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  1. Max Strength Workout 8: 2 weeks in the books and everything going well so far. Right elbow is not good but I'll figure a way around it. Workout duration was 60min including warmup and I would say that today's is the easiest of the four days.

    1a. 1 arm DB Press: 4X8X55
    1b. Close Grip Pullups: 3X6
    2a. Pushups: 3X12X35
    2b. 1 Arm DB Rows: 3X8X55
    3a. Standing Ext Rotations: 3X12X10's
    3b. Side Planks: 3X30sec per side

  2. Max Strength Workout 9: This was a tough one and lasted 90min including warmup. Felt good throughout with a little help from usual pre; 2 scoops of C4, 8g cit mal, 4g creatine, 2g alcar and 500mg green tea.

    1. Box Squat: 1X8x45, 1X8X95, 1X6X135, 1X4X185, 1X2X225, 1X2X255, 1X1X295, 8X3X300
    2. DE Deads: 1X3X135, 1X2X185, 10X2X225
    3. Walking Lunges: 4X8X20 (8 reps per leg, 16 total)
    4a. Reverse Cunches: 3X12
    4b. Plank: 2X1min

  3. Max Strength Workout 10: Bout to head "home" to see the ole family for thanksgiving and will workout with a friend of mine while I'm back (that should be interesting). I used a elbow brace (bandit) today and it helped me get through workout with minimal discomfort. Also extra soft tissue work allowed me to bench with tolerable pain. I don't intend to let nagging injuries hold me back and will do everything to minimize their effect. On to today's workout which lasted 80min including 15min warmup. I used my usual pwo regimen and added a sample of Revcover pro from AI (mixed well and tasted good with c4).

    1. Bench: 1X8X45, 1X8X95, 1X6X135, 1X4185, 1x2x205, 8X3X225 (could have done at least another 10lbs but didn't want to risk it)
    2a. Incline DB Press: 3X10X60
    2b. T-Bar Rows: 2X10X115, 1X9X115, 1X8X115 (ran out of gas on the last 2 sets)
    3a. Prone Trap Raises: 3X12X10's
    3b. Lying Side Ext: 3X12X5 per side
    4. Side Bridges: 1X3min (alternated sides every 45sec)

  4. Max Strength Workout 11: Had a good workout today. I didn't do any warm ups or soft tissue work so my workout lasted 60min.

    1. Low Box Squat: 1X8X45, 1X8X95, 1X6X135, 1X4X185, 1X2X225, 6X5X235
    2. Rack Pulls: 1X5X135, 1X5X185, 1X4X225, 1X3X275, 4X5X295
    3. DB Bulgarian Squat: 4X6X25
    4a. 2-Handed KB Swings: 3X10X45
    4b. Reverse Crunch: 3X12

  5. Max Strength Workout 12: Added 750mg of agmatine to my usual pre and got a ridiculous pump. Thanks to Nomz for the sample from SNS. Can't really tell how it would affect stamina and strength but it definitely had my arms hooge.

    Workout duration for this session was 75min and included warmup and soft tissue work. This week was tough. As per plan, it was the week with the most volume and next week is a planned "back off" week. I'm definitely not complaining.

    1a. 1 Arm DB Push Press: 6X6X60
    1b. Close Grip Pullups: 4X6XBW
    2a. Push up: 4X10X35
    2b. 1 Arm DB Row: 4X8X65
    3a. Standing Ext Rotations: 3X12X5's
    3b. Side Planks: 3X30sec per side

  6. Max Strength Workout 13: Pretty easy workout today that lasted 65min including warm up. I felt good on all lifts but am going to have to do something about my shins (getting all scraped up). Added 500mg of agmatine to pre workout mix and didn't really feel much except for an increased thirst and pump.

    1. Regular Box Squats: 1X8X45, 1X8X115, 1X6X185, 1X4X225, 1X2X275, 1X1X305, 3X3X315
    2. DE Deads: 1X5X135, 1X3X185, 1X2X225, 3X2X255
    3. DB Walking Lunges: 2X8X25
    4a. Reverse Crunches: 3X12
    4b. Plank: 3X30sec

  7. Max Strength Workout 14: Nice easy workout that took 65min including warm-up. Shoulder and elbows were alright and are still feeling good. Probably won't need Alleve tonight. I didn't want to get up this morning but forced myself out of bed and slurped down my pre workout drink. When I got to gym was ready to roll.

    1. BB Bench: 1x8X45, 1X8X95, 1X6X135, 1X4XX185, 1X2X225, 3X3X235 (shoulder and elbows were sore but tolerable)
    2a. Incline DB Press: 2X10X65's (no shoulder pain but elbows didn't like getting the weight set)
    2b. Neutral T-Bar Rows: 3X10X115
    3a. Prone Trap Raises: 3X12X10's
    3b. Lying Side Extensions: 3X12X5's
    4. Side Bridges: 1X3min (alternated sides every 30sec)

  8. Max Strength Workout 15: I had a hard time getting going this morning and felt a little stiff and achy all over. Probably didn't help that it was 26 when I got up. I'm pretty sure without my preworkout concoction I wouldn't have made it. Workout duration was 65min including warm ups.

