Old dog, new tricks....Wendler 5-3-1 Log

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  1. Old dog, new tricks....Wendler 5-3-1 Log

    A little background. I have a few old logs on the site, the last one I sorta faded away after doing SL5x5 for awhile.
    Back in June, I was around 186lbs...I had slowly drifted upward from my low of 170 a couple of years ago. I went on the Dukan diet for a month and went down to 172lbs. I tired of stage 2, alternating between lean meats one day, and lean meats/veggies the next, I switched to the slow carb diet, but really just did low carbs and a refeed once a week. I felt this was easier to do since I like to lift weights. I started back on the SL5x5 in July and recently stopped after getting sick a couple of weeks ago. I just turned 37..ack...and still want to drop my BF lower. The last measurement I had done at the gym, he said it was 20%. 6', 172lbs @ 20% seemed kinda high to me, but I'll keep at it until my little gut vanishes I was shaking after the barbell complex. I was too out of breath to do cat vomits, I gave up after 2 sets of 8-10s. Will finish them tonight.

    Gym scale - 176lbs

    Squats A - warm up sets, 95x5,105x5,115x5

    Squats - 65x10x3
    Barbell Complex - warm up set, dl 95x5, rdl 95x5, rows 95x5, shrugs 95x5 X 3
    Cat Vomits x 2
    Pull-ups 1,1,1(4s down)

  2. 9-26-11

    Bench A - warm up sets, 115x5,125x5,135x5
    bench 65x10x4
    tripcep presses (cable) 30x10,35x12,40x10x2
    wide pull-ups x2
    Barbell Complex - warm up set, dl 95x5, rdl 95x5, rows 95x5, shrugs 95x5 X 4 (90s rest)
    cat vomits tonight

  3. 9-28-11

    Deadlift - A - warmups, 135x5,145x5,155x5
    barbell rows 65 x 15,15,15,11
    chin-ups x2x4
    leg raises x10x4
    Barbell Complex - frt sqts, dl, rdl, shrugs 65x5 X 3

    Didn't seem like much but I am wiped out...

  4. I finally bought a new scale...it has BIA to do bf% for normal or athlete types, taken with a grain of salt

    wt 173

    Overhead Press (standing) - A - warmups, 70x5,75x5,80x5
    Seated db press - 30x10,10,10,6
    db lat raises - 15x10x4
    preacher bb curls 40x10x4
    Barbell Complex - warm up set, frt sqt, dl, rdl, shrugs 95x5 X3 (90s rest)
    pull-ups 2x2

  5. 10-3-11
    Carb refeed Saturday

    Squats B - warm up sets, 105x3,115x3,125x3

    Squats - 65x10x5
    Seated Leg Curls - 60x6,10,8,50x10,10
    Leg Raises 10x3
    Barbell Complex - warm up set, fr sqts, dl, rdl, rows 95x5 x 3 (90s rest)

  6. 10-5-11
    Rainy day in L.A. today...
    No barbell complex today, resting sore legs still...

    Bench B - warm up sets, 125x3,135x3,145x3
    db incline flies - 25sx10,10,10,12
    incline bench - 65x10x4
    dips 3,3,3,3
    triceps extensions (cable) 30x10,35x12,12,8
    cable low row - 60x10x2

  7. 10-7-11

    Deadlift - B - 145x3,155x3,165x3
    bentover rows 65x15x4
    lat pull-downs 60x15,70x15,10,10
    hanging leg raises x15,15,15,10

  8. 10-11-11

    Missed yesterday due to allergies

    Overhead Press (standing) - B - warmups, 75x3,80x3,85x3
    Seated db press - 35sx10,10,10,7
    rear delt station - 15sx10x4
    preacher db curls 25sx10,10,6,6
    face pulls 80x10,12,12,12
    Barbell Complex - warm up set, dl, rdl, rows, shrugs 85x5 X3 (90s rest)

  9. 10-12-11
    I'll probably change to a different workout after this cycle is up. I started with my 1 max too low.

