AMS growth kit first ph cycle log

  1. AMS growth kit first ph cycle log

    I am about to start my first cycle of ph using the ams growth kit rde. As a PCT I will be taking AMS armor and a cycle assist during my growth cycle as well as a joint health, fish oil. I plan to keep an up to date log of my work and maybe pictures if I get the time. I am excited for my first cycle so let's get it!

  2. So here is what supplements i am going to be taken throughout and after.

    On cycle-AMS growth kit
    MuscleTech Mass Tech
    MuscleTech MyoBuild
    Assorted vitamins and fish oil

    On PCT- AMS: AromX RDe
    MuscleTech naNOx9
    MuscleTech CellTech
    MuscleTech NitroTech
    MP Assault

    Tell me what you guys think since this is my first run.

  3. And this is my workout routine.

    Monday-Chest & Legs
    Bench press
    Incline press
    Cable crossovers
    Dumbbell Flys
    Stiff leg deadlift
    Leg extensions
    Calf raises

    Wednesday-Back & Shoulders
    Wide pullups
    Lat pull down
    Dumbbell rows
    Dumbbell raises
    Reverse flys
    Dumbbell press
    Dumbbell shrugs

    Friday-Arms & Abs
    concentration curls
    Hammer curls
    Preacher curls
    incline skullcrushers
    Tricep extension
    Tricep pulldown
    Hanging V raises
    Decline situps
    Ab coaster

  4. may i ask about all the muscletech products?
    Nutraceutical Innovations
    AMINDS15 - 15% code

  5. sure shoot

  6. I just wanted to try what the manufacture had to see what my full experience was.

  7. Open to suggestions

  8. It is day 4 and I am already starting to see some gains and my lifting ability has gone up. I have gained 3 pounds in 4 days. Some lethargic mornings but for the most part my energy has been constant especially in the gym. I am eating around 3500 calories a day with minimal saturated fats. Going in for my session today will report back later with some numbers.

  9. You probably wanna add another test booster estro control with that pct, how many Weeks you running this?

  10. I'm running it for 4 weeks what test would you recommend

  11. I'd run it longer than 4 Weeks and get some erase and daa for pct, or Ams arom-x

  12. And for the money you spend on muscletech products you could get better.

  13. Well I haven't purchased my pct muscle tech supps so if I find something better I'll take it

  14. Day 6 I have now gained a total of 7 lbs and seeing Berger results daily. Again my lifting capacity has risen and my energy constant. Even when I feel lethargic when I get to the gym
    Energy is not hard to come by

  15. Any final thought. There arr a lot of threads that end with no summary. Would like some closure..

  16. Quote Originally Posted by 6andaHalf View Post
    Any final thought. There arr a lot of threads that end with no summary. Would like some closure..
    I second that...

    About to start 8 weeks of AMS Pro Anabolic Kit. Might do a weekly log...

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  17. i didn't find great results solo run of the growth kit , but did a combined run with H-Drol 4-AD 1-6 and Deca/1-ad 1-4 with good results

  18. Did you run AMS for 4 weeks or more?

  19. Go 8 weeks, i did and had good results except for some shedding


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