Critique my routine please new to bodybuilding

  1. Critique my routine please new to bodybuilding

    Monday chest, triceps

    Barbell Bench Press :4sets
    Barbell Incline Bench Press :4sets
    Dumbbell Fly :4sets
    Dumbbell Incline :4sets
    Push Up :4sets
    Tricep Dumbbell Kickback:3sets
    super 7 s:3sets
    Weighted Bench Dip :4sets

    Tuesday legs , abs , hill sprints

    Barbell Front Squat:3sets
    Barbell Hack Squat :3sets
    Stiff leg Deadlift:3sets
    Dumbbell Lunge:3sets
    Leg Extensions:3sets
    Lying Leg Curls :3sets
    Sumo Deadlift:3sets
    Zercher Squat:3sets
    Hanging Leg Raise :3sets
    weighted sit-ups:3sets
    Leg Raise:3sets
    weighted twistees:3sets

    Wednesday yoga and stretching

    Thursday shoulders , calves hill sprints

    Barbell Shoulder Press ::3sets
    Barbell shrug:3sets
    Dumbbell Shoulder Shrug:3sets
    Barbell Up Right Row ::3sets
    Dumbbell Front Raise:3sets
    Dumbbell Lateral Raise :3sets
    Standing Dumbbell Calf Raise :4set
    Donkey Calf Raises :4sets

    Friday back, biceps , forearms

    Chin-Up: 5 sets
    Climbers Chin Up:3sets
    One-Arm Dumbell Row:3sets
    Pullups:5 sets
    Seated Good Mornings :3sets

    Barbell Curl :4sets
    EZ Bar Close Grip Curl :4sets
    Dumbbell Alternate Bicep Cur:4sets
    reverse curl :4sets
    wrist curl :4sets

    Saturday abs , calves , hill sprints

  2. Way way to many sets. More isnt better, trust me. Try this

    Mon: Chest + arms

    Wed: legs + abs

    Fri: back + shoulders

    Nice three day split to build a base first. Then move on to something like this

    Mon: Back/ Traps

    2-3 x Deadlift
    4x Bent over rows
    4x Pulldowns/ pull ups
    2x Shrugs

    Wed: Chest/ Abs

    3 x Bench
    3 x weighted Dips
    3 x Incline db press
    2 x Pullover
    2 x Flyes

    2 x Situps
    2 x Leg raises
    2 x cable crunches

    Fri: Legs / Biceps

    4 x Squats
    3 x Leg press
    3 x Extensions
    3-4 x Calf raises

    3 x BB curls
    1x Hammer curls

    Sun: Shoulders/ Tris

    3 x BB military press
    2 x DB seated press
    2 x Side raises

    1-2 x bench dips
    2-3 x tricep extensions

    Lift intensely and you will grow like a weed

  3. Thanks for the advice I'm a little short on equipment though because I'm training from home only a bench curl bar and some dumbells no squat rack :/ . And I'm in good shape have been doing martial arts for a long time just ready for something new

  4. if youre ready for soemthing new, join a gym and dont work out at home. if you can stay motivated to actually work yourself at home, more power to you. but for most people, they just cant get in the zone in their garage or back yard

    if you join a gym, you can also just grab a proven routine like 5x5, 5/3/1(love this one), p.h.a.t, or dc. then you just gota worry about eating right at home and bam, changes in months lol

  5. Thanks ima look into these routines today and I plan on joining a gym right after the holidays .



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