    Squats C - warm up sets, 115x5,125x3,130x1
    squats 70x10x5
    good mornings 65x10x3
    planks 30sx3
    21mins cardio (bike) - 6.67 miles

  10. 10-14-11
    wt 177

    I can tell my arms are bigger. I think I'm still losing some fat from legs. Seems my stomach fat wants to be last to go....

    Trembling long after the workout.

    Bench C - warm up sets, 115x5,135x3,150x3
    db flies - 30sx12x4
    incline bench - 65x10x4
    overhead rope pull downs 30x20,40x12,12,10
    23mins cardio (elip)

  11. 10-17-11
    Arms/Chest still sore from friday, quite unusual for doms to last so long.

    Deadlift C - 135x5,155x3,170x3
    bentover rows 65x15x4
    hanging leg raises 4x15
    lat pull-downs 60x15x4

  12. 10-19-11
    My arms were painfully pumped from doing drag curls, no idea why...

    Overhead Press (standing) - C - warmups, 70x5,80x3,90x6
    Seated db press - 35sx10x4
    rear delt station - 15sx10x4
    drag curls 50x10x4
    face pulls 60x10,10,7,50x10
    15mins cardio (elip)

  13. 10-21-11
    wt 173

    Squats D - warm up sets, 85x5,90x5,100x5
    squats 60x10x4
    RDLs 65x10x4
    planks 30sx3
    25mins cardio (elip)

  14. 10-24-11

    Flat benches were in full use today, guess it's a monday thing...

    Bench - D - 95x5, 105x5, 110x5 (on incline)
    Incline db flies (lowest setting) 25sx4x12
    overhead rope pull downs 40x4x12
    25 mins cardio (elip)

  15. 10-26-11

    Deadlift D - 110x5,120x5,125x5
    bentover rows 65x15x4
    hanging leg raises 4x15
    lat pull-downs 60x15x4
    close grip pull-downs 100x5x4

  16. 10-28-11
    wt 174lbs

    Overhead Press (standing) - D - 60x5,65x5,70x5
    Seated db press - 35sx12,12,10,10
    drag curls 40x12,65x6x3
    face pulls 60x10x4
    27mins cardio (elip)

  17. 11-1-11

    I'm heading on vacation next week, just maintaining until I am back.

    incline bb - 95x5,115x5,135xs5
    incline db - 35s x 12,12,8,8
    overhead rope pull downs 40x4x12
    cardio (elip) 27mins

  18. 11-2-11

    I tried a sample of Nuke. Didn't do anything like Purple Wraath etc...(11-3: altho my arms are feeling more swollen)

    Single arm db rows - 35x10x4
    Deadlifts - 95x5x3, 115x5, 135x5x2
    BB shrugs - 115x10x4
    BB curls - 40x15,65x6x3
    wide pull-ups 3x2
    cardio (elip) 15mins

  19. 11-4-11

    Overhead Press (standing) 65x5,95x5x3
    Front squats 95x5x4
    Hack Squat machine 90x6x4
    db lat raise 10sx15x4
    db front raise 10sx10x4
    ab machine 80x15,90x15,100x10,90x15

  20. 11-6-11

    @ home
    light (50lb) power cleans
    ab work


    hammer strength wide bench 90x10x2,140x5x3
    incline bench 95x5x3,65x10
    overhead rope pull downs 40x3x15,50x8
    cardio (elip) 30mins

  21. Back from vacation....I envy east coasters now with the Caribbean so close by ^_^
    Calves were sore from all the walking on soft sand , heavenly

    I worked out once on vacation

    wt 174

    incline db presses 40sx12,12,10
    incline db flies 40sx6x3
    bench press 95sx5x3
    overhead rope pull downs 30x12,35x12x2,40x12
    cardio 28.5 mins (elip)

  22. 11-23-11
    I'll start a new routine after the holidays...
    Some foolio was hogging the squat box doing ab exercises.

