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  1. Had a pretty decent workout. My right hamstring was a still a little sore so I didn't quite go for it.

    1. Squats: 1X8x45, 1X8X95, 1X8X135, 1X8X185, 1X6X215, 1X6X245, 1X6X265, 1X6X275, 1X5X295 (got extra rep on last set)
    2. Pushups: 1X20X25, 1X25XBW (incline), 1X30XBW
    3. Rack Pulls: 1X5X135, 1X3X185, 1X3X225, 1X3X255, 1X3X295, 1X2X325 (stopped here because hammy was starting to complain)
    4. Shoulder Prehab
    5. Plank: 1X200sec (30sec side planks per side)

  2. Did some soft tissue work (foam rolled) and stretched yesterday and my hamstring is feeling much better. Shoulder appears to be decent too so I'll try some DB Bench and standing DB presses today. I've been taken Erase for a week now and, at 25mg (1 pill) per day, I've had no joint problems this time. Weight was up this morning to 209 Will have to go on a cut soon.

  3. Workout today was decent. I attempted some bench but, after a couple of sets, decided to abort (shoulder pain). Pushed pretty hard on deads despite hammy still being a little tender but didn't have any problems. Used chalk today and had no problem with grip. I will, however, need a new weight belt for heavy lift squats and deads.

    1. Bench: 1X10X45, 1X10X95, 1X8X135, 1X8X185 (weights felt light but shoulder no likey)
    2. DB Bench Press: 4X8X60's
    3. Deads: 1X5X135, 1X5X185, 1X5X215, 1X5X255, 1X3X295, 1X3X335, 1X1X370 (+15)
    4. Pullups: 1X10X10, 1X8X10, 1X6X10
    5. Shoulder Prehab
    6. Plank: 1X210sec (with 30 sec side planks included)

  4. Worked out really hard yesterday and it was good one. Right shoulder and elbow, however, are very sore today.

    1. Low Box Squat: 1X10X45, 1X8X95, 1X8X135, 1X8X185, 1X8X205, 1X6X225, 1X6X245, 1X4X265 (+10)
    2. Pushups: 4X15X25 (25lbs and 1min rest between sets)
    3. KB Swings: 4X15X35 (tweaked shoulder and elbow on last set, lost concentration)
    4. Bentover BB Rows: 1X8X95, 1X8X135, 1X6X165, 3X6X185 (+10)
    5. Shoulder Prehab
    6. Plank: 1X4minXBW

  5. Shoulder really bothering me today so didn't really do much upper body work.

    1. Shoulder and elbow prehab (couldn't do Cuban Presses because shoulder pain)
    2. DB Bench Press: 1X10X25, 1X10X35, 1X8X55
    3. Pushups: 1X40, 1X30
    4. DE Deads: 8X3X195
    5. Pulldowns: 4X12X135
    6. Bulgarian Squats: 3X12
    7. Planks: 1X210sec

  6. Shoulder and elbows are feeling much better today but I decided to take the day off anyway. I also had too much to drink last night and felt pretty ****ty at work today so I figured I could either grind through a mediocre session or wait til tomorrow and kill it. Obviously, I chose the later Chilling out to Dire Straits and doing some foam rolling and stretching. Expecting some nice numbers tomorrow.

  7. Hit it pretty hard today. I seem to workout harder when I plan ahead and put it down on paper. Shoulder bothered me some but not too bad.

    Squats: 1X8X95, 1X8X135, 1X8X185, 1X8X215, 1X8X235, 1X6X255, 1X6X285, 1X5X305 (+10)
    Shoulder and elbow Prehab
    DB Incline Bench: 1X10X35, 4X8X45
    Good Mornings: 1X10X45, 1X8X95, 3X8X115
    Plank: 1X4min
    T Bar Rows: 1X8X55, 1X8X80, 3X8X115

  8. I got my new powerlifting belt today and looking forward to testing it tonight on deads. Lifted only once last week and I'm feeling a little guilty about that but only a little mind you. Have quit taking Erase again as it was aggravating my right shoulder and elbow. I'm looking at about 2 more weeks on this bulk and then it's time to cut

  9. Got to use my belt and me likes a lot. I think pushups are in order from now on as even DB bench messes with my shoulder.

