my training log strongman/powerlifting

  1. Cool my training log strongman/powerlifting

    Hi, I train for strongman competitions. I have been weight lifting for some years but started to focus on strongman the last year. Just thought I would share my training here. please comment and make this alive .

    squat 230kg 6x7x6

    deadlift 280kg 1x (my old max lift but 7kg lighter bodyweight)

    benchpress 100kg 18x, 140kg 5x
    inclined benchpress 100kg 10x8x6x

    I will put more detailed versions next week

  2. Nice lifts man.... wish you the best in competitions to come!

  3. thanks, next competition is this weekend

  4. Quote Originally Posted by jrhutton View Post
    thanks, next competition is this weekend
    Good luck this weekend.


  5. I got second place in the strongman competition this weekend I won 2 out of 5 events and got second place in the other three. Pretty close cometition only a single point between us.

    Went training today and did some squats

    squat 235kg 5x5x5
    legpress 115kg on one leg 10x10x10

  6. training day shoulders and arms
    barbell shoulder press 60kg 10x10x - 80kg 10x10x - 100kg 6x - 115kg 5x5x5x - 90kg 14x
    dumbbell shoulder press 35kg 8x - 40kg 8x - 45kg 6x6x6x
    dumbbell snatch(1 rep is 1 rep on both hands) 35kg 2x - 45kg 2x - 50kg 2x - 55kg 1x - 60kg 2x (could not go heavier, heaviest dumbbell)
    Hammer dumbbell curl with fat gripz 30kg 8x8x8x
    dumbbell curl with fat grips 25kg 8x8x8x

  7. 10/09/12

    didn't have much time to train much last week so back to squats. decided to do only squats and keep it rather light since Im going heavy in the deadlift this week

    squat 235kg 5x5x5x5 added another set from last week, did ok but was a bit heavy on the shoulders for some reason
    then I added a lighter working set
    squat 205kg 10x

    that was it for the day

  8. 11/09/12

    Shoulder's and arms today

    split jerk behind neck (max day)
    150kgx1 (increased my max by 20kg, very happy)

    Dumbbell shoulder presses
    50kg 8x6x7x

    Hammer curl dumbbell
    30kg 8x10x
    32.5kg 8x

    Shoulder raises with a bar (very slowly)
    20kg 10x14x14x

    Dumbbell curl (with a twist)
    27.5kg 8x8x
    30kg 8x

    didn't have time for more, would have wanted to add some more shoulder exercises and maybe one arm exercise

  9. Strong work here.

    You come from a country of strong men. Jon Pall, ver Magnusson, and now Benedikt Magnusson (who broke the world record with his 1015 deadlift!).

    Wish you luck, man.
    Check your form:

  10. Thank you Torobestia, Benedikt Magnusson is an amazingly strong deadlifter and I love how he gets in sort of a trans before a lift. Look up Hafthor Julius Bjornsson he is a beast, I wouldnt be surprised if he would win WSM one year.


    Back day today or deadlift day really

    deadlift 260kg(with a stop at the floor)
    3x3x3x was going for 5x in the last set using the bounce off the floor but only managed 2x in case of, well needing to go the bathroom haha

    195kg (no belt)
    20x rather pleased with that

    glute ham raises holding 10kg, tried 20kg last time but since it was my first time in years I got mad strings so dropped it to 10kg now and will raise the weight slowly

    some pull ups and forearm (grip exercise) and called it for today, only the deadlift took about 1 and a half hour

  11. 30/09/12

    My internet connection has been down since last post but finally up again.

    today was chest and tricep day

    benchpress 140kg

    flat dumbbell press 55kg

    I tried a one hand snatch with a bar
    1x pretty easy
    70kg almost went up, will take it next time

    one arm tricep pull down(with a machine)

    cable cross over

  12. 2/10/12

    shoulders day

    one armed snatch with a bar

    70kg max lift, very pleased with that and only my second attempted snatching one armed with a bar
    6x left arm, 6x right arm
    6x left arm, 8x right arm

    split jerk behind neck

    shoulder presses using a bar with one hand and a fat grip standing, but not bending legs or using leg power
    40kg a bit too heavy

    did some other exercises holding a 10kg plate and moving my hands around and holding them out still

    leg day and arms

    was going for regular squats but my back is hurting when I pick up the weight so I switched to front squats

    front squat
    150kg no belt or knee wraps
    170kg no belt or knee wraps
    170kg only belt
    200kg belt and knee wraps
    2x there was more in there, but I had never gone that heavy and would have been happy with only one rep

    leg press using one leg, its a machine so I think the weights dont really make sense just did 10 reps 3 sets as heavy as I could