    1 arm db row 35sx10x4
    1 arm db preacher curls 25sx6,10,6,6
    deadlifts 95x5x2,115x5,135x5x2
    lat pulldowns 50x20,70x12,90x10x2

  23. 11-25-11

    wt 173
    squats 95x5x2,115x5x5
    overhead press 65x5x2,85x5,95x5
    lat raises 15sx12x4
    knee raises 10x4
    rope face pulls 50x10x4

  24. 11-29-11

    Tweaked something in my forearm from doing flies...

    incline bench 95x5,115x5,135x3
    flat bench 135x5x3
    db flies 30sx10x4
    overhead rope pull downs 40x12
    cardio 20mins

  25. 11-30-11

    deadlifts - 95x5x2,115x5,135x5,185x5,205x2
    bb rows - 65x10x2,75x10x2
    lat pulldown - 100x10x4
    bb drag curls - 50x10x2,x6

  26. 12-2-11

    squats 95x5x2,115x5,135x5,155x5
    overhead press 65x5x2,95x5x3
    db lat raises 20sx10x4
    rope facepulls 50x10x4

  27. 12-5-11

    I've gained muscle, wasn't quite my goal but ^_^

    bench press 95x5x2,115x5,135x5,155x2
    incline db press 40sx10x4
    incline db flies 40sx10x4
    overhead rope pull downs 40x12x2,45x12x2
    15mins cardio

  28. 12-7-11

    deadlifts - 115x5x2,135x5,155x5,175x5,195x 5
    bent over bb rows (underhand grip) 95x5x4
    lat downs 100x10,110x8,120x6,130x4,170x1
    bb preacher curls 50x10x2,50x6x2,60x4
    knee raises 10x4

  29. 12-9-11

    wt 178
    Not sure why I gained 5lbs in a week, I mostly have carbs on work out days and stop at dinner.

    Finally squatting ~my weight

    squats 95x5,115x5,135x5,155x5,175x5
    overhead presses 65x5,85x5,105x5x3
    lat raises 20sx10x4
    front raise 10sx10
    rope face pulls 50x10x4

  30. Quote Originally Posted by dlew308 View Post

    wt 178
    Not sure why I gained 5lbs in a week, I mostly have carbs on work out days and stop at dinner.

    Finally squatting ~my weight

    squats 95x5,115x5,135x5,155x5,175x5
    overhead presses 65x5,85x5,105x5x3
    lat raises 20sx10x4
    front raise 10sx10
    rope face pulls 50x10x4
    Good job on the squats, looks like your deadlift is going up too? Nice work.

  31. Thanks! My only problem is my chest, it does so poorly in terms of moving up.

  32. 12-12-11

    bench press 95x5x2,115x5,135x5,155x5
    db flies 40sx10x4
    db press 40sx10
    incline db press 40sx10x3
    overhead rope pull downs 40x12,50x10,60x6,50x8

  33. 12-14-11

    deadlifts - 135x5,155x5,175x5,195x5,205x5
    bent over bb rows (underhand grip) 95x5x4
    lat downs 100x10,110x8,120x6,130x4
    bb curls 50x10,60x8,60x6,50x8

    Still sore from Weds...

    45mins cardio

  34. 12-19-11

    1hr cardio

  35. 1/23/12
    wt 180

    I am back to lifting weights. Did some random cardio over the holidays.
    Took it light to ease back into it.

    bench press 115x5x5
    inclince bench 95x5x5
    overhead rope pull downs 30x12,40x12x4
    knee-ups 10x4

  36. 1/25/12

    dead-lifts - 135x5x5
    bb rows - 95x5x5
    one arm db preacher curls - 25x6x4
    facepulls - 40x10,50x10x3
    chin-ups x2

  37. 1/27/12
    hams are still pretty sore

    squats 95x5x5
    overhead presses 65x5x5
    pull-ups 2x3
    knee-ups 10x4

  38. 2-1-12

    dead-lifts 135x5x5
    bent over rows 95x5x5
    bb preacher curls 40x12x3,50x8
    lat pull-downs 100x10x3,100x8
    planks 30sx3

  39. 2/3/12

    squats 95x5x4,115x5x1
    overhead presses 65x5x5
    db lat raises 10sx5x1,20sx5x4
    pull-ups 2x3
    planks 30sx3

  40. 2-6-12

    bench press 115x5x5
    incline bench 95x5x5
    overhead rope pull downs 40x12x4
    pull-ups 2x3
    knee-ups 10x4


    35 mins cardio (elip)


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