Need sime advise on lifting...

  1. Need sime advise on lifting...

    Well I've been lifting pretty hard 5 days a week for the past few months, I'm 26 185lbs Max bench is 245 I'm
    Just starting to throw in lower body which i do on Fridays, my question is what the best way to start out lower body ? Leg press, squats? I also need a different routine while lifting

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  2. What are your goals?

    Everyone on this site will tell you that leg day is the most important day. The most important lift is the back squat since it incorporates your whole body. Leg press isn't that ideal of an exercise. I would recommend back squats, front squats, deadlift, Romanian deadlift, barbell/dumbell lunges, step ups ect. The only leg machines I occasionally use are curls/extensions and sometimes hack squat. Mist importantly though- I would master the back squat. YouTube "so you think youcan squat" and do what he says.

    Check out and t-nation for they have good articles regarding split routines and programs. Personally I would check out 5/3/1
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