Jumpshots quest for being lean, mean, and strong.

  1. Jumpshots quest for being lean, mean, and strong.

    About me
    My name is Kevin im 22 and a collegiate baseball player in Florida, i've been lifting for roughly 5 years on and off ive made some strides but still no where near where i should be with this long of training. Im in my final year of playing college baseball as a pitcher and am trying to make it my best but putting in the extra work over the offseason and coming in shredded.

    At the moment i sit at about 6'3 195 and about 11% BF im trying to get up to 205 by winter break and hopefully maintain that throughout the season.


    Overall my training is as this, we have team lifts 3 days a week which completely messes up my overall routine since all 2 of the workouts are garbage and one is just legs which is solid but on my off days i always hit the gym and target the body parts that i missed in the team workouts as is there is no current routine it's just using my knowledge to get a good workout each week based on what i feel i need. I currently run about 3-4 times a week usuaslly 1-2 miles at 8-8.5mph and incororporate yoga and stretching 3-4 times a week as well.

    My diet has recently been altered a bit the early part of my day needs some work but i don't have much time at lunch to make a solid meal, im aiming for right around 40/40/20 macros at the moment its 43 C/ 39 P/ 17 F i believe but that changes daily. As far as supplements go all im on is Whey, Multi, Creatine, BCAA once closer to the season when i start to run more and cut a bit im going to probally dose Natadrol which i have used multiple times high dosed to great effectivness for keeping strength while cutting.

    Heres a sample diet

    Meal 1- 4 eggs 405 cals 5 carbs 30g fat 27g protein

    Meal 2- 2 slices Ezekeil Bread with 2 tbsp PB 540 cals 44g carb 33g fat 22g protein

    Meal 3- 1 Banana or apple or Pinneapple 1 Cliff Builder bar 380 cals 53g carbs 8g fat 20g protein

    Meal 4- Protein Shake in Milk 390 cals 32g carbs 4g fat 57 g protein

    Meal 5- 8oz Chicken 1 cup Brown Rice 1/2 Cup Brocoli 425 cals 45g carbs 4g fat 52g protein

    Meal 6- Chobani Greek Yogurt 140 cals 20g carbs 14g protein

    Totals- 2,280 cals 198 carbs 79g fat 193g protein

    Thats a normal day often i ingest closer to 2,500 cals which is where i want to be but this is the scheduled meals i have.

    Alright so my first workout is today and i'll try to keep this as up to date as possible

    GOALS Goal Current

    Weight - 205 (196.8)

  2. I'll be following your progress bud!


  3. Day 1- Legs

    Weight- Weighed in at gym scale at 199 but electronic scale has me around 195

    Today was my first day really doing a full leg day in probally a month i was having hip flexer problems and it was nearly impossible to go down to even parallel on squats so i decided to come back and try hack squats and it was virtually pain free despite still feeling the lingering problems in my hip flexor before. I felt the workout was solid but the numbers are not impressive for where they should be hopefully within the next two months i can get back to where i was and even build some strength.

    .5 Miles at 8.5mph
    Foam Roll
    Static Stretching

    Hack squat- Weight is without sled
    180 x 15
    270 x 12
    335 x 8
    385 x 4

    Front squat- Tried to focus on depth with light weight i didn't want to hurt my hip flexor
    95 x 12
    95 x 12
    115 x 8
    135 x 6

    Leg Press- just wanted to bang out some quick reps focused on form for 5 reps then went quick
    2 plates each side x 20
    2 plates each side x 20
    2 plates each side x 20

    Donkey Calf Raise- Focused on getting good reps then holding at top on 10th rep for 5 secs then do 2 more
    135 x 12
    155 x 12
    165 x 10

    Back Extension 3 sets with 25 pounds in hand

    Then to finish off workout i did 50 pullups in various forms forearm and ab work and some hip abducters

    Overall i felt solid with the workout the weights are garbage but i didn't want to push myself too much since im not 100% my hip flexor is healthy so hopefully within the next few weeks i'll be at full health.

  4. Alright i had some problems in the past few weeks and haven't been able to really come online but now i have more time on my hands and am back on track so im getting this thing going again.

    Day 1-Legs

    Weight- 199.4 (Gained a bit of fat)

    Ok so my first day back today was legs it was a very solid workout i was there for about 1 hour 15 minutes numbers were all right but still bouncing back since i haven't been lifting consitently past few weeks.

