lemons stronglifts 5x5 practical workout log

  1. lemons stronglifts 5x5 practical workout log

    started my stronglifts program a week ago, so far i like it a lot, different then anything i've done before, and i feel as if i get a better workout from it.

    the workout:
    2 workouts switching on and off mon/weds/friday
    week 1: A/B/A week 2: B/A/B, then repeat for weeks 3 and 4

    workout A:
    squat 5x5
    bench 5x5
    bent rows 5x5
    + abs

    workout B:
    squat 5x5
    Overhead barbell press 5x5
    dead lift 1x5
    + abs

    very practical diet.... 4 meals a day equaling 2,400 calories, no special meals, no complications, just making simple healthy decisions while eating (wheat bread over white, water over juices, grilled chicken over breaded/fried, no junk ect ect) very easy, nothing to deviate from and nothing to deprive myself from. Will it cause my gains to be a little slower? probably, but it leaves for a consistent routine that is also enjoyable and not hard to follow, especially with my schedule.

    goal=280 lbs squat, then a workout adjustment will be implemented for further gains

    finishing up my IGF-2 then adding a bigger mass building stack but no PH/Gear in anyway

  2. Work out 1

    used today, to figure out where my 5x5 weights will be, once set i'll leave the same weight for 3 weeks before implementing the +5lb a workout plan, more or so a building baseline

    squat: 115
    press: 115
    bent barbell rows: 115
    + abs

  3. Workout 2

    felt sore for the first time in forever since switching to this routine (lifted for the last 5 years, but never serious compound strength training or mass building, i was more interested in cutting routines and weight loosing routines, was 300 lbs, down to 153, current = 192 lbs )

    squat: 115
    Overhead press: 85
    dead: 135

  4. Workout 3

    added to my squad because 115 was to easy

    squat: 135
    bentch: 115
    bent barbell rows: 115

  5. Workout 4

    squat: 135
    overhead barbell press: 85
    dead lift: 135
    ....no abs

    used today + using the remander of the week with the same weights, next monday is when i'll start adding +5 each, was going to wait for the fallowing week but now that i'm getting my form dialed in, the weights are too light

  6. Workout 5

    Took the weds before thanks giving off then had a ear infection + soar throat all of friday, with what also felt like a fever, so my lifting was ****

    so imma just X this one off

  7. Workout 6

    today marks the beginning of starting to up the weight ( i did not however up the weight this workout, i more or so just used today as a definitive "START" )

    Squat: 135
    bench: 115
    barbell rows: 115

    with every workout i throw in 1-2 supportive workouts also, i do not log these because they vary, and reps are always different but done until i'm 2-3 reps away from failing

  8. Workout 7

    Squat: 140
    overhead barbell press: 90 (couldn't get it on the last set, so i knocked it back down to 85)
    dead lift: 140
    ++++added in a set of a high pull clean press (repeat x5) just for additional training since i couldn't get 90 for 5x5

  9. Workout 8

    Squat: 145
    bench press: 120
    bent barbell rows: 120
    +hammer curls
    +close grip bench

  10. UPDATE:
    start: 194
    Now: 189

  11. Workout 9

    Squat: 150
    overhead press: 90 (got all 5 sets of 5)
    dead lift: 145
    +5 cleans +5 full cleans +5 full clean press's (in a row)

    no complaints with this workout...weights are going up every workout 2.5 lbs each time isn't a lot, but it's progress that's adding up alot quicker then i thought it would

  12. Quote Originally Posted by lemon View Post
    Workout 9

    Squat: 150
    overhead press: 90 (got all 5 sets of 5)
    dead lift: 145
    +5 cleans +5 full cleans +5 full clean press's (in a row)

    no complaints with this workout...weights are going up every workout 2.5 lbs each time isn't a lot, but it's progress that's adding up alot quicker then i thought it would
    5x5 is crazy good for strength gains if you are a beginner. It kinda gets impossible to continue though once you hit the high numbers.

    keep going my friend!
    RecoverBro ELITE

  13. Yeah i can see that happening, but this is by far the best workout i've done to date (i've been going to the gym since i've been 15, but starting at 300lbs, all my workouts have been geared towards weight loss/high reps very low weight/starvation...yes i was an idiot)...so here i am 20 with a 135 max 5x5 bench...

