1969's 5/3/1 log: Big But Boring.

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  1. 1969's 5/3/1 log: Big But Boring.

    I'm moving this log over from the supplement section. I started my 5/3/1 routine while using Alpha-T2. I'm finished with the AT-2 and will continue to log my 5/3/1 progress in this thread. Currently at the end of week #4 of Cycle #1(the deload week) and looking forward to hitting some fresh PR's in Cycle #2. After this cycle I will start using a test booster, but have not decided which one yet.

    Wish me luck and hard work!

  2. MAY 26,

    Picking up this log during week #3 of Cycle #1. Bench Press day.

    PWO: 2 scoops Hemavol

    BARBELL FLAT BENCH. (working sets only. 3 sets of warmups)

    Set 1: 195x5
    Set 2: 225x5 (supposed to do 3...who knows why I did 5)
    Set 3: 250x4
    Set 4: 135x10
    Set 5: 135x10
    Set 6: 135x10
    Set 7: 135x10
    Set 8: 135x10

    Pretty happy with hitting 4 reps at 250. Came close to my PR, which was while on Intimidate. No spotter; I think I had 2 more in me.

    Set 1: 80x10
    Set 2: 80x10
    Set 3: 80x10
    Set 4: 80x10
    Set 5: 80x10

  3. MAY 26 (Squat day)

    PWO: Nothing!!

    SET 1: 185x5
    SET 2: 205x3
    SET 3: 255x3 PR!
    SET 4: 135x10
    SET 5: 135x10
    SET 6: 135X10
    SET 7: 135X10
    SET 8: 135X10

    SET 1: 110X10
    SET 2: 110X10
    SET 3: 110X10
    SET 4: 110X10
    SET 5: 110X10

    Squat form looked good to me. Pushing through the center of my feet with my lower back arched. Lowered all the way down to full ROM. Felt great hitting a PR on Squats.

  4. MAY 27 - JUNE 3.

    Deload week on all four lifts. Will cruise through these workouts as described by Wendler and then increase my Training Maxes by 5# on Upper Body and 10# on Lower Body. I aim to hit some PR's on this next cycle!

  5. I'm in for this one.
    I've been interested in 5-3-1 for a while now.
    You enjoying the gains so far?

    Another question: what percentage drop do you choose for your deload week? And is there a universal standard for that type of thing or is it Wendler prescribed?

  6. Go Away,

    I just finished my first cycle of 5/3/1: I notched a couple of PR's and have really enjoyed the gains, as well as the simplicity of the program.

    For the deload week, Wendler advises the following modifier of your Training Max:

    SET 1: 40% x 5 reps
    SET 2: 50% x 5 reps
    SET 3: 60% x 5 reps.

    SET 1: 40% x 5 reps
    SET 2: 50% x 5 reps
    SET 3: 60% x 5 reps.

    Yes, the working set is a repeat of your warmup sets. Note that Working Set #3 on deload week is not "lift to failure" like on your other weeks. 5 reps only and then you move on to your accessory lifts (if any).

    I stuck to this plan exactly as written on my first cycle except for Bench Press day. My chest was just itching for work to do, so I set a PR to scratch that itch. Couldn't help myself.

    So today I am going to add 5# and 10# respectively (upper body/lower body) to the 1RM on each lift and hit it again Monday or Tuesday. I am confident I will set at least 2 PR's in the cycle.

  7. CYCLE #2 Begins Today!

    Today was a Red Letter Day...set a PR on my Military. Feels great to set PR's again after my March/April Intimidate cycle. I felt so (relatively) weak after finishing that I started to get worried/bummed. I am back in fighting form and feel great.

    PWO: 2 Scoops Craze, 1.25 scoops Hemavol from iForce (love this stuff)


    3 SETS of warmups 60x5, 75x5, 95x3

    SET 1: 105X5
    SET 2: 115x5
    SET 3: 135X7 PR!


    SETS 4 - 8: 75X10
    CHINS: 5X10

    Doesn't look like much but my shoulders were toasted and my biceps were really pumped from the chins. The last set of BBB Military really burned. Felt great.

  8. 5/3/1 you don't say. in! Getting ready to hit my third cycle I'm loving it.
    It is not the kind of car you drive. It is whether you can flip it.

