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  1. It's a long way to...

    I'm posting to keep track of progress and will welcome tips, advice and encouragement.

    I worked out a lot from 18-24 but, except for a year in my mid 30's. sporadically since then. My PR's from my training 6 years ago were as follows: Bench 355; Squat 395; Deadlift 415; Bentover Row 255. I used Madcow's advanced 5X5 and my own program (an upper lower split where I worked out 4 days a week). I liked both but prefer an approach where I have to hit the gym 3 times per week. As a result, I'll be following a Starting Strength type program (personal modifications because I know best ). Got to be careful as injuries have derailed previous attempts (bad left knee and elbow pain).

    Started back this May and was, as expected, weak as hell and had the following max lifts: Bench 225; Squat 275; Deads 295. My weight at the time was 188lbs. I've been going at it pretty hard since then with a 2 week period where I only worked out once (vacation) and my weight has increased to 200lbs (mostly lean gain).

    My diet is decent. I usually eat 4-5 meals per day and try to get at least 30 grams of protein per meal (chicken, eggs, salmon, whey, steak, etc) and am definitely not adverse to carbs (get plenty of them). I also like to drink and usually imbibe 3-4 beers per day or 3-4 glasses of wine (sometimes both).

    As far as supplements go, I'm currently taking 2g Alcar, 4g Beta Alanine, 5000IU of D3, 2g of Fish oil (EPA + DHA), 500mg of green tea and 120mg of Gingko per day. I also take 6-7g of Citrulline Malate pre-workout. The Cit Malate was a real surprise for me especially when I upped the dosage to 6+ grams. 4g nothing special but 6g was WOW. Also helps with aerobic activities that I enjoy (hiking, playing soccer, running). I will be adding Cissus which will hopefully help with my achy elbows. I've used DAA and Now Dopa Macuna and responded well so I will be doing a DAA, Erase and Endosurge cycle in couple of weeks. Also have a Kilo or 2 of Creapure hanging around and although it works it makes me feel like crap outside of the gym. I'll probably end up using it anyway when I encounter a plateau.

    On to my most recent workouts: (Tempo - controlled eccentric, fast concentric; Rest Intervals - varies from 1-4 min depending on %1RM)

    BW Pullups: 1X12 (did 10, rested ~10sec and then 2 more) BW=Body Wieght
    Dead Lifts: 1X5X135; 1X5X205; 1X5X255; 1X5X285; 1X4X305
    Bench: 1X12X135; 1X10X165; 1X8X185; 1X8X205; 1X8X225 (best I've done on my return surprised as this came after lay off)
    Plank: 1X3min
    Walking Lunges BW: 2X12 per leg (24 steps total)
    DB Overhead Presses: 3X8X55's
    BW pullups: 1X10

    Squats: 1X12X135; 1X10X185; 1X8X225; 1X6X255; 1X5X275
    Bentover Rows: 3X10X155
    DB Bench Presses: 4X8X80's
    Floor Wipers: 2X20 (done holding one 135lbs on BB)
    KB Clean and Press: 3X10X35 (Need to buy a heavier kettlebell, prob I'll get a 44lb one next)

    Was still a little sore from previous workout so not quite dialed in for this one
    BW Pullup: 1X10
    Dead Lifts: 1X5X135; 1X5X185; 1X5X255; 1X5X275; 1X5X305; 1X3X325 (could have gotten 4 but grip slipped. Time to chalk up)
    Bench: 1X12X135; 1X10X165; 1X8X195; 1X8X215; 1X6X235
    Plank: 1X2min
    Shoulder prehab work
    Plate Raises: 3X10X25
    BW Pullup: 1X8

  2. Today's workout was not the best. I did a relatively easy 4 mile hike on Sat and WW kayaked on Sun for about 3.5 hours. The kayaking took quite a bit out of me as I haven't done much this year (only my 6th time in the water would usually have logged around 35 trips by now). Shoulders, traps and hips were sore today and overall energy felt low. Started Cissus yesterday and will see if this helps my aching elbows that have bothered me for the last 8 months. On to the workout:

    Pullups: 1X12XBW (Highlight of the workout; got all reps without resting)
    Squats: 1X10X135, 1X10X185, 1X8X225, 3X6X255 (almost fell over on last set)
    Bench: 1X10X135, 1X10X175, 1X8X205, 1X6X225 (didn't have sh*t so I ended it here)
    Crunches: 1X20X10lbs (medicine ball); Plank: 1X80sec
    Shoulder Prehab: 4X12X5lbs per side
    Pullups: 1X12XBW (did 10 rested about 15sec and then 2 more)

  3. Had a colonoscopy done yesterday so I'll be getting in 2 workouts this week. Had an ok workout and was a little disappointed with my deadlifts but considering my forced starvation on Weds I guess it was expected. Also being taking Cissus for a week now and it really hasn't helped my elbows at all. In fact I've much better luck with Aleve. On to today's workout:

    Deadlifts: 1X5X135, 1X5X185, 1X5X225, 1X5X265, 2X3X305, 1X1X335 (first 3 sets I did Sumo and then conventional after; really thought I could get 2-3 on last set but definitely not happening)
    DB Bench Press: 1X10X45's, 1X8X60's, 3X8X75's
    Situps throwing 10lb medicine ball: 2X15
    DB Walking Lunges: 3X20X20lbs
    Bentover BB Rows: 1X8X95, 1X8X135, 2X6X165
    Shoulder Prehab: 4X12X5lbs

  4. Didn't see this before. Seems like everything is going well though. Definitely strong for your age!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by broda View Post
    Definitely strong for your age!
    Thanks, I think

  6. Quote Originally Posted by leprechaun1 View Post
    Thanks, I think
    Hahaha, you're strong in general! I just meant that most guys that I see in their 40's are out of shape/lazy so props to you.

