Mattrag's workout log

  1. Mattrag's workout log

    So I decided to have a workout log here, might also post this on other forums (Where I have been mostly) but I figure I would have this here to let all the regular Bros know Im still alive and kicking! My current workout regime is HST, I am in the week of my 2nd progression. 15 reps for squats with 10 reps for everything else. Being on an oral cycle I will stay in this rep range while increasing the reps faster than the weight. I will increase the weight once a week, and increase the reps every workout so it'll go something. 225x10, 12, 15 then next week 235x10,12,15. Until my cycle ends then I will drop the reps to 5 and keep the weight increase to every other workout. I'll be back later tonight to post my lifts.
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  2. In.. And first! :-)
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  3. Mattrag from EF, I presume? I'm in.

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