    .5 mile at 8.5 MPH
    Static/Dynamic stretching

    Back Squat-
    135 x 12 (warmup) worked on depth
    205 x 10
    225 x 8
    265 x 5 Felt like i could go up to 305 but wanted to stay in the 5 rep range for now
    135 x 15

    Front Squat- Only did two sets felt like my form was off a bit115 x 12
    135 x 8

    Hack Squat- Weight without sled
    180 x 12
    270 x 10
    330 x 8
    380 x 6

    Calf Raises on Hack machine-
    330 x 15
    330 x 15
    330 x 15
    -Supersetted with-
    Machine Leg Curls
    145 x 12
    160 x 10
    175 x 10

    Ab Circuit
    30 crunches
    30 side crunches ea side
    20 russian twists each side
    Repeat twice

    Rope Crunches on high pulley
    3 sets of 80

    Back Extensions with 25 pound dumbells

    .50 Mile at 8.5 MPH

    Static Stretching


    My diet has been struggling lately i haven't been getting near enough protein in but my current intake is around 2400-2600 cals right around maintence im working on getting a wider variety of food sources in since thats been my real problem.

  5. Alright back after another little MIA session, but some updates... I've been increasing my workouts to about 1 hour 30 minutes mostly because i've been getting more running work in at the end and increasing my stretching and ab work. Im still sitting about 196 which is around were i want to be right now so just eating around maintence to help increase strength maybe shed some pounds and add some muscle won't compain about that.

    I'll update my latest two workouts below most is from memory so bare with me if numbers are a bit off.

  6. Monday 11/28- Legs

    Supplements- 3 scoops jack3d 30 min pre workout

    Warm up- .5 mile on treadmill 8.5 mph
    Static/Dynamic stretching
    Foam roll

    Squats- Felt great my form is a lot better going deeper and finnally gaining back to where i was when i hurt my back earlier in the year.
    135x 12
    205 x 10
    245 x 5
    255 x 5
    275 x 5
    305 x 2 *Not PR but best in past two months*

    Front Squats- Felt good i get very deep on these underated movement i feel
    95 x 12
    115 x 12
    135 x 8
    155 x 5
    165 x 4

    Walking lunges Superset with Leg Curls
    Walked with 55lb dumbells in each hand to leg curl machine then did leg curls 3 times

    Leg curls- 170x8, 185 x 8, 200 x 6

    Calf Raises- Did on hack squat machine

    3 Plates each side x 15 x 4

    Finished off workout with a very solid ab circuit and a good 5 minutes of stretching

    Overall a great workout still trying to get my leg strength back up i was at 335 x 2 at end of summer so trying to get back to that.

  7. Tuesday- 11/29/11

    Upper Body

    Team workout today focused on upper body not going to post exactly since its a bit confusing bt give the general jist of it.

    Warmup- 5 min bike
    Static/Dynamic stretching
    Foam roll

    Most of the workout involved an upper body lift supersetted with either an ab work or supplementary lift the workout itself wasn't that great doesn't hit much muscles which is why i do most of the bulk of lifting on my own.

    The main lift was Push Press i did 4 sets of 6 with my last one being 155x6 felt good on the press and could have gone higher but for less reps and he wants us at 6 reps, Was supersetted with physioball work.

    Other sets involved work with TRX Bands and bodyweight movements nothing really to say other then not the best workout

    Finised workout with med ball circle then got in some pullups and forearms.

    Tommorow i'll hit probally an extended back/bis/shoulder workout since it will be last indepent workout of the week,

  8. 12/5/11


    Ok i havent been able to give muc updates since the workouts i have been have been too annoying to describe and fill out so i'll only post indepth on my own workouts and try to keep up todate my others. Today was just a normal leg day didn't doo too much today but felt great during squats been looking to incoroporate maybe some jumps between squats gonna try next time.

    Current Weight-201

    10 Min bike
    Static/Dynamic Stretching

    Back Squat-
    315x2 *PR* never got 2 reps before felt great could have gone to 325 but opted not too

    Front Squats- Wasn't feeling it today wrists were bothering didn't even come close to matching last week, right wrist felt like it was gonna pop even at just 145

    Hack Squat- Got a bit distracted and just opted to hit the hack squat machine supersetted some squats with calf raises weight without sled

    I felt burnt from the squats so didn't do to much else

    1.5 Mile at 8-9.5 MPH

    Static Stretching

    So overall good workout front squats were nice gonna try to hit 325 next week my other leg workout later in the week focuses on the smaller muscles no squats.


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