    1. Elbow prehab
    2. Deads: 1X5X135, 1X5X185, 1X5X215, 1X5X255, 1X5X295, 1X3X325, 1X3X355, 1X1X385 (+15)
    3. Pullups: 1X12XBW, 1X10XBW, 1X8XBW
    4. DB Bench: 1X10X35's, 1X8X55's, 1X8X65's
    5. Pushups: 1X30, 1X20
    6. Bulgarian Squats: 2X12XBW
    7. Plank: 1X4min

  10. Well yes, it's proven again. I am a complete dumbass. Was working with one of my players and decided to run sprints with her. No warmup.. check. Pulled hamstring.. check. There went my leg workout and I was going to try for reps with 315, fuk. Oh well hopefully I'll be able to do box squats on Sat or maybe Sun.

    1. Elbow prehab
    2. Pushups: 4X20 (various hand positions)
    3. Plate Raises: 4X10X25
    4. Situps: 2X20X25
    5. Hanging Leg Raises: 2X15
    6. Side Planks: 1X2min
    7. Supine Bridge: 1X2min
    8. Reverse Lunges: 2X15
    9. T-Bar Row: 3X8X125
    10. Calf Raises: 2X12X25

  11. Workout today was decent but my body is getting too beat up (right shoulder and elbow pretty much whole right arm). Luckily I'm coming to the end of my DAA and Endosurge run so I'll take a week off and then start a cut which will involve much more running and a lot less weights. I'm currently 206 and my target weight will be 180 and I'll try and do this while retaining as much strength as possible. Not going to be pretty though as I usually lose a lot of strength when I cut. Well on to today's workout.

    1. Squats: 1X8X135, 1X8X185, 1X8X205, 1X6X235, 1X6X265, 1X6X295 (felt hamstring tweak), 1X5X315 (+10)
    2. DB Incline: 1X10X35's. 1X10X45's, 1X10X55's (shoulder started hurting so I stopped)
    3. Pushups: 1X30, 1X20
    4. Pullups: 1X8X15, 1X8X15, 1X7X15
    5. Plank: 1X4min
    6. Romanian DB Deads: 3X8X55's (hamstring sore so didn't want to push it)

  12. the top if you wanna rock and roll.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by jimbuick View Post
    the top if you wanna rock and roll.
    I'll settle for a place where my elbow and shoulder don't hurt

    Did an easy 3.5 mile hike yesterday. Damn legs were sore from the workout and me was not liking some of the steeper climbs. Still a little sore today so I'll be taking it easy.

  14. Today was the last workout on my current bulk that started in May. During this time, I've increased my weight 20lbs from 186 to 206 and made the following gains in the big 3:

    ________May________ Oct___________ Gain
    Bench__ 225_________295____________+70
    Squat___275_________355_______ _____+80
    Deadlift__295_________395_____ _______+100

    Overall, I'm pretty happy particularly with the gains on deads. I know I would have gained more on bench but a shoulder injury about a month ago pretty much derailed that. A lot of my 20lbs gain was muscle but the inch added to my waist isn't and will be addressed in my upcoming cut. This is not surprising as I did not diet strictly, drank alcohol and did aerobic exercise only once per week.

    As far as supplements go, I did 2 bulk DAA cycles on this run and found this the most effective supplement I used. Citruline Malate was second in effectiveness. I'm not sure about Beta Alanine but I don't think it did much for me. Endosurge, while providing a nice libido boost, didn't really have much effect in the weight room and Now Macuna is equally effective in the libido and mood department and costs much less. I guess I don't respond well to divinal. I really liked Erase and it definitely improved weight room performance but my joints which are never good couldn't handle it it everyday even at the lowest dosage. I tried Super Cissus but this, surprisingly, made my joints hurt worse. The combination of fish oil and knee sleeves kept my knees feeling great throughout which was real plus because this is the area that usually acts up. Never got into the Creatine I have laying around but I will use for my next bulk. I respond really well to it but it usually adds about 5% to my body weight and don't want that right now.

