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  1. Maybe add in some more mobility work. Also, I know you foam roll which is great but I found I can really get some great relief with using a tennis ball on the floor on my lower back/hip/glute area. Aside from rolling out and all I found hyper extensions really help get me stretched. Finally, doing traveling lunges bi-weekly with a long stride has helped my mobility issues greatly.

    Aside from all that check out Jason's log called "it's about dominance" for ways to stretch and activate muscle groups.

    Hope this all helps some. I'm sure you got some tricks up your sleeve as well. Get that back better broski.

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  2. Thanks, Rob. I definitely need more mobility work. I think I found a weak link in my hamstrings today. They're pretty sad. I have some knots in my glute/ham tie in on both sides. I've noticed that doing the hurdler's stretch when my back locks up at work has helped. I think that improving mobility a great deal could alleviate the pain. I'm just worried about it healing. I'm thinking I might bench only at the meet, if I do anything. What are you guys' thoughts on possibly doing a Starting Strength (or whatever the proper term is) type thing? Maybe start from zero in squats and deadlifts and go up slowly. Address mobility and technique in moves that affect my back and it might heal. I'm just spitballing at this point. I dunno.

  3. Man, it's a tough situation. Maybe see how ya feel over the next couple days, get a professional opinion if need be and take it from there.

    If you do end up being good to get to the gym that's not a bad idea to kinda take a step back and then two forward type of thing. I'd do box squats over regular though.

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  4. Saw the doctor yesterday. He poked and prodded and told me he's prejudiced against heavy weight training, so there's that. His immediate advice was to take as many anti inflammatories as my stomach can stand for about a month. But he tested a lot of ranges of motion and the ONLY one that gave me problems was the hip hinge, whether I kept my back arched or not. Sitting bothers it, too. He sent me for X-rays, those came back normal. I have to call to set up some physical therapy, which I'm looking forward to. I'm going to pick their brains so hard, they're going to either throw me out or hire me on. Either way, I'm going to get my corrective exercises and give them all the effort and focus of a squat day. Weight is at 213, which is surprising considering my utter lack of physical activity. I'm not the kind of guy who loses weight without working his balls off. Perhaps it's lack of hunger, since I did just come off of Anabeta. I sat in a massage chair for 20 minutes yesterday and my back feels much better. Looks like this thing is finally starting to turn around. I'm not sure how much more time I'm going to take off, but so far, it's working well. Hopefully my form won't **** the bed in a matter of 3-4 weeks.

    Edit: Ramble ramble ramble

  5. Who did you go see? And was it on your own free will this time?

  6. I went with Bayuk, and yes, I was allowed to see the doctor this time. I like Bayuk, he's always been good to me, and he's old enough that he was taught to be a healer, not a drug dealer. I'm okay with him being against weight training, he probably has to treat a lot of bozos who use bad form. He also mentioned being against football for the knee injuries, baseball for the shoulder problems, etc. I can respect that, but if we each had avoided all of those things, he would have had to treat the residual effects of boredom-related suicide attempts.

  7. He prescribes a complete sedentary lifestyle. ,, in all honestly he is a great doc. Extremely smart.

  8. Oh, for sure. That's what I like about him. And if I ever get poison ivy, I just walk in, tell him I have it bad, and he gives me my prednisone. He's seen me with it often enough to know that I know when I need it.

  9. Speedy recovery brother!

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  10. Hurry up and get better so I can see your Cube sessions!
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  11. I'm gonna be Cubing so hard, man. It's gonna be ridiculous.

  12. Just got done with physical therapy. Got evaluated, need to stretch hams and hip flexors (which everyone who saw my squat video knew already).

    The important thing is that she cleared me to lift!

    (Brb benching real quick)
    Training log:

  13. Good to hear man. Now get liftin'
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  14. 2/7 DE Bench


    JM Press

    Chest Supported BB Row

    Side/Rear/Front DB Raise SS Standing High Pulley Row

    Standing Cable Crunch

    Today was solo in my shed. Benches were slow due to poor warmup and a ****ty bench (high, wobbly, narrow, and the built-in arch messes with MY arch). I expected to get more reps with the JMs, but lactic acid got the better of me. The rest of the session was designed to protect my back. The high pulley rows (Vogelphol Rows?) were new. They felt good. Glad to be back. Squat and deadlift days this upcoming week will be with an empty bar. 5 gallon bucket squats and light duty rack pulls.
    Training log:

  15. 2/9 Body Day

    Press (heels together, locked knees, no layback)

    RFE BB Split Squat
    135x8x3 each leg

    DB SLDL (knees locked again, knuckles to shoelaces)
    45(each hand)x8x3

    Furniture Slider Bodysaw

    Hard to believe I've lost this much pressing strength and general endurance after one week off.