  9. JUNE 6:

    That's it: ordered some liquid chalk on amazon. No more bailing out early on Deadlifts due to a slippery grip. Next week I will be prepared.

    PWO: 1 scoop Craze, 1 scoop Hemavol

    3 warmup sets: 170x5; 210x5; 250x3

    SET 1: 275x5
    SET 2: 315x5 (4 reps with an overhand grip, which is a pr for me. Last rep mixed grip)
    SET 3: 355x6 (PR)

    Accessory work: Switching over to Dave Tate Periodization to see how that fits. Mix it up a little

    110x10 ( 5 Sets)

    115x10 (5 Sets each leg)

    I could have come through with 2 more reps on the Deads: felt strong today. The slippery grip just would not cooperate, try as I might to dry my hands. Liquid chalk on the way...let's see what happens.

  10. interested to see how this goes... I just changed routines and want to plan my next change!
    Log of EPIC by FRL - http://anabolicminds.com/forum/supplement-reviews-logs/202576-should-epic-frl.html

  11. June 7,

    PWO: 1 scoop Craze, 1 scoop Hemavol

    I'm going to keep running with the Periodization accessories. I am enjoying that more than the BBB for now.


    3 warmup sets: 110x5; 140x5; 165x3

    SET 1: 185X5
    SET 2: 205X5
    SET 3: 235X8 PR. Well I'll be damned, another PR. This system is working very well for me. I've been watching alot of instructional videos on doing the Flat Bench. I hope that some tiny, incremental improvements in my form are also paying off. I kept my damned butt on the bench for that final rep, finally. I really like Tate's suggestion of lying back so that your head hangs off the bench, and then sliding the shoulders into position to get a nice tight arch going.

    5 SETS: 80X10


    HANGING LEG RAISES: 5X5. I know: I'm supposed to hit the triceps here, but my arms were toasted after the rows and dips.

    Back on Sat/Sun for Squats

  12. Sub'd bro! Craze and hemavol stack should keep you feeling full during your cut!

  13. Quote Originally Posted by StackedCop
    Sub'd bro! Craze and hemavol stack should keep you feeling full during your cut!
    I can't tell you how much I love this combo. Totally rocks!

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Est1969 View Post
    I can't tell you how much I love this combo. Totally rocks!
    I'll take your word for it.. I'm to scared to try craze lol

  15. JUNE 9


    PWO: 1 Craze, 1 Hemavol

    ATG SQUATS (Current estimated 1RM = 280.5# from a PR of 255x3 set on Cycle 1, Week 3)
    3 Warmup sets: 95x5; 120x5; 145x3

    SET 1: 160x5
    SET 2: 185X5
    SET 3: 210X10

    My 1RM chart told me that I needed 11 reps to break my PR. I thought 'no way in hell' but I squeaked out 10 reps. Wasn't going to try for the 11th as my form had deteriorated on the 10th rep so I hung it up.


    SET 1: 110X10
    SET 2: 110X12
    SET 3: 110X11
    SET 4: 130X11 PR
    SET 5: 110X15

    SET 1: 115X10
    SET 2: 115X11 PR
    SET 3: 115X10

    3 SETS 6/5/5

    Pushed myself very hard and left the gym with my legs spent. Mission accomplished.

    Looking forward to Cycle 2, Week 2 on Monday. Sunday off.

  16. JUNE 14


    I took a few days off to let my right arm recover from golfer's elbow. Still not 100%, but I couldn't stand being away from the gym any longer. I expect when I start my Intimidate cycle in July this will go away.

    OVERHEAD PRESS (Current est 1RM=166.5 from 135x7 set on Cycle 2, Week 1)
    3 warmup sets: 60x5; 75x5; 95x3

    SET 1: 110X3
    SET 2: 125X3
    SET 3: 140X6 PR (needed 5 reps for a PR. Current est 1RM is now 168#)

    SET 1: 135X10
    SET 2: 135X10
    SET 3: 135X9
    SET 4: 135X8
    SET 5: 135X6

    5 SETS OF 10

    5 SETS OF 20

    Great workout. Felt strong. Elbow not too bad. Set a PR. 'nuff said.

    My bottle of gym chalk came yesterday so I am set for a Deadlift PR tomorrow.

  17. JUNE 15

    PWO: Craze 3/4 scoop. Hemavol 1 scoop.