    1. Low Box Squats: 1X8X55, 1X8X95, 1X6X135, 1X4X185, 1X2X225, 3X6X245
    2. Rack Pulls: 1X5X135, 1X5X185, 1X3X225, 1X3X275, 3X3X315 (pins were set below knee)
    3a. Bulgarian Squats: 2X6X25
    3b. 2 Handed KB Swings: 2X10X35
    4. Reverse Crunches: 2X12

  9. Max Strength Workout 16: Pretty easy workout that lasted 65min including a longer than normal warm up (did more soft tissue work as I was sore this morning). Also started back on DAA. I added 3mg to my pre this morning and, unfortunately had some explosive sh*ts after. Hopefully this will get better as I continue to supplement.

    1a. 1 Arm DB Push Press: 3X6X60
    1b. Pullups: 3X6
    2a. Pushups: 3X8X35
    2b. 1 Arm DB Rows: 3X7X65
    3a. Standing Ext Rotations: 3X12X5's
    3b. Side Planks: 3X30sec per side

  10. Max Strength Workout 17: I've finished the introduction phase and am now entering the build phase where volume and intensity are ratcheted up. Today's workout was pretty difficult and lasted 80min including warmup. Did a 15sec rest pause with squats where I racked the bar after 2 reps, rested and then did 2 more and repeated this until I had completed 8 total. This was brutal and my initial weight of 295 was too much. Glute Ham Raises were also quite a shock to the system and I know I'm going to be sore tomorrow (hell, I'm sore right now). The single leg squats were definitely an ego checker.

    I've started Endosurge/DAA which I plan to run for at least the next 8 weeks.
    Added 10g of BCAAs to my morning pre and will be doing this until my container runs out.

    1. Squats: 1X8X135, 1X6X185, 1X4X225, 1X2X2265, 1X(2X4)X295 (too much weight), 4X(2X4)X275 (done to 12inch box with touch and go, no pause at bottom)
    2. Alternating DB Step ups: 3X16X25's
    3a. AB Rollouts: 3X12
    3b. GHR: 3X10
    4. Single Leg Squats: 2X10

  11. Max Strength Workout 18: These workouts are definitely harder. This one took an 75min including warm up and I'm very sore/stiff today. Weight is up to 210 and legs are growing like crazy. Did the rest pause thing again on first 2 exercises but not really feeling like it helps (usually rest around 15sec). Did incline BB press and DB Bench and had zero problems with shoulder but right elbow is a mess. Got a script from my doc to see a PT and will probably do so in the near future.

    1a. Incline BB Press: 1X45X8, 1X95X8, 1X135X4, 1X185X2, 1X(2X3)X205 (too much weight), 4X(2X4)X185
    1b. Pull ups: 3X(2X4)X10lbs, 2X8XBW (was not able to complete all 5 sets with weight)
    2a. DB Bench: 3X10X60's (will do 65 next)
    2b. Head Supported DB Rows: 3X8X60's
    3a. DB Backhands: 3X12X15
    3b. Zottman Curls: 3X10X15

  12. Off day today and I'm planning on taking it easy. Woke up really stiff and sore this morning with my fingers a little swollen. 440mg Alleve, 1.5g of fish oil and 500mg of Green Tea and I'm feeling much better now. Getting about 5-6 hours of sleep per night and really need 8-9 but with current schedule that will only happen on the weekend.

    Current Supplements (non workout day):
    Creatine 4g (afternoon)
    Beta Alanine ~3.5g (afternoon)
    Fish oil 1g EPA/DHA (morning)
    Vit D 5000IU (morning)
    Green Tea 500mg (morning)
    DAA 3g
    Endosurge 2 servings (4 pills - 2 afternoon and 2 before bed)
    Alcar 1.5g
    AI Perform 1 serving per day (2 pills)

    Workout Day:
    Pre: 2 servings of C4 (morning)
    Modern BCAA 1 serving (2 scoops morning)
    Cit Malate 8g (morning)
    Alcar 2g (morning)
    Creatine 4g (morning)
    Green Tea 500mg (morning)
    AI Perform 1 serving per day (2 pills morning)
    Fish oil 1g EPA/DHA (afternoon)
    Vit D 5000IU (afternoon)
    DAA 3g (afternoon)
    Endosurge 2 servings (4 pills - 2 afternoon and 2 before bed)

    Damn, I seem to have to developed quite a habit.

  13. Max Strength Workout 19: Workout this morning felt good; not too hard just right. Duration was 70min including foam rolling and dynamic warmup.

