3x12 // 70x12 (EZ bar), 60x12, 60x11
    DB Ext. Rot: 3x12 // 10x12x3
    Turkish Get up: 3x3 // N/A (no, knee felt bad)

    I had a headache before starting this, had it all day. Popped an Ibuprofen and headed out. Didn't have any issues afterwards. Overall was a pretty productive day, had a prett good pump, vascularity is steadily improving and weight is climbing (was 165.8 upon waking). Good workout.

    Saturday: Lower HT 2 16MAR13

    Front Squat: 4x10
    135x10, 165x10, 195x10, 225x10 (PR)

    SG RDL: 4x10
    135x10, 155x10, 185x10, 205x10

    a1. Split Squat: 2x15 // 100x15, 120x15 (PR)
    a2. Ham Curl on SB: 2x12 // BWx12x2 (gave them a go this time, had a little pain in the knee but nothing too severe)


    Pull-Through: 3x12 // 90x12, 120x12, 150x12
    Side Bridge w/ ABD: 3x12 // BWx12x3
    Wall March: 3x12 // BWx12x3
    Prone March: 3x12 // BWx12x3

    Was strong today, hit some PR's and had some smooth lifts. Focus was good, pump was painful on some of the higher rep stuff. Got a little light headed at the end of a couple of the front squat sets. Not much knee pain, nothing severe. Will work on my SMR and that should help a little. Haven't had any issues with the shaking and feeling ill recently. I have been making sure to eat a good meal before going, I think that has helped.

    Will be headed to the gym to help coach and practice some hang cleans tomorrow. Nothing high volume or particularly taxing planned, just to work on technique.

  17. good liftin bud
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  18. Quote Originally Posted by Sean1332 View Post
    good liftin bud
    Thanks bro.

    Feeling good right now.

    The front squats are growing on me.

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  19. Lookin good man. I've been implementing them into my assistance work.
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  20. Quote Originally Posted by Sean1332 View Post
    Lookin good man. I've been implementing them into my assistance work.
    The sets of 15 for split squats are ridiculous! Lol.

  21. Late but in! Solid front squats man.
    Training Log
    "Jackie Treehorn treats objects like woman man."

  22. Quote Originally Posted by rob112 View Post
    Late but in! Solid front squats man.
    Thanks bro! They are improving constantly. Which is all I'm looking for!

  23. **** split squats. More like fall on my face squats.

    I just moved onto an Air Force base. Though they don't take my BAH..I'm surrounded by dumbasses. Just saw an army ranger dude next door, briefly thought of you in a non homo way.
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  24. Quote Originally Posted by Sean1332 View Post
    **** split squats. More like fall on my face squats.

    I just moved onto an Air Force base. Though they don't take my BAH..I'm surrounded by dumbasses. Just saw an army ranger dude next door, briefly thought of you in a non homo way.
    Lol as if I were a ranger. Which post?

  25. Hanscom AFB in MA. I'm at a SAR unit about 45min away and my wife works about 30. We found out they do market housing and charge flat rate so we did it up. I didn't know AF called everyone higher ranking "sir", even enlisted.
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  26. Quote Originally Posted by Sean1332 View Post
    Hanscom AFB in MA. I'm at a SAR unit about 45min away and my wife works about 30. We found out they do market housing and charge flat rate so we did it up. I didn't know AF called everyone higher ranking "sir", even enlisted.
    They do? That's dumb lol.

    I didn't notice that when I was shooting the **** with all the AF guys at ABN School. I guess I was doing it wrong all that time

  27. thought I'd rub it in your face that my CO prefers indoor soccer opposed to all hands runs
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  28. Quote Originally Posted by Sean1332 View Post
    thought I'd rub it in your face that my CO prefers indoor soccer opposed to all hands runs
    My unit isn't allowed to play sports for PT. Because having fun is a no go.

