XPC Coalition Pro Bench Classic

Official Roster :Names will be added as they are confirmed with paid entry.
Kris Herbert -USA
Dean Yannacci -USA
Ryan Messmer -USA
Dustin Minks -USA
Anthony King - USA
Chris Smith - USA
Alex Novozhilov- Russia
Vladimir Simonenko- Russia
Clint Harwood - Canada
Rob Luyando - USA
Joe Mazza -USA
Josh Stottlemire -USA
Jeff Johnston - USA
Tim Hensley - USA
Darilyn Doddy - USA
Andrey Paley - Russia
Evgeny "Eugene" Netchaev - Russia
Illya Kokorev - Russia
Alexander Podshibyakin - Russia

Going to be a One Crazy meet! 45 total lifters and that's it, get your entry's in soon so your not left out.

This will be at
The Ultimate Sports Center
1299 Steelwood Rd Suite B
Columbus OH 43212
March 2nd 7pm and the Pro Full Power will be Sat March 3rd