    I'm going to use this week to deload and transition to higher rep, less rest workout. I will also be adding in more cardio in the form of Stairmaster, sprints, plyos and maybe some soccer too. Well, on to today's workout:

    1. Deads: 1X5X135, 1X5X185, 1X5X235, 1X3X265, 1X3X295, 1X1X325, 1X1X355, 1X1X395 (+10), 1X0X405 (got it moving but couldn't get it to knees)
    2. Pushups: 1X20X25, 2X15X25
    3. Alternating Step ups: 3X20X25 (10 each leg)
    4. Plank: 1X4min
    5. Standing BB Press: 3X10X75 (didn't bother shoulder like bench does)

  15. I've been below maintenance calories since last Sunday and the weight seems to be coming off fast (already down to 202). Also, I've cleaned up my diet considerably and not had any alcohol or pizza during this time.. the horror . Tomorrow is a cheat day so I'll probably have a couple or 3 beers and some pizza after a hike. Not had a workout since Weds and will be at it again Mon. I will probably start out with warm up (dynamic with foam rolling), then do some stadium stairs, and finish with upper body and core in the weight room. My goal for this phase is to get my BF below 10% (currently around 15%) and get my aerobic conditioning back up to scratch. Absolutely detest cutting but the results always worth it.

    The only supplements I'll be taking for the next 3-4 weeks or cit malate (before workouts) and Beta Alanine. I am considering adding some Focus XT, COP and Rhodiola to help with workouts and aerobic conditioning. Anybody have any comments on this stack? I've used the ECA+Y stack in the past and found it very effective but due to circulation issues this is no longer an option Instead may try TTA and see how that goes. Starting Nov I'll add back in DAA, Erase and Now Dopa Macuna (maybe Testabolan v2) and continue to cut for another month or so. Will reassess when I get there.

  16. Cough.. Splutter.. Sneeze.. My new phase begins not with a bang but rather a wet phlegmy cough. Wouldn't you know it, I've got a nasty cold which started Sat and is still kicking my ass today. No way I'm going near the gym or attempting anything physical with this fuker on my back. Well, rest and fluids for me. I'm thinking the earliest I'll be action is Weds.. Sux to be

  17. Just quick update. Finally starting to feel better and will probably hit the gym tomorrow for the first time in a week and half. This cold really kicked my ass and has had me sleeping a lot. Read a little about LG/IF diet and, as it's similar to what I'm already doing, decided to formally adopt it. I will eat all my meals from 11am to 7pm. Weight is hanging around 200 which is not surprising since I've done little but sleep.

  18. Finally got a workout in and it was quite a chore. Endurance went quickly and I was a quivering ball of jello by the end of a short HIIT session. From now on, I will do weights first then cardio as this is the way I've always rolled and, anyhow, I don't feel like doing sh*t after HIIT. Feeling like hammered sh*t right now but at least I got after it.

    1. Stadium Stairs: 10X20
    2. Pullups: 1X15, 1X10 (second set was not fun)
    3. Pushups: 1X30, 1X20
    4. Plank: 1X2min

  19. Been slacking the last couple of weeks and it's past time to get rolling again. Doc recently diagnosed me with hypothyroidism and I'm on 50mcg of levothyroxin now. So far, I'm definitely feeling more energetic and my appetite is through the roof. As a consequence, weight is back up to 207. Did a 14 mile hike with 20lbs pack on Sat and that sh*t wore me out. Definitely needing some new hiking shoes as my Merrel Gloves aint cutting it. Good for short easy hikes and working out but not meant for anything more. Left hip was freaking killing me directly after and for another 3 days. It would have been worse without the Joint Force I have on hand for such joyous occasions. Bout to hit the gym. Could really do with a decent pre bout now.

