Country's Log/ SI joint recovery/crazy goals log! Come talk some smack!

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  1. Country's Log/ SI joint recovery/crazy goals log! Come talk some smack!

    First of all, you guys all need to hype me up and tell me the bull I am doing wrong. One of my best buddys I lifted with left for the marines at the begining of summer, and ever since my workouts haven't been up to my personal standards. We pushed eachother like crazy and were pretty close in strength, and he helped me gain about 45 pounds in 9 months (all noob gains). after the initial easy gains I learned how hard it was really gona be, losing fat at 150s and then gaining back up to the upper 180s and lower 90s was tough but doable. I now find myself pushing like crazy trying to get back to my best. At my prime I was benching 305 1RM, deadlifting 525 1RM, and squating in the lower 4s. I powerclean around 225 or maybe more for 1, and strict curls were at 135x2 without any cheating. I have a decent build for my history but I know I always have a ton of room for improvement across the board. I know I need to revamp my workouts, my diet, my sleep, the whole she-bang. Thats why I am back here at AM after being away for a while. I had to come through alot of adversity to get to where I am today. I had a really bad virus of some type back in november that dropped me from 190 down to 173. Not pretty, and killed my strength. I struggled for about 2 months to regain strength. It was at this time that I reached my peak bench, I was sitting around 185, doing 285x3 on bench, deadlifting 405 for sets of 7, and squating into the upper 300s for reps. I felt AMAZING, and life was good. I was running a good bit at this time also, and I ended up with a torn hamstring after some sprinting stuff ( I was competitvely running). So, I had alot of issues with healing that up and it hampered my gains alot. lifts all dropped, and I dropped weight to mid 170s. Since I recovered I began gaining weight and strength back slowly, made it to about 185 (kinda heavy though, around 9% BF) and was feeling good. Next thing I know, freak accident steming from my old hamstring injury, I badly dislocated my SI joint. This is the joint complex that is the strongest in the human body, and supports all weight placed on the upper body into the legs. I ended up with damaged joint and inflamed nerves. I have been through a dose of muscle relaxants and now almost through a run of prednisone at this time. I am about 80% or better now, but still have some work and therapy to do. I just did my 3rd hard workout since the injury (roughly 5 weeks ago) and I decided I need to get serious like I used to be. I am ready to work my ass off like the good old days, and kill myself every second. I want to work.

    As far as supps, I was off of pretty much everything but right now they consist of roughly:
    5g beta A
    3g creatine (plus creatine in PWO)
    1/5 scoop of 1MR+1/5 Shock Therapy

    All as PWO

    I have Syntha 6 on hand as a protein, but I don't really take it. I don't like shakes anymore, I have tried to get away from them and to whole foods instead. I don't think it is the best protein but I got it at a deal so, whatever.

    I am dosing Ghenerate at 6 sprays 2x a day. It works well for me, I feel good from it, and it helps my sleep and joints. Hey maybe its placebo but at 15 smacks for 2 months worth I am not gona cry.

    I also have some BCAAs sittin around I sip intra and if I need them other times.

    Stats are similar to my profile, I am 5 9.5', 184, and prob 9% BF.

    Goals are simple. I want to increase strength, gain muscle, and lose fat. I would like to see myself sitting at about 195 and 7-8% BF when this is all said and done. Which is no specific time frame, just working til I get there. Prob jan-feb ish. so 6 months, I think that is a very reasonable time for a recomp like this.

    As for my diet, I am eating garbage so lets not even go there. I am going to overhaul it as much as I can then start zapping the weak points. I will still be eating fairly heavy (1k above maintain) until I am done recovery my back, and at that point cut back maybe 500-700 calories and up protein a little bit (40-40-20 split).

    Sleep wise I get between 5-8 a night. I wish I got 8 regularly but school, work, girlfriend, work intern, lifting, and working on my wrangler ( I am a huge offroader) take up too much time.

