Cary K's training log

  1. Cary K's training log

    This week I will start concentrating on TUT (time under tension) exercises to really fire up the muscle building.
    Body Masters Low Row: 85x10 90x10 95x10 100x10
    Straight Leg Deadlift: 135x8,5,5

    Barbell Curls: 50x10,10,8 **
    Standing Alt DB Curls: 20x10,8,8
    Reverse BB Curls: 30x10,10,10

    ** wow, going down in weight I didn't know that these would burn so much half way through the set! I am aiming for 3-4 sec reps and boy do I feel them!!
    After a year off, I'm back

  2. Chest
    Smith Bench: 135x10 165x5 185x4 205x2 225x1
    Incline Bench: 95x5 105x5 115x5
    Cable Fly: 25x10 30x8
    Incline Cable Fly: 30x5 35x5
    Rope Pulldown w/spread: 65x10 70x10 75x10 80x6
    Reverse Pulldown: 35x10 40x12 45x12 50x12
    After a year off, I'm back

  3. Shoulders
    Seated Military Press: 95x10 100x8 105x6
    Cable Lateral Raise: 15x8 17.5x7 20x5
    Seated DB Press: 20x10 25x10 30x10 35x10

    Leg Extensions: 155x10 170x10 185x10
    Sled Press: 2-45s x10 2-45+25 middle x10 2-45+35 middle x 10 2-45+45 middle x 10
    Seated Leg Curls: 140x10 155x10 170x10
    Seated Calf Raises: 2-45s x15 2-45+25 x 15 2-45s+35 x 15 3-45s x15
    After a year off, I'm back

  4. Volume was turned down on my alarm clock so didn't go to the gym this morning.
    After a year off, I'm back

  5. Just a general upper-body workout this morning
    Flat Bench: 135x10 155x5 165x4 175x2 185x2 195x1 (PR) 135x10
    Body Masters Assisted Pull Ups: 100x10,10 90x7
    Body Masters Assisted Dips: 110x10 100x10,10
    Olympic BB Curls: 45x10 65x10 75x5 95x3
    After a year off, I'm back

  6. Taking the weekend off then starting a new log with App Nutt's HGH-Up and NO Uptake, will post link...
    After a year off, I'm back


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