    3 warmup sets: 170x5; 210 x 5; 250 x 3

    SET 1: 295 X 3
    SET 2: 335 X 3 (overhand grip PR)
    SET 3: 385 X 5 (PR). Felt strong today. I could have pushed out another rep, but I saved it for another PR another day. The liquid GymChalk was a huge help and took the whole grip anxiety thing out of the lift, so I could focus on the lift. Felt awesome to rack up another Deadlift PR. Going for my first attempt at 405 next week and really looking forward to it.

    HANGING LEG RAISE: 6/5/5/5/5


    SEATED LEG CURL: 110 X 10; 110 X 10; 130X 10; 130 X 10; 130 X 10

  18. Nice deads man!!!! cool to see someone right about where I am with their #'s...
    Log of EPIC by FRL - http://anabolicminds.com/forum/supplement-reviews-logs/202576-should-epic-frl.html

  19. ^^Thank you! What routine did you decide to start? Are you going to log it? Would like to follow along w/ someone in the same dead-zone.


  20. JUNE 16

    PWO: Ergobolic 2 caps. .75 scoop Craze, 1 scoop Hemavol. Glad I read Coop's comments on Ergobolic increasing the effect of stims. I dialed back the craze to .75 and that was more than enough. May have even been a touch too much. Will try 1/2 scoop next time. This stuff will stretch out my Craze tub nicely.


    I always look forward to flat bench day. WARMUPS: 110 x 5; 140 x 5; 165 x 3

    SET 1: 195 X 3.
    SET 2: 225 X 3
    SET 3: 250 X 6. PR! Last time I worked 250# was in Week 3 of the last cycle. That was for 4 reps. 2 more full reps! Butt completely on the bench for all reps. I had the benefit of a good spotter: when I saw him at the gym I grabbed him and pulled him over. He's one of those rare spotters that knows the best spots stay the hell out of the way. With him there I had the confidence to go all out.

    I'm amazed at all PR's I'm pulling w/o using any test boosters. 5/3/1 is exceeding my expectations for sure.


    5 SETS: 80 X 10 (I slowed my reps way down and this kept me from re-injuring my left elbow. It feels pretty good. 90% of full.


    4 SETS of 20.


    SET 1: 135X10
    SET 2: 135X7
    SET 3: 135X6
    SET 4: 135X5
    SET 5: 135X5

    Doesn't look like much, but my upper body was spent when I finished. Squats are next.


  21. Solid numbers bro!

  22. I think I might have to try a 5/3/1 for my next routine... your log is convincing!
    Log of EPIC by FRL - http://anabolicminds.com/forum/supplement-reviews-logs/202576-should-epic-frl.html

  23. JUNE 17

    PWO: 2 Ergobolic, 1/2 scoop Craze, 1 scoop Hemavol

    Warmups: 95 x 5; 120 x 5; 145 x 3

    SET 1: 170 X 3
    SET 2: 195 X 3
    SET 3: 225 X 7


    SET 1: 130 X 10
    SET 2: 130 X 10
    SET 3: 130 X 10
    SET 4: 130 X 10
    SET 5: 150 X 10 PR. Noticeably stronger on this exercise so I added a plate. It hurt but I got through it.


    SET 1: 270 X 7
    SET 2: 270 X 6
    SET 3: 270 X 6

    HANGING LEG RAISE: 5/5/5/5/5

    That wraps up Cycle 2, Week 2. On to the big "1's" next week. Looking to hit some more PRs

  24. JUNE 19

    PWO: Ergobolic, 1 scoop Craze, 1 scoop Hemavol


    Warmup Sets: 60 x 5; 75 x 5; 95 x 3

    SET 1: 115 X 5
    SET 2: 130 X 3
    SET 3: 145 X 5 PR


    135# X 10/10/9/8/5

    Fire alarm went off. Gym evacuated.

  25. JUNE 20

    PWO: Ergobolic


    Warmup sets: 170 x 5; 210 x 5; 250 x 3

    SET 1: 315 X 5
    SET 2: 355 X 5
    SET 3: 405 X 4 PR


    5 SETS: 130 X 10


    3 SETS: 180 X 10

    HANGING LEG RAISE: BW: 5/5/5/5/8

    This was one of those workouts where pushing myself to the limit did not result in a workout high. My CNS feels a bit fried and is asking me for a break. Deload week is right around the corner.


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