    So let me know what you all have to offer for me, and give me some encouragement! I sure need it.

    I am thinking about running some combo of Anabeta, erase, and titanium soon, but not sure yet, I still have a month worth of Ghen left til I will buy something so, I can take my time and plan it out. Like I said I am just coming back into the supps so I am trying to read up about all this new stuff on the market.

    Oh yeah I can get pics and stuff up from up to 2 years back to current if you wish, just let me know! Not gona throw em up if no one wants em.

    Peace brothers.

  2. Well I have my last nights workout to log and some stuff to go over, but wow after my lift last night I was STARVING this morning, usually I have trouble eating a decent sized breakfast. and today for lunch ( 4 hours later) I ate probably 3k cals alone. So I am def eating big, I just need to keep working. I figure I will let myself bulk for a little while longer until I start feeling the need to cut back calories, but I am already starting to cut out the really bad foods I have let myself get to. I have therapy for my SI right now, and will update later with my workout from last night, and possible do some TRIS tonite if time permits. I have been running 1 day on 1 off.

    Alright so, just got done with Therapy, back is a little tight today but thats kind of expected after a workout like yesterday. I am still hungry lol, had some PB, a handful of sunflower seeds and a glass of milk b4 PT so I am gona be alright til after my workout, my last meal was at 1130 though .

    These are my last two legit lifts I have done since I got hurt. First one was on sunday I think, and second last night.

    Curls on cable with trap XTN- 6x7, 10x7, 10x7 ( pretty sure 6=60)

    cable standing rows single arm-4x12,12,12

    Stretched back

    Overhead DB press- 40x10, 50x10, 70x5, 70x7. (similar to arnolds/military but form was slightly more relaxed, esp in the last set. straight back)

    Seated DB Hammer curls- 40's x7

    Standing hammer curls- 35's x 10

    25lb DB curls to burn

    Tri extension with rope/cable (similar to standing skull crusher, but in front of chest down)

    Elbows in- 6x8,8,8,

    finished each set with elbows out til burn.

    Did some front raises real light at 40 til I felt the burn


    Honestly a pretty weak workout and I wasn't crazy happy with it, but it was alright for my first time back.


    10 pullups with 9 more SS with abs, and shoulder stretches for warmup.

    DB Press Flat- 70x7,80x7,90x8,90x7,65x15

    DB Fly - 45x7,10,10 ( I do these very wide and slow, lower on my chest to feel the pull across the whole ROM)

    I supersetted the flys with bent delt raises to move blood from my chest into my rear shoulders. It "can" help get more reps out of your chest sets.

    Cable crossover- 5x7, 8x FAIL, 7x3,3. This was with cable set high. I set cable low, and did 4x7,5 after that.

    Burnout on bench manchine max at 170,150,130,110 into pushups 7 clappers then 3 more reg to fail.

    I was alot happier with this chest workout, and really felt it this morning when I woke up. Its rare for me to get sore on a chest day so, I was happy even if I haven't been lifting regularly I know I went hard.

  3. Looking forward to your progress my friend.

  4. Thanks, just decide to go get some tri work in, They have been feeling neglected

  5. Well I got talkin to my buddy at his place because he wanted me to drive through this flooded rode in my jeep. So that let me get nice and pumped from my PWO, I was gettin the tingles and stuff pretty bad after 45 mins haha. Got to the gym and got in a quick 30 min tri session. Everything was minimal break, AKA I went to failure then gave myself time to get half a breath and pump out another rep. I did it in 3 main "super sets" with 3 mins between each pretty much, to allow some blood to get out of my tris. It takes about 1-2 sets to fill my trys, and then the pump is so bad that I never get a good squeeze out of them, which I hate. I just get round arms instead of define tris. I am hoping cutting some BF will help with that. Anyways kinda weak lift but my tris are weak, I gota be honest with myself. though after I let them sit a min I was getting better numbers on my OH xtns.


