High volume yes please!

  1. High volume yes please!

    Log of my high volume training wouldn't recommend for everyone. Quad day. Squats - 225x10 315 x10 405x5 405x4 375x5 375x5 Front squat 155 x8 225x5 225x5 superset with hack squat 315x12 315x 12 225x 20 Leg Press 5 plates x 100 reps (rest pause style). Walking lunges 30 yards 40 pound dumbells 2 sets ...leg extension 125x100 (rest pause style) ... Hard to walk !

  2. Gonna increase my squat 5 pounds every week til I hit my 1max

  3. (side note) 2 a days for the last 2 weeks morning cardio 30 min hiit with abs 3 xweek

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