  29. Did actually get some work in today.

    Pre: 1 cap Paragon, 1 scoop Prodigy

    Worked up to 154# hang clean.

    Hit 176 but it was ugly so I don't count it

    Followed by 2 40M weighted seal walks (which I don't recommend anyone do)

    Wasn't the best session but I wasn't too disappointed. My hang cleans need practice to be more fluid, something I'll have to work on.

  30. Haven't posted my last few in this log. Will not be posting Monday/Wednesday (just don't wanna retype it), but had a good couple of workouts. Hit PR's in Incline Bench, DB Press, TBar Deads, and Chest Supported RD Row.

    This is my update for the latter half of the week, been fighting off some sickness. Seems as if I am beginning to get better.

    Starting to feel a little better, although that could be for a variety of reasons. Will know if I am any better tomorrow when I go to the gym!

    Gonna put the updates for the last 3 days, I've posted but haven't gotten on the CPU to put any numbers, only finished one of the last 3 workouts.

    21MAR13 Upper HT 2

    OHP- 3x10
    95x10, 105x10, 115x9.5

    Pull-Up- 3x10
    BWx10, x9.5, x8

    a1. Chinese Row- 4x12 // 55x12, 60x12, N/A, N/A
    a2. 1/2 kneel OHP- 4x10 // 40x10, 45x10, N/A, N/A

    This is where I ended it, as per my last update.

    22MAR13 Lower HT 2

    Felt really weak at the beginning of this. Wasn't originally going to do anything but ended up doing the main movements.

    Front Squat- 3x10
    155x10, 175x10, 205x5

    SG RDL- 3x10
    155x10, 185x10, 215x10

    Ended here. Felt terrible, but not coughing as much.

    23MAR13 Speed Work

    Single Leg Seated Box Jump- 3x3/leg (halfway between knee and hip)
    Kneeling Get Up+Bound- 4x2x3steps
    Depth Jumps- 3x3 (chest height)
    Tall Fall Sprint- 5x20M (winded me a little more than they should have)
    Flying 20's- 5x20 (same effect)
    Sled Tow- 2x15M // 1x90#, 1x180#

  31. Monday 25MAR13

    PreWorkout: 1 Scoop Prodigy, 1 cap Paragon

    Intra: 1 Scoop Gatorade, 2 Scoop MBCAA

    Incline Bench: 1xF
    175x6.5 (Piss Poor, first time my training partner has beaten me on Incline Bench *See Notes* )

    CS RD Row: 1xF
    55x14 (PR)

    a1. WG Cable Row: 2x10 // 130x10, 140x10
    a2. DB Press w/ Bridge: 2x8 // 80x8, 85x7 (PR, although ROM was a little shorter than I wanted, about the ROM I would have with BB though.)


    Face Pulls: 3x12 // 110x12, 120x12, 140x12
    Lying Tri Ext: 3x12 // 25x12x2, 35x10 (PR)
    Ext. Shoulder Rot.: 3x12 // 10x12, 20x12x2
    Cable Crunch: 3x12 // 110x12, 130x12, 150x7 +2 (PR)

    This workout was killer, we were moving through the exercises and the weights felt light. The only thing to mention is my piss poor Incline Bench performance. Looking at the numbers it would lead you to believe I had an off day with it, but it was actually a much better set than most. I had a much tighter arch, and was bringing it lower (which takes a lot of strain off of my shoulders), my shoulders are my stronger pressing muscle (or so it would seem). So changing my technique so drastically (hand grip, tuck, and arch) affected my numbers. Although, it was a very productive session, I will take away a lot from this change, and hopefully see some good improvement with my Flat Bench numbers.

    Will be going for 345 (or more even) tomorrow for TBar Deadlift, will try for another video, might push for 15 Reps with it if possible!