    Workout 10

    best workout day i've had in a longggggggggg time (although, for the last couple weeks all my lifts have been headed upward in weight) Tonight i felt like i was stronger then ever in my life, on my last set of bench i added an additional 5lb's to the already +5lbs i did, and i felt like i could have added more...like +10 lbs more...but i wasn't ganna eff around so i held back from testing the waters

    Squat: No squats (my normal workout is M/W/F...but i jumped the gun and lifted sunday for workout 9 with a buddy of mine and a diff buddy wanted to lift tonight "Monday" so i held back on the squats to let my legs recover a little....so sunday and monday were my M/W...i'mma wait till friday to lift again, but i will implement a little cardio so i don't go stale + some core work
    Bench: 130 (should have done 125...didn't think about it and added wrong) x4 and 135 x 1 (last set just to see if i could easily)
    Bent rows: 125
    +close grip bench
    +y grip tricep cable pull downs
    +light abs

    overall - i'm enjoying the workout, its simple yet effective. Everyday i feel like i get an effective workout, and with the fewer amount of varrying exercises it leaves little room to get demotivated from the start if you're a little off on strength for the day, which usually leads to a mental block for the remainder of the sets...that and since it vary's the body parts your working, you get no erg to want to deviate from your workout to hit a different body part

    Diet is still what it is, 4 meals a day of what ever while making healthy choices...however i will admit, "general toes chicken with pork fried rice" is my go to food for lunch/dinner if i want to lift big....no idea why but when ever i have it, i feel stronger, and have more energy in the gym. i know it's not actually because of the food type itself, its the fact it's loaded with carbs and protein (and a bunch of other negitive stuff :P) but yeah just some food for thought regarding diet .

    supplement IGF-2 has run it's course i've been off of that for about a week now
    switched to a diff pre from GNC (just a generic pre) however, i did like that it was non-creatine
    going to GNC to try they're M5 next, my buddies at the gym say it's the best they've had
    and following that, i plan to do a stack from AN, after i built a pretty good foundation to actually add some brick too, that and it's to $$$ at the moment with the holidays

    ***starting next week i will be doing cardio 2-3 times a week to train for the tough mudder also

  14. Workout 11

    Was stressed from school and a bombardment of work (it's finals week) so i went to escape for a bit to the gym, but just did all supportive/iso workout's at really light weight for 2 x 8...more or so just to stay warm/get a little workout in and to avoid going stale before friday when i do a heavy lift again....i did however squat since i didn't last workout

    Squat: 155 5x5
    and the rest not in any particular order, just as i remember them ( i alternated between all of em ) all 2 x 8
    side raises
    iso chest press
    dumbell flys
    hammer curls
    barbell curls
    tricep iso's forwards and backwards
    tricep push downs
    lat pull downs
    seated row

    ....this was a nice change, the 5x5 isn't about achieving a "pump" while working out, you notice a difference but nothing dramatic and you get broken down almost immediately...i looked a lot larger during my workouts then usual doing this cause i was able to achieve a full pump

    a positive sign tho is that me going "super light" on these...meant me doing these at what i would say around 4 months ago for almost my highest weights moved

  15. Update: workout is on hold until monday...i went last night, but i immediately could tell i wasn't operating at 100%, everything felt extremely heavy, and i'm sore at all times during the day since wednesday (pushed my self in to close of a time frame last week, and between work and school (finals weeks) ..my body was under to much of a load in all aspects) so i cut it short, and saved myself from getting frustrated and hurting myself trying to move to much weight.

    my squat was up though, but i'm not counting it because it was a struggle doing the weight, more then it should have been, and i'm going to re-do the amount again on monday when my body is all rested.