  20. Work out today was good. I was able to bench with minimal pain in my shoulder for the first time in about 6 weeks but I did take it easy.

    1. BB Bench: 1X10X45, 1X8X95, 1X8X135, 1X8X155, 1X8X185, 1X6X205 (could have done more but didn't want to push it)
    2. Incline BB Press: 1X8X135, 1X8X155, 1X8X165
    3. Pullups: 1X12, 1X10, 1X8 (2min rest between sets)
    4. Plank: 1X4min
    5. Sprints: 8X30yds, 4X60yds, 3X80yds, 2X120yds (rest was as long as it took to walk back after sprint)

  21. Had a good workout yesterday.

    1. Pushups: 1X45, 1X25 (2min rest)
    2. Bentover BB Rows: 1X8X95, 1X8X115, 3X8X135
    3. KB Clean and Press: 3X10X35's (per side)
    4. RC Situps: 1X25
    5. Plank: 1X2min
    6. Sprints: 8X100M, (rested by walking 100M after each sprint)

  22. Tested my shoulder again on bench and it was definitely sorer today. Better than a month but not fully healed and I did sleep on it last night as well. Fuk, getting old is getting old.

    1. Bench: 1X10X45, 1X8X95, 1X8X135, 1X8X155, 1X8X185 (stopped because didn't like how shoulder was feeling)
    2. Pushups: 1X30, 1X20
    3. Pullups: 1X13, 1x11, 1X6
    4. Plank: 1X4min
    5. Various lower body plyos and some foam rolling

  23. Was about to post a long detailed response but my computer shut down and I lost it, so here goes the abbreviated version. Been slacking for too long and am starting a new program, Eric Cressey's Maximum Strength. It's focus is, shockingly, developing strength. It's a 16 week program and I will be working out M,T,Th,F using a lower/upper split. I will also be doing HIIT on W and LISS on Sat or Sun. I'll be running usual sups and adding DAA and Erase after the first phase.

    Finished the first workout yesterday. It's a max day used to establish a baseline to measure future gains and includes the following lifts: broad jump, box squat, bench, deadlift and weighted pull ups. I used 1.5 servings of C4 and 7g of cit malate pre and felt great throughout workout. I got C4 primarily for the nitrates and I also got a great deal (180 servings for $78).

    Broad Jump: 94in
    Box Squat: 355lbs (box was 15in and I pause at the bottom, surprised I could do this weight)
    BB Bench: 265lbs (right shoulder still fuked and prob not going to see much improvement on this lift)
    Deadlift: 365lbs (pretty decent considering the effort on box suats)
    Weighted Pullups: 240X3 (my weight dressed plus an additional 30lbs)

  24. Maximum Strength Workout 1: Pretty decent workout. Did a scoop and half of C4, 7g of cit malate and 5g creapure. Energy and endurance were good but focus wasn't quite as good as last time.

    1. Box Squat: 1X8X45, 1X6X95, 1X5X135, 1X3X185, 1X1X225, 1X1X255, 5X4X275
    2. DE Deadlifts: 8X2X185 (rest period 1min between sets)
    3. Walking Lunges: 4X8XBW (per side and 90sec rest between sets)
    4a. Reverse Crunches: 3X12
    4b. Plank: 3X30sec

  25. Max Strength Workout 2: I took 2 servings of C4 and 8g of cit malate this morning and was really amped (probably a little too much). Still feeling good right now about 7hrs later. Right Shoulder and elbow gave me issues but was able to bench with some adjustments to technique. As prescribed started out with foam rolling and warmup. Total workout was 1hr 20min with 15min spent foam rolling and warming up.