    Cable pushdowns- 6x7,7, 8x7, 10x5
    SS w/
    Cable pulldowns-6x7, 8x7, 10x2
    SS w/
    dips- 7,7,5 (chest was so sore these hurt and I pussied out)

    OH XTN (DB)-70x4,6,10 ( I used to do 100s-110s for sets of 7)

    Kickbacks- 2x10, 1x4

    Reverse skull crusher (BB)- 7,7,10

    Towel "dart throws" and towel pulls- burnout

    Oh weighed in at 184.5 again third day in a row.

  6. Okay well here are some starter pics. I am by no means in great shape at the moment, I have good potential but alot of work to do. This is by no means the best I have looked. I am chubby and small. I need to get my delts and chest defined, get my abs back, and grow my bis and tris ALOT. my legs, were not gona address those until I can actually work on them. Only thing I am okay with is my lats, shoulders, traps really. my chest has the size I want but not the definition. These aren't great pics but Its what I have right now. I took some pics of my tris after my lift, not flexing hard or anything but just to show how bad my tris are genetically, I don't have "huge" tris like alot of guys. I have had to work crazy just to get what little I have. Also the one back pic I have, it looks like garbage haha.

  7. So I did front/rear delts/ back today. Went very well, back is always my favorite. This was a fast tempo workout for me, between 30 secs and 1 min break between sets. 1-2 mins between exercises.

    BB hang clean(power reps)-95x10,10,10

    BB curl -95x7,3-fail on 4th, 4

    Lat pulldown machine-210x8,9,6 ( I do this slow and to a pinch in my lats for the most work, so I can get the most out of them, my grip failed on the last one. I can rep 270, 290 on a good day if I am just slamming the weights around like some meatheads)

    Pullups-7 OH for warmup, UH w/25lbs -5, OH w/ 25lbs-4

    Leans- 50x7,7,7 (with shrugs on last two sets)

    Cable shrugs- 150lbs x18 front, 20 rear.

    DB hang clean (chain saw)- 35sx7,10,9


    I went light on everything that could strain my SI/hip flexor.

    All in all I had a good pump, I forgot to do DB rows like I wanted to (oops) but oh well. I feel great and loose, def a good workout in my mind.

  8. Well this is the best I have felt waking up in over a month. I think the extra sleep+lifting+therapy+clean diet is helping me alot.

  9. Alright well I am already feelin' great, don't know why but I am glad to be back hittin it in the gym again. I did a quick workout today, kinda felt tired, I think from lack of carbs. I dont know. But anyways It was a decent workout, my upper chest and shoulders/front delts were KILLING me, bad.

    DB Mil Press (Arnolds)-50x7, 60x7, 70x6, 45x10
    DB floor bench-55x15,12,12
    Pulley Flys (2=20lbs, per side. These were seated reverse on bench, lower chest iso)2x7,3x7,4x7
    DB FLY-45x7,7
    Delts were really killing me at this point, I did some ab work and stretches for my hip flexors and back/si, with pushups thrown in.

    Not a huge workout but, got the chest pumped. I will be alternating big days with little days to try and take it easy on my shoulders because they get beat pretty easy in my experience.

    Oh weight was 185.5 today, I am actually kinda dehydrated, I look and feel tighter and dryer, I will attribute that to being back on creatine and everything.

  10. Well sunday was an off day, I had a bad headache and had work and was pretty busy with some other stuff. Just felt like crap all day honestly. It sucked. But I guess I needed to rest a lil, I hadnt had a rest day all week. Today I had PT in the morning, and I had work after class at 4 so I got in a quick BI/TRI workout like this. Tris were OK today, got some good reps/sets in. Bis I KILLED, they were and still are blown up, i felt great. had some good numbers too. weighed in 185.5 today, so I am consistantly a little heavier than I have been, and alot heavier considering I was at about 177-178 in june/july. diet is still going good, I had I guess two "cheat" meals so far, but overall a ton cleaner and leaner than before, and I am eating the same or more protein and alot less carbs and fats so, thats the goal til I bump it up another step.