  16. Workout 12

    felt like an animal today O.o ... dunno why, but i just wanted to lift and keep lifting, even when i was done, i felt like i could start all over

    Squat: 160 5x5
    over head press: 95 1x5 , 80 4x5 (wasn't happy about this)
    dead lift: 150
    +close grip bench
    +lat pull downs
    +5 high pulls, +5 cleans and front squats (both directly in a row with each other)
    +3 rdl, high pull, clean and squats
    +light abs

    1 month down
    Squat: 115
    Bench: 115
    Press: 85
    Row: 115
    Dead: 135

    Squat: 160
    Bench: 135
    row: 125
    Press: 95
    dead: 150

    + all supporting lifts have gone up dramaticly in weight

  17. Workout 13

    ....i need to stop going days in a row, and stick to the M/W/F
    jumped the gun on workout 12 and went sunday, and i went today too...why? inpatient i guess...
    I felt super weak, and could hardly move weight that was super easy to move the week before

    Squat: none...didn't wanna do it 2 days in a row, so i skipped out on them to let my legs rest up a little bit
    Press: 2x5 135 (but with a lot of assistance for rep 4 and 5) 3x5 at 115 (super bent about this....)
    Row: switched to seated cable rows for today to give my back a little rest from doing deads and squats yesterday 1x5 at 130 and 4x5 at 120
    + hammer curls
    + y pull downs
    + chest iso
    + Bicep cable iso's

    ....overall pissed about my lifts today
    Doing a full body weds to change it up and still hit the compounds and get back to it friday at a strict schedule so i can actually see some gains on my bench

    EVERYTHING is increasing greatly except my bench.... very unhappy

  18. Workout 14

    Squat: Skipped squats, my back felt a little tweaked
    bench: 135 5x5
    barbell row: 125 5x5 (meant to do 130, but didn't realize it till now that i only did 125)
    + hammer curls
    + Y pull downs
    + Bicep cable iso's
    + abs

    i did another tri workout...but i forget at the moment which one

    ....did chest again, i know its a rookie lifter move by jumping the gun and scattering around with a routine/inconsistency...but i felt real good and really wanted to pass that stall i had on bench forever now...that and i felt like my last chest day was sh**

  19. Workout 15

    Good / bad day...

    Squat:165 ...highest squat yet, and still felt like I could do more
    Dead:155...highest and yet felt like I could do more
    Over head press: barely Got 95 for 3...which I almost got completely the time before...knocked it down to 65 just to get a good solid form session in for them

    ....no idea why my shoulders are lagging so much :/

    + lat pull downs
    + close grip bench
    + light shrugs
    + abs

  20. Workout 16

    Squat: 5x10 (just wanted a good burn and my knee hurt)
    Bench: 135 5x5 ...but with some help on a few of the reps
    Bent rows: 135 5x5 super setted with pull ups
    + hammers
    + tri pushdowns
    + seated dips
    + Iso tri's
    + Iso bi's
    + abs

  21. about to go do workout 17...but i'm having heavy contemplation on restarting the 5x5, but fallowing the rules completely, i feel as if i started at too much weight, because i shouldn't be getting stuck so early/at such a low weight, that and i can tell i haven't been going as low as i should on my squats when i have the weight up, as to when i did a lighter day like last time with a full range of motion.

    deciding on:
    A. Keeping with what i'm doing and try to battle through the stall's i've been having
    B. Restart and follow the rules completely
    C. Keep the same weight for 2/3 weeks and just a build a solid foundation on those #'s and then work up from there

    option C seems like a good bet...that way i don't have to start with weights that i don't feel as if i'm even working out while doing

    (useless post...just thinking out loud and tracking everything little speed bump/issues that's occurring)

  22. Subbed. Where are you at? Did you start over? I'm getting together a Power Rack now and getting rid of a leverage system I bought when I was dumb. Once that is done I'm going to hit the SL 5x5. I'm stoked and am curious how others are doing with it.

  23. Hey lemon.. I just discovered this Sl5x5 I see your log with accessories and all that.. I think the stalling might be from your additional work and skipping around.. I am SO skeptical to try this program, but I thonk you owe it to yourself to follow it to a T before adding any iso work.. Even for 4 weeks, just see how the heavy compounds treat you ya know.. Believe me, I love iso work, using fancy movements and hjtttin the muscle from 846392 angles lol but for size and muscle fullness.. I feel like the straight 5x5 method would be great.. I'd love to follow your results utilizing it exactly how it's been shown..

    Btw, how old are you? Training exp, any cardio? Etc.?
    Owner; Human Performance Science (HPS)


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