    Seeing a lot of vascularity up and down my arms, extremely noticeable when doing the shoulder rotations (mostly because I am right in front of a mirror). Definitely enjoying this aspect of Paragon/Prodigy. This is my last week of this training wave, and possibly of the log (I'm running low), so we'll see how I did when we compare the numbers here pretty soon!

  32. Quote Originally Posted by jimbuick View Post

    Will be going for 345 (or more even) tomorrow for TBar Deadlift, will try for another video, might push for 15 Reps with it if possible!
    Get some!
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  33. Having some congestion or something today. It's like my right ear is clogged, and it's fairly painful. Can't really hear out of it either.

    May just be allergies, I'm gonna take some Zyrtec tomorrow and see what that does. Anyone have any ideas?

    Had a great workout today. Will edit this with the video link after I post it.

    Monday 25Mar13

    Pre: 1 Scoop Prodigy, 1 cap Paragon

    Intra: 1 Scoop Gatorade Powder, 2 Scoop MBCAA

    TBar DL: 1xF
    345x14 (Strap) (PR)

    Good Morning: 1xF

    a1. DB RDL: 2x10 // 35x10x2
    a2. RFE Split Squat: 2x8 // 80x8, 90x8

    BB Bridge: 3x12 // 135x12, 155x12, 185x12 (hold at the top)
    Prone March: 3x15 // BWx12x3 (thought it was sets of 12, until I wrote them down at the end....)
    Monster Walk: 3x12 // N/A (No Bands)
    SB Roll Out: 3x12 // BWx12x2, BWx10

    Supplement Notes:
    Enjoying Prodigy at 1 scoop, I feel better with it dropped back to 1 than I did at 1.5. I think 1.5 is past the point of diminishing returns (stimulant wise) for me with this product. Good pick me up, can't say it's improving pump (no measuring stick) but I can say that my morning PT sessions (CF) don't give me as much pump as my later sessions with the Prodigy.

    Training Notes: Had a little soreness in my middle back. Which is a good sign that my arch was extreme (within reason obviously) during my session yesterday. The TBar Deads felt good, although I feel as if I could have done more. I didn't grab my back of chalk today so I had to use the straps that were in my car, even with them I was starting to lose the weight towards the end of the set (was just holding the straps with my fingers lol). Also, had a little bit more burn in the quads than I normally get from the deads, I'm thinking this has to do with my PT this morning (something like 250 air squats, it was dumb CF bs). Either way that is a solid rep PR for TBar deads. I probably could have handled more weight on the GMs as well, but I wanted to make sure I got that full stretch at the bottom. They also seem to be improving my arch for BP as I do them (I have some pretty good lumbar mobility) and keeping that tight arch (to where it actually cramps in my middle back during higher rep sets) has definitely made a difference.

  34. Went in today at 1300 and my right ear is infected, both were pretty clogged up but the TM in my right is black (it's supposed to be milky white). They didn't give me any antibiotics or anything, said it isn't that bad YET. Got some Motrin (surprise, surprise).

    Passed out after dinner yesterday and didn't post the workout. Had to get up ridiculously early for a ruck this morning so I just went to sleep. Also, weighed in after my workout (only because my friend did because we're both trying to gain) and was sitting at 170 flat; which is good news.

    Upper HT 2 27MAR13

    Pre: 1 Scoop Prodigy, 1 Cap Paragon

    Intra: 1 Scoop Gatorade, 2 scoop MBCAA

    Strict OHP- 135x7 (Rep PR) This actually was my 1RM in like January so that is some good progress

    Pull-Ups- BWx12 (I did Barbara the day before, which was 100 pullups so I will take 12)

    a1. Chinese Rows- 2x10 // 65x10, 80x10
    a2. 1/2 Kneel OHP- 2x8 // 50x8, 60x8 (This might be a PR)


    Scapula Dips: 3x12 // +45x12, +90x12, +135x10 (these were rough)
    BB Curl: 3x15 // 50x15, 60x15, 70x11
    DB Ext. Rot.: 3x12 // 10x12, 12x12, 15x12
    Get-Ups: 3x3 // N/A (These have been bugging my knee recently)

    This one went by fast, it was a really good workout. Had some good PR's, it felt strong.