    Preacher Curl-25sx7Narrow, 35x5Wide, 35x6Narrow, 40sx2Narrow, 25x5Narrow, failed at the top of the 6th rep.
    (I have REALLY strict form on these, I love the good burn and pinch you get from doing them right, even if my reps and weight are lower)
    Kickbacks 20x7,7,30x7, Overhead extension for a burnout 20x7
    25lb DBcurl both arms x21 set, 7 at bottom, top, and full in one set.
    OH extensions-70x7,7 80x7 (these are kinda low for me but improving)
    DB preacher- 35x5

  11. Got in a good shoulder workout tuesday and a good back workout wednesday. Shoulders and arms in general have been growing well, and my lats are finally sore for the first time in a long time, I did a new exercise where you flex the lats through ROM while hanging from a pullup bar to burn them out before the actually lat exercises.

    Shoulders-tues morning, BW-183

    bent raise- 25x7, 35x7, 45x7

    Shoulder raises 20x5-7, 7-7

    delt row 110x7,7
    front raises 65x7,7,7

    there is some stuff In here I cant read or remember, I must have been a little groggy or else a little too hyped... lol anyways it was a good shoulder burn

    Back, wednesday, 183

    Pullups UH 10, 5, OH 7

    Lat hangs-10,11,10,7

    DB row- 50x7, 70x7 (easy sets)

    Lat Pulldown- 170x7, 210x7,7

    Shrugs- 150x20-15 front/back, x2

    rows- 150x7,7


    Today is rest day, tomorrow will be chest.

  12. So I got a nice box from NP today with Anabeta, Cissus, DAA, and some extra 1MR for when I runout. Yay for me. I did a chest workout today, I dont feel like going to get my book.

    Bench-135x10, 185x7,7,10,5. WOW I AM WEAK. I was doing 225 for sets before. I guess 6 weeks off benching does hurt ya

    Did some floor bench, some cable crossovers, some chest/pecdeck, and DB flys

    I was dead by the end. Since no one is really followin I prob won't be updating as detailed until I get some good progress going. I have my books so no reason to record to places.

  13. Well I have been logging workouts, just not updating here. I got sick for a few days, no idea what it was, dropped 6 pounds. back into it and gained 2-3 pounds back. I have my abs back which is kinda nice, still going to be on a more cut style diet than before. still losing well. modified the supps I am taking, got some more staples in, started cissus which is helping me with my back/si pain, and been stretching alot to loosen the piriformus. and surrounding muscles.

    I will probably log again one of these days, but notable I have had good back and bi days, check was decent. got 205xreps on floor bench which is better than I have been doing. I feel alot of fullness and size coming back and I am regaining hardness across my body.

  14. Okay so were coming up on a month here since I have been back. The cissus has helped alot with my pain, and alot of stretching of the piriformus has as well. I like the setup I am on now, prob 2 more weeks til I start anabeta. should be good. I already look alot leaner and feel better, and my numbers are all up. I am sitting around 184 now. I started around here, actually a little lower. then I was up around 186 and then dropped back down after being sick, and gained back up. I would say net loss of maybe 3 pounds of fat. I know I still have alot on my stomach, sides, and glutes to lose.

    i can post up some workouts tonite, and some 1 month pics.

  15. hey bro, took me a min to find the log wanted to say whats up, followin the progress

  16. Thanks dude. I have not been updating this hardly at all, haha. but strength is exploding for anabeta, I have all my workouts logged so eventually I can put them alll on here with notes and everything. but yeah my back is gainin str the crazy, the only place I am not happy is chest. I have a ton of size but my strength just isnt there. still workin on rehabing the back and I think I need to go to the chiro again because I am getting a weird ass hip pop which might be causing the issues with healin up all the way. I am definitely seeing alot of results in the mirror and I am gaining a few pounds too. diet is all cleaned up pretty well so, I am getting back into it. Thanks for stoping by bro!

