j03's Supplement/Diet/Training Log

  1. I'm here on this site for journaling purposes. I think this is the best way to track what you're doing whilst getting feedback

    Indications: I got various food allergies/sensitivities/intolerances to hydrogenated vegetable oils, magnesium stearate, etc., that when consumed cause me debilitating headaches, so this restricts my diet immensely, but coincidently for the better.

    I'm my 20's, 6'1, 170 lb. My objectives are performance enhancement and getting fit, etc.

    8:00AM the alarms goes off then ingest:

    -Methylphenidate 10mg
    -Thorne, Basic Nutrients without copper and iron
    -AOR, Methyl B12 15mg
    -Thorne, Rhodiola rosea (for jaw tension/bruxism + stress)
    -Nicotine snus

    Then have a quick breakfast. Usually some beef protein with almond milk mixed with a veggie/green powder, and a black coffee. Take a cold shower, and check emails with a LED lightbox shining into my eyes.

    Other supplements taken during the day:
    -Jarrow, Carotinall
    -AOR, Curcumin
    -Pinebark Extract
    -Thorne Omega Plus
    -Thorne, Vitamin D3
    -LEF, Melatonin 2000mcg @ 9PM

    Frequently consumed items are: Meats (steak, chicken breast, porkchops, etc.), Eggs, Apple cider vinegar, Spinach, Garden Salads, Grapes, V8, Green tea, Oregano (for chewing), Garlic cloves (for chewing), Cinnamon sticks (for chewing), Licorice, Sardines, Artichokes, Pepper, Apples, Cranberries, Blueberries, Alcoholic beverages - Marlot wines, gluten free beer, and I just bought some bulk Xylitol. As aforementioned, most hydrogenated vegetable oils, soy, etc. cause me frequent headaches. As a result I try and avoid most plant oils. I also try to avoid gluten as well; so I eat pretty much a paleo type diet. And as aforementioned I'm trying out cold water therapy and bright light therapy each morning.

  2. Today was a bad day on the diet front. Mostly because of lazyness and also stress causing me to seek out comfort foods.

    For breakfast I mixed some beef protein with almond milk, then ate some dried blueberries, spinich, and drank a pop for caffeine and carbs.

    Lunch was a McDonalds Quarter Pounder with cheese wrapped in leaf lettuce instead of a bun and a Coke Zero.

    Then pre-workout beef protein shake mixed with egg whites.

    I worked out for forty minutes, mostly cardio punching/kicking the bag and I did some bench presses and had a protein shake after. Then i had steak and brown rice.

    Later on I ate a Little Ceaser's large pizza + breadsticks.

    Then feeling bad about gorging on the pizza I made a spinach/garden salad with green peppers/beens, garlic, and apple cider vinegar.

    I'll post better workout routines and a cleaner diet in posterity as I get more into this.

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