    Lower HT 2 28MAR13

    Did a 9.75 Mile Ruck March this morning, we did it in 2h10m. It was fast, lots of ruck running, which is terrible. It always kills my knee, it's been bugging me a lot since we started with EIB trainup and the longer rucks (mostly when we do the running, I do fine at a fast walk). My gooch is chafed from it as well, it's not very comfortable.

    Front Squat: 1xF

    SG RDL: 1xF

    a1. Split Squat: 2x10 // 110x10, 130x10 (PR)
    a2. Ham Curl on SB: 2x8 // BWx8x2


    Pull Through: 3x12 // 120x12, 140x12, 150x12 (Whole stack, will have to find another pulley to do these on, they were easy)
    Side Bridge w/ ABD: 3x15 // BWx8x3 (cut volume on these because of the ruck this morning)
    Wall March: 3x12 // BWx6x3 (same as above)
    Prome March: 3x12 // BWx6x3 (same)

    This one went well too, good focus and strength (all things considered). I can't hear out of either ear right now, they cleaned them at the aid station so my good ear still feels like it's full of water or something. Besides that I don't really have much to add at this point.

  35. Nice pull dude. Stayed tight the whole time.
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  36. Quote Originally Posted by Sean1332 View Post
    Nice pull dude. Stayed tight the whole time.
    Thanks brother.

    I just rewatched it because of the comment and watching me do it made me tired.

    That was like getting stomped in the **** repeatedly lol.

    I love the Trap Bar DLs though, they just feel good.

  37. You could tell you we're feeling it around rep 10 lol
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    CONTROLLED LABS products are produced in a GMP for Sport certified facility.

  38. Quote Originally Posted by Sean1332 View Post
    You could tell you we're feeling it around rep 10 lol
    Doing breathers at the *******, not a good look

    I was going for 15 but 14 was a monster and I didn't want to risk losing my form for 1 more rep.

  39. Speed Loading: 2APR13

    Pre: 1 Scoop Prodigy, 1 Cap Paragon

    Intra: 1 scoop Gatorade, 2 scoop MBCAA

    Complex 1: (3x )
    Concentric Box Jumps: x5 // Nipple Heightx5x3
    Band Assist Hip Flexor Stretch: x5/leg // Heavyx5x3
    Med Ball Side Throw: x8/side // 12lbx8x3
    BR Hip Bridge (Ended up doing BB): x6 // 155x6x3

    DE -1" Box Squat: 6x3@180 (Have a couple of sets on video)
    DE Box Squat 1 - YouTube
    DE Box Squat 2 - YouTube

    Reactive DB RFE Split Squat: 3x3@35
    Speed DB Rom DL: 60#x15sec, 7% fatigue (basically do AMAP in 15 seconds, continue to do sets until you can't do that number in 16.3 sec or less)
    My first set of these I got 10, but noticed as I did more my speed improved, so added a couple on top of that and finished it) 5 total sets

    Complex 2 (3x)
    1 Arm KB Swing: x8/side // 44#x8x3
    Prone Bridge March: x6/side // BWx6x3
    KB Front Carry: x25Mx2 // 88#x25x3
    Mod. 1 Leg Squat: x8/leg // BWx8x3 (holding band for stability)
    Standing BR Anti-rotation: x10x2 sec/side // MDx10x3

  40. Got in today, the workout took about 1.5 hours. We were moving fast between the three of us, it was like being stomped repeatedly in the wiener.