  7. In for this,
    Welcome to the board.
    I like to see guys my age (I'm 46), killing it in the gym.
    Good luck.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by broda View Post
    Hahaha, you're strong in general! I just meant that most guys that I see in their 40's are out of shape/lazy so props to you.
    Quote Originally Posted by toddgranit View Post
    In for this,
    Welcome to the board.
    I like to see guys my age (I'm 46), killing it in the gym.
    Good luck.
    Thanks gents.. Good to have some encouragement.

    I am going to have to reduce the amount of Cissus I'm taking (3.2 grams of Super Cissus) because it appears to be aggravating my left knee and not really helping with my elbow tendonitis. Not sure why this is happening but I'm speculating that cortisol is too low.

  9. I had to grind this out but overall I am pretty happy.

    Squats: 1X10X135, 1X8X185, 1X8X225, 1X6X255, 1X5X275
    Pullups: 1X12
    Bench: 1X10X135, 1X8X185, 1X8X225, 1X5X245
    Plank: 1X3min
    KB Clean n Press: 3X9X35
    Shoulder Prehab: 4X12X5
    Pullups: 1X10

  10. Another tough day. Started back to work Mon and haven't being sleeping all that great lately. Definitely not feeling as strong as last week particularly with lower body exercises. I'm going to add in some DE deads and box squats and see if this helps as I'm not getting any explosion off the floor.

    Deads: 1X5X135, 1X5X205, 1X5X255, 1X4X305, 1X1X335, 1x0X345 (couldn't budge it)
    DB Bench Press: 1X10X35's, 1X8X60's, 3X8X80's
    RC Situps: 1X30, 1X15
    BB Rows: 1X8X115, 1X8X135, 3X6X165
    Shoulder Prehab: 4X12X5lbs

  11. Hiked 10 miles yesterday and now pretty sore and stiff today. I was supposed to workout yesterday but looks like it will be Mon before I hit the gym again.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by leprechaun1
    Hiked 10 miles yesterday and now pretty sore and stiff today. I was supposed to workout yesterday but looks like it will be Mon before I hit the gym again.
    10 miles! How long did that take?
    Nice job.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by toddgranit View Post
    10 miles! How long did that take?
    Nice job.
    It wasn't too bad. I'd say it was moderately strenuous and it took about 4 hours to complete with a stop off to view a waterfall in the middle. Plus I had my girlfriend's ass to admire for most of the hike

  14. Difficult workout tonight and had to grind through again. Hitting the wall way to early on this run so I'll be adding in some DAA starting tomorrow. I was waiting on BPS to restock and hopefully continue the sale on Endosurge/Erase before starting back on DAA but doesn't look like it's going to happen. I will probably pick up some Erase regardless as I've never tried it before and am intrigued by the many positive reviews (a little worried about the joint issue hence going with the OG version and will keep my dosage at 2 pills per day max). I added low box squats (16inch box) today and they were, as usual, quite a fuker. That pause at the bottom is just not nice at all. Enough fluff, on to today's workout:

    1. Low Box Squats: 1X10X135, 1X8X185, 1X8X205, 1X6X225, 1X5X235
    2. Pullups: 1X12XBW (pretty easy will probably try for 15 next)
    3. BB Flat Bench: 1X10X135, 1X8X1185, 1X6X225, 1X4X245
    4. Incline Bench: 1X8X135, 1X8X155 (haven't done these in forever)
    5. Plank: 1X3min
    6. Pullups: 1X12XBW
    7. KB Clean and Press: 3X10X35

    Even though I'm not gaining like I fee I should and really had to grind this one out, I really enjoyed it (go figure).

  15. sub'd.

    good work man.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Quietman View Post
    good work man.
    Thanks brutha. Read your thread, glad to see you've turned the corner.

  17. Been taking DAA for 3 days now and BPS got endosurge restocked looks like the erase/endosurge/daa stack is going to happen. Very Nice!

    On to today's workout where I didn't exactly kill but I felt better than Mon:

    1. Deads: 1X5X135, 1X5X185, 1X5XX225, 1X5X255, 1X5X285, 1X3X325
    2. Pushups: 1X20, 1X20 (feet elevated), 1X20 (feet elevated)
    3. Situps: 3X20
    4. BB Rows: 1X8X115, 1X8X135, 2X6X175
    5. Shoulder Prehab: 4X12X5
    6. DB Military Press: 1X8X35's, 1X8X55's (left shoulder didn't feel too great so I stopped)

  18. Ordered the Endosurge/Erase combo and some SNS Citrulline Malate from NP and should have them by Mon, can't wait Workout today was solid and I felt good. DAA is starting to kick. Libido appetite and strength all up. Upper back and chest were still a little sore from previous workout so my numbers today were definitely far from my best. I'm expecting big jump on the bench in the coming weeks.

