My Lifting Routine!

  1. My Lifting Routine!

    Hey guys, I've been lifting for about 2-3 years now and was just kind of thinking and realized... I don't have a lifting routine other than
    Monday: upper body (bench day)
    Tuesday: clean day (Power cleans)
    Wednesday: lower body (Squats)
    Thursday: upper body (bench day)
    Friday: clean day (power cleans)
    2nd Saturday of the month: lower body (squats)
    All other saturdays and sundays are off.

    My nutrition isn't the best, in the morning I typically have to eat on my way to school.
    Breakfast typically consists of a protein shake, pop tart, and an apple or banana.
    For lunch I get school lunch, I always get doubles, with 1 fruit and 1 vegetable, 2 Chocolate milks, and a Greek yogurt.
    For supper I have whatever my dad grills or whatever my mom has made for my family. I get home around 5:30pm after lifting, school, and tutoring. I get in bed around 11pm even though I know I need to be in bed around 9ish for recommended hours of sleep, for maximum muscle growth. And I wake up at 6:50am, some times 5am for morning lifting.

    So the main part of this thread is basically a cry for help, lol.
    I need help developing a workout routine and a nutrition plan.
    Current Stats:
    Bench: 215x4
    Squat: 260x6
    Clean: 175x6
    Thanks in advance guys... Truly appreciated.

  2. Also currently 153lbs - 5'9"

  3. ....anyone?

  4. What you listed above is not your routine, but your splits. Please supply some more information!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by benmayro View Post
    What you listed above is not your routine, but your splits. Please supply some more information!
    That's mostly because I have no set routine, but what I do have is as follows:
    Bench days typically consist of 3-9sets of normal bench. 2 sets Bicep curls, 2 sets incline dumbbell press, then I do random stuff like tricep extensions, over the head dumbbell press, weighted dips, pull ups and so on.
    Cleans days consist of cleaning (practically the whole time), military press, power clean into a deep squat and snatches.
    Squat days typically consist of normal squat (4 sets) extending squats( bars placed low; already at bottom of squat position and you just extend up and down... Kind of like lockouts for benching) hamstring curls, hamstring extension, 1 legged squat, and front squat. I need to work on legs more, especially in the butt area, they are small. Any butt exercises while we're at it?
    Thanks again!



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