  17. Here is a vid of me maxing on deadlift about a year ago. Can't wait til I am back to this.

  18. Nice dead lift you had there. And the work outs are looking nice as well. Keep up the good work

  19. Thanks man, I really haven't been keeping track on here at all. I get busy sometimes and I honestly enjoy helping others along much more than talking about myself haha. Workouts have been good lately, been working back into legs and stuff lately. I am really starting to take off. Anabeta has been making me crazy hungry lately, which is tough because I am trying to trim off some extra fat but my recomp is coming along very nice. Chest is finally starting to grow as well. I am about 2 weeks into anabeta at 3x a day.

  20. Hit 190.5lbs body weight tonight, I am growing well. and this was on an empty belly, alot of my weigh-ins have been after supper and still at 188 189. the rest day yesterday must have helped or something... haha. back and legs are still tight but had killer back day. really good pump and some DC stretching throwin in there. did a crap ton of sets of Tbar. worked up to 4 plates at 7 reps and then went to 25lb plates and did 5 of them for 15 reps into DC stretch, was killer.

    thinking about taking between 4-7 days of rest to see how it does now that I have been back 6 weeks hard. not sure if it would be a good idea or not.

  21. 190.25 today in the gym, felt good, empty stomach again, I am either more bloated today or gaining belly fat... maybe the appetite from anabeta is making me gain a lil fat but I am feelin good str. gains all around. back was a little sore today. my si joints were popping in and out during standing curls. I maxed out at 125x2, my previous max was 135x3.

  22. body weight has been 190+ consistently the past 3 days, I am even up a lil more round 191 today... anabeta is the shiz.

    hit 225 on bench for the first time today in over 10 weeks since back injury. my reps dropped dramatically across the 3 sets, but the first set I hit 225x12. I was expecting 5-7 maybe, considering I was repping 185 for 10 last chest workout. I am so happy, and I am really growing and hardening up fast with anabeta. I love how well I respond to these moderate "muscle builders" or proH's not sure how anabeta is classified but I showed similar gains on natadrol which I will be running around newyears or so. it was more strength less weight, anabeta seems to be both.

    10*s so far for anabeta. Only dosing at 3 caps a day, 1 morning 1 Pre and 1 diner

  23. feeling good, workouts have been nice, getting a little more rest which has been helping me. did legs today and really killed squats, when I got done with them I felt about dead, so did calfs and lunges and called it a night. this is only the 3rd time squating since comin back so I am trying to take it easy. lower back was very tight as well and I didnt wana push it. gona do some stretches now. Got my BF checked, I weigh 190 today, I havec been hanging there consistently for a week. lookin to gain some more, but I need to focus on diet. I was 10.7% bf via caliper, and 14ish via a handheld which has been high on everyone pretty consistently. I think I am around 11 or 12. I have been thinning out well, and have noticed alot of loss in the stomach area. My numbers for caliper were pretty much the same on chest and legs, as when I was 185 and 8% bf, which are around 9 or 10. but stomach went from 15 to 22. So obviously I need to target my midsection for fat loss, which I new starting off. I am confident that if I continue eating big but healthy I will slowly cut that weight. in the mean time I am happy with that, dont plan on cutting until jan or feb. anabeta is going good for me, I really like it and attribute it to my weight and strength gains I have been seeing. I have a bottle of erase to bridge too on my last week. pretty excited for it. I am running both of them at low dose like I do with almost all supps I use.

    Ill throw up a random pic to show how well I am leaning out from my phone.

  24. aite well phone wont upload so forget the pic. ill get it later.

  25. Quote Originally Posted by CountryLiftin View Post
    aite well phone wont upload so forget the pic. ill get it later.
    Hehe, my phone's app is CRAP. don't sweat it bro. Good lifts. Glad to hear the anabeta is helping you out!
    RecoverBro ELITE


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