    Pre: 1 Scoop Prodigy, 1 Cap Paragon

    Intra: 1 Scoop Gatorade, 2 Scoop MBCAA

    SP Load OHP: 03APR13

    Complex 1 (3x)

    1 Arm Vertical MB Throw: x5/arm // 12#x5x3
    Band Assist 3 way Hammie Stretch: x1x3sec/direction
    Med Ball Slam: x8 // 25#x8x3 (first one caught me in the chin on the way back up, lol)
    Bird Dogs: x4/limb // BWx4x3

    DE OHP- 6x3@95# (approx. 2-3 second eccentric with AFAP turnaround, I'm slow on these)
    Reactive Pull-ups: 3x3@BW (see notes)
    Standing 1 Arm DB OHP: 35#x15 sec@7% fatigue // total sets: 11 x 16reps (see notes)

    Complex 2 (3x)
    Croc Rows for Speed: x12 // 60x12, 70x12, 90x12
    Dynamic Side Bridge: x12 // BWx12x3
    Farmers Walk: x25Mx4 (100M total per set) // 80x100Mx3 (see notes)
    Hammer Curls: x10 // 25x10x3
    BB Roll Out: x10 // 88#x10, x4, x10 (see notes)

    Training Notes: Figured I better explain the reactive exercises and the 7% fatigue (which I think I touched on last update). The reactive exercises are performed as follows, start at top of motion (top of bar for Pull-Ups, top for SS, etc.), lower yourself a few inches and hold for 3-5 seconds, completely relax and drop to the bottom. Before hitting the bottom catch yourself and violently change directions as fast as humanly possible. For the timed sets at 7% fatigue the first set is done for 15 seconds doing as many as possible (for me 16 reps in 15 sec with 35# DB), rest 2 minutes between sets. Continue doing new sets until you can no longer perform that number of reps in 16.3 seconds or less (7% fatigue). For the farmers walks, it is written as 25Mx4; this means to walk 25M and turn around 4x for a total of 100M. I did this with no resets in during the set. The second set of rollouts were extremely painful, not in a good way. My core was cramping painfully and I wasn't sure I would be able to do anymore, tried it again for the 3rd set anyway and it went away (kind of). Hurts like hell whenever I cough, but totally worth it.

    Supplement Notes: Focus was good, attacked the weights today. Can't say strength was up because it is my first week doing SP loading, but I did hit some pretty good numbers on a few exercises today. We were moving literally as fast as we could from set to set. My OHP was slow (not really slow, but you know what I mean). The power is there for most exercises but OHP is not my forte lol.

    Pretty sure I am going to be sore tomorrow. The shoulders were feeling it on the single arm presses, we shall see tomorrow morning!

    Went in earlier today for DE DL and accessory.

    The workout took a little too long because Seth had to keep urinating. (Like 3 different times, he's a little guy with a little bladder...)

    Pre: 1 Scoop Prodigy

    Intra: 1 Scoop Gatorade

    SP Load DL 05APR2013

    Complex 1 (3x)
    BR Dynamic Pull Through: x6 // Heavyx6x2, ExtraHeavyx6
    BR Hip Flexor Stretch: x5/leg // MDx5x3 (increasing tension each set)
    Keg Style OH Med Ball Throw: x5 // 30x5x3 (these are tons of fun)
    1 Leg Calf Drop: x5/leg // 70x5, 80x5, 90x5

    DE Deadlift: 6x3@180
    Reactive BB Bridge: 3x3 // 88x3, 110x3, 120x3
    Concentric Only GM: 4x5 // 88x5, 110x5, 132x5, 176x5 (Goal is 1 second or less)

    Complex 2 (3x)
    BR Hip Ext: x10 // MDx10x2, Heavyx10
    Prone Bridge KB Switch: x8 // 18#x8x3
    Turkish Get Up: x3 // 44#x3x3
    BR Monster Walks: 12 forward, 12 back // Minix24x3 (double wrapped)

    The workout went well, got video of most of the sets of DL. I feel that my speed was good (granted this is week 1), hopefully I can keep that speed as the weight increases the next few weeks. Not much to add besides that.


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