    Did this workout immediately after my corrective exercises to be loose. This simple light workout really kicked my ass. Hard to keep up cardio-wise. I'll probably lose some weight just from training at a better pace on my own.

    The only things I went balls out on were presses and split squats. 135lb split squats would probably be what I'd do healthy. I used to lay it back at the sticking point in my press, but I'm working hard to protect my back. Should benefit my shoulders. All of the other exercises from today are things I rarely do, but I included to stretch the hip flexors and hamstrings. Won't hurt my posterior chain either.

    Next up: Baby Rack Pulls
    Training log:

  16. One corrective exercise is isometric glute contractions, and another is high rep single leg glute bridge holds. Add split squats and my glutes are downright trembling.
    Training log:

  17. My shoulders are feeling weak as well but that's just became they're weak. You'll get your strength back in no time. DB SLDLs aren't a bad exercise.
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  18. You know, when I was in high school, I did them a lot. I switched them out for RDLs. The PT said my back flexibility is a lot more oriented toward extension (my bench arch) and is pretty sucky in flexion (my loss of arch squatting). So I figured I'd do SLDLs again.
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  19. 2/11 Deadlifts (with video)

    4" Rack Pull


    1" Deficit Pull

    365 Sumo & Conventional 2/11 - YouTube
    How did I do?

    Front Squats (1sec pause)
    315x1 PR (testing strength, yes. Today was a testing day)
    Paused Front Squat 315 - YouTube

    Reverse Hyper/Back Extension

    Cable Crunch/Body Saw (pushup position)

    Furniture Slider Bridge (Laying flat to a bridge. Leg curl + hip extension, felt like a tough GHR)

    Great workout. It was AMAZING to pull pain-free. I didn't push my limit, but just two weeks ago I couldn't do what I did today. I was painfully meticulous on the setup. Seriously, my body was in pain from how long I spent setting up. I noticed that conventional deficit pulls are easier for me than from the floor at 70% 1RM. It's because I can build a good start with a more vertical torso and strong, fast leg extension. I'm going to start putting the bar over my toes and set up about 1-3" above parallel. Should work well.

    I'm way ahead of where I thought I'd be, which makes me ecstatic. Time to double down on corrective exercises. I want good hip mobility on squat day. Bench next time.

  20. Good session. That's a serious front squat, man. Your pulls looked good to me. I don't know sumo though but it looked strong. I think your butt shot up a little fast on the conventional. Mine did today pulling from the deficit. ME Bench tomorrow for you? I lost track if your rotation.
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  21. Lol. That's because my rotation kinda **** the bed a little. Today wasn't really much of anything as far as ME, RE, or DE. I'm basically on week 2, which would be ME Bench stuff. That should be good. I'd like to hook up with someone and get some shirted benching in tomorrow. I have yet to use my shirt since I went all Ginsu on the back. I think I could get 315x2x5 with it, if not more.

  22. It's hard to say too much on the sumo since the plate hides much of your lower body. You get into position properly and your shoulders are aligned with the bar. It might be the mental approach to it, but your initial movement isn't thigh driven; it's lumbar driven as your hips shoot up rather quickly. Instead of visioning a conventional deadlift, imagine either a plie squat or a leg press and push out on the side of your feet to stand up. The movement should all come from your thighs and glutes and anything above that should more or less stay in the exact position as when you setup. Keep them tight, but don't use them to move the weight.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  23. 2/12 Kill Yourself Day

    Today at work was split, haul, and pile several tons of wood. That was six hours of metabolic work. Then, since it's as nice as it's been in a long-ass time, I Prowled.

    Prowler Push
    90#x40yds pushing posts
    180x40 posts

    Dug in like a mother****er, the downfall of my plan.

    90x40x5 alternating posts and high handles. 60s rest.

    Now I know what Wendler meant by "Prowler flu". The mud was terrible, I should have just went on the street. Weather permitting, I'll be Prowling as often as possible.
    Training log:

  24. Good ****! I need the weather to get better here so I can do the Prowler and truck pulls again.
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  25. Truck pulls? You bad sonofabitch! I'm thinking I can get really fun for my GPP this summer. My shed is well stocked. I can prowl, farmer's walk with 130# DBs, and use 100# plates for Husefell carries. I'll find more stuff, too.


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