    1. Broad Jumps: 5X5
    2. Deads: 1X5X135, 1X5X205, 1X3X265, 5X5X305 (harder then I thought it would be)
    3. Reverse Lunges: 3X6X25's (per side)
    4. Plank: 2min

  14. Max Strength Workout 20: Got a really good workout today. Felt great throughout (Endosurge and DAA kicking in). Right elbow is still hurting but manageable and right shoulder is feeling good. Workout duration was 70min and I spent about 20min warming up and doing soft tissue work.

    1. DE Bench: 1X8X45, 1X8X95, 10X3X135 (approx 1min break between sets)
    2a. Close Grip Bench: 4X5X205 (felt relatively easy will bump up 10 next week)
    2b. T-Bar Rows: 4X5X125
    3a. Inverted Rows with feet elevated 3X10
    3b. Scapular Pushups: 3X15
    4. Weighted Crunches: 2X8X? (not sure what weight my buddy had on the machine)

  15. Max Strength Workout 21: I was definitely not feeling it this morning and it was a grind throughout. Workout duration was 75min including warmup. Hip, knee and back were stiff and sore. Probably should have taken today off but will take a day tomorrow.

    1. Low Sqaut: 1X45X8, 1X8X95, 1X6X135, 1X4X185, 1X2X225, 1X2X255, 2X(2X3)X285, 2x(2X3)X275 (rest pause with 30sec break)
    2. DB Step up: 3X8X35 (8 per side)
    3a. AB Rollout: 2X10
    3b. GHR: 2X8
    4. Single leg Squats: 2X10

  16. I'm taking a break today. Definitely need it. I will stretch and do some soft tissue work tonight and will be back at it tomorrow. On an another note, the combo of DAA, Endosurge and Perform is sending my libido into hyperdrive. Throw in a little Cialis and it's holy boners Batman. Got a bottle of Erase laying around but am reluctant to add it due to how I am currently feeling.

  17. Max Strength Workout 22: I had a good workout this morning. Day off really helped. Workout duration was 55min. I did my soft tissue work but no dynamic stretching as I was short on time. Did the rest pause thing again on the first 2 exercises and rested 15-20 each time. Shoulder felt good throughout but right elbow not so.

    1a. Incline BB Press: 1X10X45, 1X8X95, 1X4X135, 1X2X165, 4X(2X3)X190 (could have done 195 and will do this next workout)
    1b. Pullups: 4X(2X3)X10 (was able to complete all sets with weight this time)
    2a. DB Bench: 3X8X65's
    2b. Head Supported DB Rows: 3X6X65's
    3a. DB Backhands: 3X12X15
    3b. DB Zottman curls: 2X10X15 (right elbow no likey)

  18. Taking another day off today and will be back at it tomorrow and Sat. Will probably substitute jumps to plyo box for the broad jumps as the broad jumps were a little hard on my joints. Left knee and shins were sore for almost a week after last week's workout. My weight is starting to creep up (212) and I need to be a more disciplined as regards my diet. Right now I'm drinking too much and eating too much junk . Overall, I am feeling much stronger and upper body, particularly bench, is really coming along.

  19. Max Strength Workout 23: Decent workout this morning that lasted 70min including soft tissue work and dynamic warm-up. Forgot chalk but that didn't hamper deads too much. I think the plyo box is 3ft and will measure next time to be exact.

    1. Jumps to plyo box: 5X5
    2. Deads: 1X5X135, 1X4X205, 1X3X255, 1X1X305, 8X3X315
    3. Reverse Lunges: 3X6X35's
    4. Plank: 1X3min (did sides too, rotate every 30sec)

  20. Maximum Strength Workout 24: Today's workout went well. Lasted 80min and, as I had plenty of time, this worked. It was really nice not to be rushed. Not having work after, WIN.

    1. DE Bench Press: 8X3X145
    2a. Close Grip Bench: 3X5X215
    2b. T-Bar Rows: 3X5X135
    3a. Inverted Rows: 3X10 (feet elevated)
    3b. Scapular Push-ups: 3X15

  21. Maximum Strength Workout 25: This one was a b*tch. It lasted 80min and was a struggle from the get go. Felt like puking after squats and am sitting here at work with the AC blasting because I'm sweating buckets (it's 45 outside and I finished my workout 30min ago). Week 3 of this microcycle is the load week where intensity and volume are maxed and I really felt it. Also, I was still a little stiff from deads on Fri despite all the stretching and foam rolling work I've done since then. Only so much my 41 year old joints can take I guess. All moaning aside, I did hit all my targeted goals without decorating the gym floor.

