Road To Redemption: Proving everyone wrong. (workout & Supp log)

  1. Road To Redemption: Proving everyone wrong. (workout & Supp log)

    Road To Redemption
    Comeback 2013

    "I can't express how lucky you are to be alive, I need to shake your hand. Someone is watching over you. We're hopeful you'll be able to walk again, and should regain the sensation in your legs."

    "That's great doc, so when can I get back on the field"

    "I'm sorry but those days are over now, whats important is you're alive, you'll walk and one day watch your son play, just be grateful for that"

    My Story: (if you don't like drawn out back story fill free to scroll down)
    Have you ever worked so hard to achieve something, and finally you achieve it? A ton of people have, and so have I. I scratched, clawed, screamed, fought though set backs, and failures, and I finally made it.

    Then it was gone

    All my years of athletic work to achieve a championship thrown out the window in less than a second. All of it, gone. You see, I was in an auto wreck that was out of my control. Someone had to be somewhere and it must of been important, important enough to blow a red light and T-bone into my 2 door hatch back car. I spun around clenching for dear life. Completely clueless to what was going on. The next thing I remember was waking up in the ICU. I was staring at a bright light shining down on me with a host of nurses and doctors all whispering. That's when I was told it was all over.

    "You're done playing ball..."
    "Watch me"

    I was T-boned in my matchbox sized car by a full sized SUV going approx 60. I was told I was cut out of my car, and transported to the hospital with very low blood pressure and O2 levels, they didn't think I was going to make it to the hospital. I did. After several xrays, MRIs, cat scans, I was left with a Broken C2, commonly called a "hangman's" fracture. I was left with a broken neck.

    I was placed in a HALO brace, spent several days in the ICU and then a few weeks in the hospital. I could barely feed myself, couldn't sit up, let alone get out of bed. I needed someone to roll me over, I couldn't even piss on my own. I re learned to walk in my new head gear.

    The next 10 weeks would be the most painful, miserable, depressed, and dark time of my life as I hopefully "healed" which was not certain.

    I did.

    The next 12 weeks I'd spend in a constant Miami J neck brace, being teased with the thought of being normal again.

    The final xrays came back...

    I was healed. The darkest 22 weeks of my life was over, and after all that.
    I still couldn't do what I loved, spent countless hours doing.
    Why bother living? Why was I spared? How could anyone consider me "lucky"?

    I know now that was very selfish thinking. Many people do not get to answer those questions.
    After another 4 weeks of PT, I went back to the doctor.
    My neck was healed, and rehab was progressing. The doctor never saw such a recovery of this type of injury.
    I told him. "I'm going to play again."
    He said "prove me wrong then."

    So here I am

    I completed the Road To Recovery

    Now I'm on the Road To Redemption.

    This is my new workout log, that will cover the next 15 weeks as I prepare to regain my championship. Due to personal issues, I've left several details out of what exactly I do. I will say it requires a level of strength and condition that I am not currently at.
    I will be running several supplements, and some stronger stuff. I will log everything.
    The climb to the top has never been so high, and I need any support I can get.

    Have you ever had something you love taken from you? I have...and I'm taking it back, anyway I can, no matter what it takes, because after 22 weeks of flirting with death, I can honestly say I fear failing much more than it.

    I didn't write my story out for sympathy I wrote it out because I know I'm not the only one who was forced, or ripped from dreams too early. Told it was impossible. Don't settle, keep fighting. Want It, then Take It Back

    I will be updating this post tomorrow with stats, pics, routine and diet plan.

  2. Start Dec 10th 2012

    Starting measurements:Weight: 227neck: 16.5L/R Arm: 16/16.5Waist: 38.5Hips: 44L/R leg: 26/25.75
    Pics:Name:  IMG_20121210_120201.jpg
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Size:  98.7 KBName:  IMG_20121210_120316.jpg
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    pics are a bit low quality and I had to take them with my tablet, Next weeks pics Ill find my camera.
    As a rule of thumb, my current avatar is my condition before my injury.

    Starting Lift Stats:
    Deadlift: 450
    Squat: 385
    I havent been able to bench due to a sore wrist but I'll get to it soon

  3. Day 1: 12/10/12

    Day 1

    Today was day one of what I'd like to call my Road To Redemption cycle.


    11-sterone: 300mg
    cycle assist: 4/4
    Multi: 1
    creatine: 5g pre and post
    Joint support: 1/1/1
    Fish oil: 1/1/1

    Cable cross (pre exhaust) (25x15)x7 sets last set drop.
    5 min rest

    Incline DB press (65x12) x4
    Fly machine (60x8) x4

    Standing MP (95x12) x 4 (last set went to failure then turned to push presses)
    lateral Raise (30x12) x 3
    leaning lat raise (cables) (25x8) (15x8) [(10x10) drop (5x15)]x2

    EZ bar curl (65x8) x 3
    Incline DB curl (20x12) x 3
    Hammer curls (40x10) x 3

    20 mins HIIT elliptical workout

    this workout was done in a high intensity cardio fashion(a1 then a2. 25 second rest then repeat)
    a.Alternating lateral lunge (25x10) x 3
    b. Cable running knee lifts (20x10each) x 3

    b. explosive box step ups (25x10each) x3
    b. leg overs (bw x 10each)

    c. assisted piston squat (BWx10each) x 3
    c. handing leg lifts (bwx10) x3

    30 mins steady state bike

    Cals: 2,270
    Prot: 221
    carbs: 168
    fat: 77

    Libido check
    Name:  tumblr_m8iq2s3kLK1qghzw6o1_500.jpg
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    Dana Linn Bailey. I'll spot her any day

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