    1. Pullups: 1X12, 1X3 (~10sec rest between sets)
    2. Squats: 1x10X135, 1X10X185, 1x8X225, 1X6X255, 1X5X285 (+10 gain)
    3. Bench: 1X10X135, 1X8X185, 1X8X205, 1X6X225, 1X4X245 (couldn't have gotten 5 but didn't have a spot so didn't want to risk it)
    4. Incline Bench: 2X8X185
    5. Shoulder Prehab: 6X12X10 per side
    6. Plank 1X2min
    7. Kettlebell Swings: 4X12X35
    8. Twisting Crunches: 1X20
    9. Pullups: 1X10, 1X2 (10 sec rest)

  19. Started my Endosurge/Erase yesterday and will wait about a week before commenting more on its effects. Workout yesterday was difficult due to still being sore and stiff (especially lower back) from Saturday's workout. Forgot how taxing those kettle bell swings are. On to yesterday's workout:

    1. Low Box Squats: 1X10X135, 1X10X185, 1X8X205, 2X6X225
    2. Standing Shoulder Press: 1X10X65, 1X10X95, 1X8X115, 1X8X145
    3. Plank: 1X3min (did 30sec in side positions); Hanging leg Raises: 1X20
    4. Pushups: 1X30XBW, 1X15X25lbs, 1X20XBW
    5. T-Bar Rows: 1X10X95, 1X8X115, 1X8X135, 1X8X145
    6. Romanian DL's: 3X10X185 (will increase to 225 when I do these next time)

  20. good work man.

    I'm extremely partial to box squats. Extremely partial.

    The numbers you're throwing up at 41 are awesome man. I know 20 year old kids who can't touch 'em.
    Last edited by Quietman; 08-22-2012 at 01:19 AM. Reason: big typo.

  21. Quote Originally Posted by Quietman View Post
    good work man.

    I'm extremely partial to box squats. Extremely partial.

    The numbers you're throwing up at 41 are awesome man. I know 20 year old kids who can't touch 'em.
    Quiet, thanks for the encouragement.

    Don't think I'll be working out today as I'm still a little sore and I took 2 caps of Erase yesterday and joints are feeling it. I'll definitely have to stick to 1 cap ED from now on. Definitely "drying" me up though and already looking more defined. Workout tomorrow should be EPIC.

  22. Ha! Just reread my post from yesterday. Epic indeed. Someone was feeling a little too good on his L-Dopa In a slightly more objective mood right now so I'd say my workout today was decent. I'm starting to see some improvement particular lower body and core. Upper body particularly chest is lagging a little but overall I'm happy with progress. Weight this morning was 203.

    1. Deads: 1X5X145, 1X5X205, 1X5X255, 1X5X285, 1X3X315, 1X1X355 (+20 gain and it went up fairly easily)
    2. Bench: 1X10X135, 1X10X185, 1X8X205, 1X8X225, 1X3X255
    3. Plank: 1X3min; Hanging Leg Raises: 1X15
    4. Pullups: 1X12XBW, 1X10XBW, 1X6XBW
    5. Shoulder Prehab: 4X12X5
    6. KB Cean and Press: 3X10X35 per side

  23. Didn't workout this weekend. Instead did a fairly easy 7 mile hike on Saturday (20lbs backpack) and just chilled on Sunday. For now I'm dropping Erase from my supplement protocol as it just makes me too stiff and sore and this was at the lowest dosage (25mg per day). Overall, I'm feeling much better today and looking forward to today's workout. Endosurge and DAA are kicking in nicely and libido and well being are significantly increased. For me, Endosurge has been a great addition.

  24. is erase a diuretic?

  25. Quote Originally Posted by Quietman View Post
    is erase a diuretic?
    Nope, it's an anti estrogen. A lot of people recommend it with DAA and it's highly thought of on this and other forums so I tried even though I've never had any estrogenic (is that word?) sides. It does "dry" you out and I was definitely looking more defined but my joints weren't liking it at all. Feeling really good on DAA and Endosurge though so I'll continue with this.

    I had a good workout tonight. Did regular squats with knee sleeves on both knees now (really liking this) and used a belt for the last set.

    1. Squats: 1X10X95, 1X10X135, 1X10X185, 1X8X215, 1X8X235, 1X6X265, 1X4X295 (heaviest I've gone so far, 3 wheels not far away)
    2. Floor BB Press: 1X10X45, 1X8X135, 1X8185, 1X8X205, 3X6X225 (did these with about 1-2sec pause at the bottom)
    3. Plank: 1X3min (did side planks for 30sec per side)
    4. Supine Bridge: 1X2min
    5. BB Bentover Row: 1X10X95 1X8X115, 1X8X135, 3X6X175
    6. Push ups: 1X30XBW


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