Getting Back on the Platform by Fall

  1. Getting Back on the Platform by Fall

    I've been out of powerlifting for a few years cause of injuries, in the mean time I was trying to find something else to replace it (bodybuilding etc) but couldn't find my niche. So looking to get back to powerlifting except this time its going to be raw.
    4/1/12 Monday's work just to see where I'm at
    hypers: 10x3
    Squats: 135x5,225x5,315x5,355x3 after each set pullovers 25lbs x 20
    Machine front squats: 205x10,195x10,185x10
    Bench Press: 135x8,215x8,245x5,235x6,225x8
    Powercleans: 115x5,140x5,165x5
    BB Rows: 185x10,175x10,165x10,155x10,14 5x10
    Machine Overhead: 200x8
    Incline curls: 25x8

  2. Wednesday 4/4
    Squats: 135x5,255x5,305x5,355x3,4,5 after each set Pullovers 25lb x20
    Machine front squats: 205x10,195x10,185x10
    Power Cleans: 115x5,140x5,165x5x3sets
    BB Rows: 185x10,175x10,165x10,155x10,14 5x10

  3. 4/6
    Squats: 135x5,255x5,305x5,355x5x3sets
    Machine front squats: 205x10,195x10,185x10
    Powercleans: 115x5,140x5,165x5strained muscle in forearm so stopped here
    4/7 Saturday
    BB Rows:185x10,175x10,165x10,155x 10,145x10 forearm swelling slightly will give it a couple days

  4. 4/9
    Machine military press: 90x8,140x5,180x5,235x3x3sets,2 35x2x2sets
    Curls: 45x8,65x6,85x3x5
    Squats: 135x5,225x5,315x5,340x3,350x3, 360x3,370x3,380x3

  5. 4/10
    Bench Press: 135x8,225x6,245x3,265x2,1,1,1, 2
    Front raises (to overhead) 45x8,50x8,55x8,60x3x5
    Power Cleans: 135x8 forearm better but still felt twinge so stopped here

  6. Last week so busy training not so hot, last 2 sessions
    Seated Military: 90x8,140x5,180x5,235x3
    Curls: 45x8,65x6,85x3
    Squats: 135x5,225x5,315x5,380x3
    Bench: 45x8,135x5,225x5,265x3
    Front raises (to overhead) 45x8,60x5,95x3
    Power cleans: 115x8,145x5,180x3

  7. 4/16
    hypers 10x3
    Squats: 2 warmups 245x15x2 with pullovers 25x20x2
    Bench: 1 warmups 210x10,10,8,8,4 with front raises 10x5
    Flys: 50x10x5 with side laterals 10x5


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