Lemons getting ready for boot camp log

  1. Lemons getting ready for boot camp log

    Hey, just more or so posting in here just to have a place to log my progress, joining the military and while training, I'd like to log, because often times then not, i forgot what i lifted the week before and I'd like to know where to start before i begin. I'd like to be able to go to boot camp, and have PT be just part of my day and not dread it like most do going into the military. However, i feel confident enough as is that i'd be able to complete it, but again...prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

    Stats as of today (friday july 13th)
    Bench: 140 5x5
    overhead barbell press: 90 5x5
    bent over barbell rows: 180 5x5
    Reverse bent over barbell rows: 205 5x5
    incline bench: 120 5x5
    Lat pull downs: 160 5x5
    pull ups: 6
    chin ups: 8-9
    pushups: 100 ( pyramid 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,9,8,7,6,5 ,4,3,2,1 )
    tricep rope push downs: 120 5x5
    dips: 50 ( pyramid also )
    straight bar curls w/ bench bar: 85 5x5
    hammer curls: 40's 5x5
    preacher curls (cable machine) : 110 5x5
    shrugs: 225 5x5
    reverse shrugs: 205 5x5
    Core: various every day
    **** randomly peppered in supporting workouts, however /\ are the ones i do for sure durring my workouts

    I'll have Squad and Dead numbers tomorrow, and the lack of leg work is due to the amounts of cardio i have been completing...my legs hurt enough as is no need to add leg curls + calf raises.

    Main issue throughout is diet. I need to eat more to support my gains, however as much as i try and stay healthy the food i'd be intaking would not only support my gains but cause excess fat gain if i consume anymore then i am. So another main focus of mine durring this log is to get my diet more in check then it has been.

    Main goals:
    bench 180 5x5...225 would be awesome though
    pushups 250 straight
    pull ups 20+ straight
    chin ups 30+ straight
    5 mils in less then 40min
    basically...never be tired, and never not be able to perform when needed/asked to do so
    ______________________________ ______________________________ __________________________

    Workout A - Today
    Bench: 140 5x5
    overhead press: 90 5x5
    incline bench: 120 5x5
    pull ups: 6
    chin ups: 8
    shrugs: 225 5x5
    reverse shrugs: 205 5x5
    tricep rope pull down: 120 5x5
    dips: 50 (pyramiding)
    pushups: 100 (pyramiding)
    core: none was in a rush towards the end

  2. Workout B
    Strength wasn't their today
    Squats: 185 5x5
    bent rows: 155 5x5
    reverse bent rows: 185 5x5
    lat pull downs: 160x2 140x3
    preacher machine: 110x4 120x1
    cable rows: 180 5x5
    hammer curls: 40x5
    pull ups and chin ups: till fail
    100 push ups: (pyramiding)
    deads at 135 for 50

  3. Nice workouts, good luck man!

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