    1. Low Squats: 1X135X8, 1X6X185, 1X4X225, 1X2X255, 1X4X285 (this was an oops thought I had 295lbs on the bar), 5X4X295
    2. DB Step-ups: 4X8X35's (8 per side)
    3a. Ab Rollouts: 3X10
    3b. GHR: 3X8
    4. Single Leg BW Squats: 2X10

  22. Maximum Strength Workout 26: I did this one in the evening, just couldn't get up this morning, and I'd have to say it was a lot easier. Also, got a massive pump. Upper body really starting to come around and my bench press numbers are going to start looking a lot more respectable.

    1a. Incline Bench Press: 1X8X95, 1X6X135, 1X2X185, 6X4X210 (the plan was 205 but was feeling more)
    1a. Pullups: 3X(2X4)X15, 3X(2X4)XBW (ran out of gas after the first 3 weighted sets and went to body weight)
    2a. DB Bench: 3X8X75's (plan was to do 70's but gym didn't have them so I had to bump up)
    2b. Head Supported DB Rows: 3X6X60's
    3a. DB Backhands: 3X12X15's
    3b. Zottman Curls: 3X10X15's (not going to do these with right arm as it's just aggravating my tendinitis)

  23. Maximum Strength Workout 27: Just finished this workout and deads pretty much wiped me out. I measured the plyo box today and it was 30 not 36inches. Overall decent workout that lasted 80min including warmup.

    1. Jumps to Plyo Box: 6X5
    2. Deads: 1X5X135, 1X5X225, 1X3X275, 1X2X315, 4X5X325, 1X3X325 (was starting to lose my form so I stopped at 3 reps on last set)
    3. Reverse Lunges: 3X8X35's (per side)
    4. Plank: 4min (alternated positions approx every 45sec)

  24. Maximum Strength Workout 28: Good workout today that lasted 70min including warmup. Got a deload week coming next week which is good because I'll be traveling for the holidays and I don't know how consistent I'll be. Felt really really good today and was able to push some weight. I would've done more weight but my workout partner was sick with the flu. DAA and Endosurge are working their collective magic.

    1. DE Bench: 1X5X95, 1X3X135, 10X3X155
    2a. Close Grip Bench: 1X5X205, 4X5X220, 1X9X220 (let if fly on the last set and could've done another rep but didn't risk it without a spot)
    2b. T-Bar Rows: 4X4X140, 1X8X140
    3a. Inverted Rows: 3X10
    3b. Scapular Pushups: 3X15

  25. Well so much for working out this holiday. Didn't happen! Hiked 3 miles today which is the first thing I've done since my last workout. Also I haven't beeing taking any supplements. Back at it again tomorrow and will stay with the planned deload but instead of a deload it will be a primer.

  26. Maximum Strength Workout 29: Pretty easy workout that lasted 60min including an extra long 20min warmup. I probably logged 1600 miles driving this holiday and this made me just a wee bit stiff so the extra soft tissue work and warmup were warranted. My diet this Christmas was atrocious and I only feel a teeny tiny bit guilty about it.

    1. Alternating DB Stepups: 3X6X35's
    2a. Ab Rollouts: 3X10
    2b. GHR: 3X8
    3. Single Leg Squats: 3X10 (per side)

  27. Maximum Strength Workout 30: Again another relatively easy workout that went about 50 min including warmup.

    1. Incline Bench: 1X10X45, 1X8X95, 1X8X135, 1X6X185, 1X6X205, 1X4X225
    2. Pullups: 2X6XBW, 1X10XBW
    3. DB Bench: 2X8X65's
    3. Head Supported DB Rows: 2X8X55's
    4. Band Backhands: 2X12
    4. Zottman Curls: 2X10X5

  28. Maximum Strength Workout 31: Duration was an hour including warmup and I did the workout in the afternoon. Feeling pretty good.

    1. Deads: 1X5X135, 1X5X185, 1X3X225, 1X3X275, 1X3X315, 3X3X355
    2. Reverse Lunges: 3X8X35's
    3. Plank: 1X2min

  29. Maximum Strength Workout 32: Another relatively easy one that lasted an hour including warmup.

    1. DE Bench: 5X3X175
    2. CG Bench: 1X5X205, 1X5X225, 1X10X225
    2. T-Bar Rows: 1X5X135, 1X8X135
    3. Inverted Rows: 3X10
    3. Scapular Pushups: 3X15

  30. Maximum Strength Workout 33: Started phase 3 or the "Growth" phase today and did some new exercises. I've never done snatch grip deads before and these proved quite humbling. Overall, felt pretty good throughout the workout and it lasted about 65min. I did the usual soft tissue work but didnt' do much dynamic warmup as I was rushed.

    1. Snatch Grip Deads: 3X3X255, 2X5X225 (will add 20lbs next week)
    2. DE Deads: 4X2X225, 4X1X225
    3. Walking DB Lunges: 3X7X35's, 1X10X20's
    4. Dragon Flag: 3X12
    4. DB Suitcase Deads: 3X10X65


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