hvactech's feestyle training and nutrition log-200lbs here i come

  1. hvactech's feestyle training and nutrition log-200lbs here i come

    this will be a random log with my progress of reaching 200lbs with 10-12% bf. currently 173 @ 13%, i do not follow any specific routine and i track cals anywhere from 2000-2500 depending on a bunch of variables, i will be mostly in the 2300-2400 range for this goal and will list whatever supps and stacks i am using which will include mechabol in a month. i will post some starter pics as well.

  2. In 4 feestyle
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  3. feestyle??

  4. in.
    ill just say that your physique now looks good u just gotta bring those shoulders up and youll look more balanced. mostly side and rear delt. good luck!

  5. thanks for the replies....


  6. freestyle as in i have no dedicated routine, diet is 90% clean exeryday and cals are being tracked eveyday with random cheat foods, the 2nd pic i am not standing center but more so to the left wich is why it looks uneven...but i still am trying to rid myself of a little more bf before i actually start bulking.

  7. Tried something new today with diet, made spaghetti with ground turkey. by the time i added noodles, turkey meat, and cheese i calculated 1040 cals per bowl. i ate 1 at noon and will eat another serving at 8 for a total of 2080 cals, 178 pro, 160 c, and 89 fat. today was an off day, on workout days the difference would be a post shake. if i can with stand the in between hunger i will try this for a few weeks and see how it goes. starting the fnutrition growth stack very soon

  8. 30 minutes jump rope, 1 scoop volatile with 1 scoop blox prior.


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