    Leg extension
    put on as much as possible and did 25 reps so I switched to one legged leg extensions, did 10 reps on each leg 3 sets

    calf exercise 3 sets of 10 reps

    hammer curl

    preacher curl

    Finally I managed to do a strongman exercise today

    Log lift trying for max, my personal record is 140kg
    100kg 1x did not go up the first time but pressed it easy the next time
    115kg 2x easy
    125kg 1x easy
    135kg 1x felt it
    145kg almost went up, I got my left arm straight but my right arm would not go all the way and I almost dropped the weight behind me, so I threw it down. I tried again but no luck just out of power. It will go next time

    aluminum presses over head(square aluminum boxes kind of, more flat than square) trying for max but exhausted from the log lift
    100kg 1x
    110kg didnt go up it is my max, I was hoping to get a shot at 125kg but it will have to wait for a better day

    Frame carry
    180kg or 200kg not sure how heavy the frame isr an 12m x4 so 48m total always picking it up and going back after 12m did this 2 times
    220kg or 240kg 12m x4, 1 time ripped my hand on this one so called it for now

    sircus dumbbell
    68kg almost made it, should have been easy if not exhausted from all the presses

    lat pulldown no idea the weight just as heavy as I could 8reps and 3 sets always going heavier in each set

    row machine same here no idea of weight just what felt heavy 10 reps and 3 sets

  13. 8/10/12
    Chest and triceps today

    140kg 7x7x felt easy so I put more weight on the last set
    145kg 5x

    Inclined benchpress
    110kg 7x7x7x felt rather easy

    dumbbell presses
    55kg 5x5x5x

    tricep dumbbell extensions
    20kg 10x10x
    22.5kg 10x

    tricep pulldowns one handed
    50kg 10x10x10x

    Leg day and a little snatch

    front squat
    170kg (no belt or knee straps) 3x3x3x had more in me but going for a heavy deadlift on friday so that was enough
    140kg 5x

    one armed snatch with a bar
    70kg 1x easier than last time
    60kg 2x harder than last time dont know why, maby tired after the front squat a little

    kind of a kettlebell clean I guess
    58kg 10x

  14. 12/10/12
    Deadlift and strongman training

    Going for max lift in deadlift and set a personal record. Not long until I will take the 300kg I have been working on to get up this year
    290kg 1x

    aluminum box presses for max lift
    100kg 1x for some reason this lift is getting heavier for me

    sircus dumbbell overhead
    68kg 2x2x

    atlas stones(100kg) over a 170cm bar
    2x, tried more times but could only get the stone to same height as the bar, its hard when you are only 186cm so I just kept on doing reps as high as I could did about 6reps and 2 sets

    tire flip 420kg first time this heavy tire

    aluminum box loading race, we actually just put them back on the floor but not to a high platform. We use 3 types of weight of stones, 90kg,110kg and 125kg and the distance was about 2x13.5 meters, 27m total for each weight. We did 2 sets of this.

  15. Lotta good work getting done here. Some of these things I'm completely unfamiliar with how it feels (like atlas stone), but I can relate to basic things like deadlift and maybe log lifts. Pretty nice deadlift, wish you luck on hitting 300kg fast and soon.
    Check your form:

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Torobestia View Post
    wish you luck on hitting 300kg fast and soon.

    Thanks, Im sure it will go up in the next few weeks as 290kg went up pretty smooth. I started practicing handball 3x a week for cardio, and fun of course and managed to hurt my finger. So there will be some time off from the gym. I hope no more than a week. It was about time to take a little time off anyway, so no harm done really.


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