    1. Bench: 1X8X45, 1X8X95, 1X6X135, 1X185X2, 5X4X205 (pitiful )
    2a. DB Incline Press: 3X10X55 (no shoulder issues here)
    2b. T-Bar Rows: 2X10X115, 2X8X115 (supposed to be 4X10 just ran out of steam)
    3a. Prone Trap Raises: 3x12X5's
    3b. Lying Side Laterals: 3X12X5 per side
    3c. Side Planks: 3X30sec per side

  26. Max Strength Workout 3: I was thinking this was going to be easy as I felt great for the first 2 workouts but today I had to grind through. definitely have some fatigue accumulating (more neural than muscular) but this is not surprising as today was my 4th workout in 6 days. That's a significant increase in volume over what I've being doing lately. Oh well I've got 1 more this week and then I get to rest this weekend and looks like I'll need it. I used less weight then planned when I felt how "heavy" the warmups felt. Did a serving and half of C4, 4g of Creatine and 8g of cit malate pre workout.

    1. Low Box Squat: 1x8X45, 1X8X95, 1X5X135 (this felt heavy), 1X3X185, 1X1X225, 4X6X230 (box was 12in)
    2. Rack Deadlifts from knee: 1X5X135, 1X3X185, 1X3X225, 1X2X255, 4X5X275 (always find regular deads easier)
    3. Bulgarian Squats: 4X6X10 (carried weight on back)
    4a. 2 Arm KB Swings 3X10X35
    4b. Reverse Crunches 3X12

    Workout took an hour and 10min to complete and that was with me on point the whole time (15min foam rolling and warmup). Author stated that workout and warmup can be completed in an hour. Not a chance but I guess 70min is not bad.

  27. Max Strength Workout 4: Pretty easy workout which I was able to complete along with warmups in an hour. I did have one mishap though, had a 25lbs plate crack me in the back of the head (almost knocked me out). While doing pushups with 25lbs weight on his back, a certain dumbass decided to pop up and had the weight swing forward and crack the back of his head, ouch. Other than that, the workout went fine. I was still a little tired and am looking forward to weekend break. Right elbow was very sore.

    1a. DB Press: 4X6X45
    1b. Close grip Pullups: 4X6
    2a. Pushups: 3X10X25
    2b. Bentover DB Rows: 3X8X45
    3a. Cuban Press: 3X10X45
    3b. Side Planks: 3X30sec

  28. Max Strength Workout 5: Decent Workout this morning. I took my usual 2 servings of C4, 4g of creatine and 8g of cit malate pre workout. Will be getting agmatine samples from SNS and looking forward to adding this to my current pre.

    1. Box Squat: 1X8X135, 1X6X185, 1X3X225, 1X2X265, 4X4X295 (15in box)
    2. DE Deads: 1X3X135, 8X2X205
    3. Walking Lunges: 4X8X20
    4a. Reverse Crunches: 3X12
    4b. Plank: 3X30sec

  29. Max Strength Workout 6: Workout duration was 70min including warmup. Right shoulder was sore along with both elbows, particularly the rt. Soft tissue work helped with my shoulder but I'm going to have to figure out something to help my elbows (they're killing me on bench).

    Weight is up to 208 and muscles are feeling nice and full all day long (creatine and nitrate). Took 2 servings of C4, 4g of creatine, 2g Alcar, 8g of cit malate and 500mg of green tea pre workout.

    1. Bench: 1X8X45, 1X8X95, 1X6X135, 1X4X185, 1X1X205, 4X4X215
    2a. Incline DB Press: 3X9X60
    2b. T-Bar Rows: 3X9X115
    3a. Prone Trap Raises: 3X12X10's
    3b. Side Lying Extensions: 3X10X5's
    4. Side Bridges: 1X3min (did right then left)

  30. Max strength Workout 7: I had a good workout this morning. Workout duration was 75min including a 15min warmup. I have a harder time doing rack pulls than regular deads but I am getting better at them.

    1. Low Box Squat: 1X8X45, 1X8X95, 1X6X135, 1X4X185, 1X1X205, 4X6X235
    2. Rack Pulls: 1X5X135, 1X5X185, 1X4X225, 1X2X265, 3X5X285
    3. Bulgarian DB Squats: 3X5X25 per side
    4a. 2 Handed KB Swings: 3X10X35
    4b. Reverse Crunches: 3X12


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