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  1. Maximum Strength Workout 34: Decent upper body workout that lasted 60min including warm-up Did floor presses as prescribed and I really don't like these fukers at all. They feel much harder than regular bench and seem to be harder on my shoulder. I did push-ups with a 45lb plate on my back (feels much more challenging than the bands I have available).

    1. Floor Presses: 1X10X45, 1X8X95, 1X6X135, 1X5X185, 2X3X225, 1X5X225, 1X5X205, 1X8X205
    2. Weighted Pushups: 3X8X45, 1X10X35
    2. T-Bar Rows: 3X8X135, 1X10X120
    3. Face Pulls: 3X10X35
    3. Behind the Neck Band pull aparts: 3X12
    4. Standing Calf Raises: 1X35 (per leg)

  2. Maximum Strength Workout 35: I had really good workout today that lasted 1hr and 45min including an extra long 20min warmup.

    1. DE Squats: 1X10X45, 1X8X95, 1X6X135, 1X3X185, 8X3X205
    2. Rack Pulls: 1X5X135, 1X5X225, 1X3X275, 1X3X315, 3X3X355, 2X5X315 (pins at knees)
    3. Elevated Reverse Lunge: 3X5X35's, 1X10X20's (per side)
    4. Cable Woodchoppers: 3X12X15 (per side)
    4. Bulgarian Squat Holds: 2X30sec (per side)

  3. Maximum strength Workout 36: 80min workout today including warm-up.

    1. DE Pin Presses: 9X3X185
    2. DB Rows: 3X5X80, 1X10X65
    2. DB Bench Press: 3X5X80's, 1X10X65's
    3. Straight Arm Pulldowns: 3X12X45
    3. Skullcrushers: 3X8X65 (Haven't done these in forever, me likes )

  4. Maximum strength Workout 37: Good workout and really got after it. Duration was 80min including warm-up. After reading some articles and watching a couple of youtube videos, I have really started to focus on sore areas (slow rolling) and my hips and back are thanking me. I haven't been taking Cit malate for week (ran out) and am now feeling more DOMS after each workout. Strength and endurance don't seem to be affected but pump is not as good and DOMS the next day is definitely increased. Did snatch grip deads again and found them very difficult. The main issue here is grip.

    1. Snatch Grip Deads: 1X5X135, 1X5X205, 1X3X255, 4X2X275, 2X4X245
    2. DE Deads: 8X1X245
    3. Walking Lunges: 3X7X35's, 1X10X25
    4. Dragon Flys: 3X12
    4. Suitcase Deads: 3X10X55 (per side)

  5. Maximum Strength Workout 38: Duration 80 min.

    1. Board Presses: 3X2X255, 1X4X235
    2. Bench Press: 1X5X255, 1X1OX225
    3. Push-ups: 3X7X45, 1X10X45
    3. T-Bar Rows: 3X7X145, 1X10X110
    4. Face Pulls: 3X10X35
    4. Band Pull Aparts: 3X12

  6. Maximum Strength Workout 39: Almost 10 weeks in and I did "heavy" squats yesterday. 2 sets of 2 at 365 which is 10lbs more than my starting 1RM. Overall, I'm a little disappointed as I thought I could add more in that time frame. Doesn't seem to be enough heavy squatting in this program and I don't think I'm responding well to speed work. Same could be said for bench but my bad right shoulder is complicating matters here. Deads, on the other hand, seem to be increasing rapidly. On to the stats from yesterday's workout which last 1hr45min and included an extra long 25min warm-up:

    1. DE Squats: 6X3X225
    2. Squats: 1X5X275, 1X3X315, 2X2X365
    3. Rack Pulls: 1X5X135, 1X5X225, 1X3X275, 1X3X325, 2X5X365, 1X8X325 (getting a lot more comfortable with these)
    4. Elevated Reverse Lunge: 3X5X45's, 1X7X25's
    5. Isometric Bulgarian Squat: 2X30sec
    5. Medicine Ball Wood Chops: 2X12X12

  7. Maximum Strength Workout 40: Good workout today that lasted 85min. Was able to do 12 reps at 225 on bench after doing pin presses. That made me feel really good.. Nice

    1. DE Pin Presses: 8X3X205, Regular Pin Presses: 1X3X255, 1X2X295, 2X2X315
    2. Bench Press: 1X12X225
    3. DB Rows: 3X5X85, 1X12X55
    3. DB Push Press: 3X5X55's, 1X7X45's
    4. Straight Arm Pulldown: 3X12X45
    4. Skull Crushers: 3X10X65

  8. Maximum Strength Workout 41: Back after a half week hiatus. Decent workout that lasted 90min.

    1. Box Squats: 1X5X225, 1X5X275, 1X3X305, 4X3X325, 2x5x305
    2. DE Deads: 10X1X275
    3. Walking Lunges: 3X7X45's, 1X10X25's
    4. Dragon Flags: 3X12
    4. Suitcase Deads: 3X10X55 (per side)

  9. Maximum Strength Workout 42: Workout duration was 80min including warm-up. Started back on Erase (25mg ed) and having the same ol problems, achy joints and muscles. It's a shame because it's kicked my libido up a notch and I was hoping it would improve weight room performance. Will, however, try to tough it out for another week or so and see if the negatives subside. On to tonight's workout.

    1. Incline BB Press: 1X8X115, 1X6X155, 1X3X205, 4X3X225, 2X5X205
    2. Push-ups: 3X7X45, 1X10X45
    2. T-Bar Rows: 3X6X155, 1X8X135
    3. Face Pulls: 3X10X45
    3. Band Pull Aparts: 3X12

  10. Maximum Strength Workout 43: Really been slacking lately and just haven't hit the gym in while. I'm HS soccer coach and the start of the season coupled with a new puppy is taking it out of me. I've still got 5 weeks left in this program and I will finish. Also, hip and back are starting to bother me. On to yesterday's workout which lasted 2 hours including a 30min warm-up. Very sore today.

    1. DE Squats: 10X2X245 (wasn't very explosive on these)
    2. Rack Deads: 1X5X225, 1X5X275, 1X3X325, 3X5X375, 2X7X325 (most weight I've done so far but lower back starting to hurt)
    3. Reverse Lunges: 4X5XBW (per side)
    4. Medicine Ball Chops: 3X12X12 (per side)

  11. I've decided to end workout after 11 weeks and am posting final numbers. Overall pretty decent gains p/c on squat and deads and shoulder held up well on bench.

    Broad Jump:---94in------98in (+4in)

    Box Squat:----355lbs----405lbs (+50 PR)
    BB Bench:-----265lbs----315lbs (+50)
    Deadlift:------365lbs-----435lbs (+70 PR)
    Pull-ups:------240X3-----265X3 (+25lbs)
    Weight:-------208lbs-----212lbs (+4lbs)


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