slannos strength log

  1. slannos strength log

    Well it has been a while AM. Last time I was here was about 2 years ago and 17 or so pounds. From the previous two sentences you can figure out I was not very consistent with my training and dieting. MY High point was 157 pounds at 5% body-fat, depression and monetary problems shot that in the foot. Here I am today the Second day of my transformation.

    Stats as I am now:
    Height 5'7" the little guy
    Weight ~150
    Diet will be a 40/40/20 split of carbs protien and fats
    lifting method is texas method MWF with 150m swims TThr
    Goals: bump my weight slowly up to the low 160's high 150s, along with keeping my bf% below 8% all with a clean diet. Swim 500m in less than 8min.
    Supplements: SQUATS and MILK!, ok being serious my supps are universal animal pak multi and animal cuts. I am going to only do
    weigh ins at the end of the months so my first weight in will be in 4 days.
    Now to the good stuff:

    5AM: stretch hams calves quads chest lats spine all while reading for morning classes
    6AM: oatmeal green apple 1 cup of milk
    8AM: pigging out on mre bars
    10AM: lifting squats 175 3x5, bench 145 3x5 barbell rows 85 3x5, alternatively squats press then deadlift when I do workout B I will update
    12PM: lunch on campus 2 chicken breasts steamed broccoli cauliflower or carrots
    2PM: listen to my hippy professor try and make sense of philosophy while eating more apples
    4PM:more stretching while getting further ahead in reading/studying
    6PM: 2 chicken breasts steamed veggies

    This is just my rough outline once I experiment I will be adding details.

  2. Felt good today went ahead and bumped squat up to 205 bench to 150 and barbell rows to 85. So far its been easy to keep the calories up but that mqy change tomorrow after jujitsu ans swimming.

  3. Squats 215 3x5
    Press 85 3x5
    Deadlift 215 1x5

  4. Forgot my Weight in this morning.
    Squat 225 3x5
    bench 150 3x5
    rows 85x5

    This first week was a get used to the weights again week. Starting next week im dropping squats down to 175 deads to 175 bench to 135 rows to 65 and over head press to 65. Main goals are to increase weight slowly while maintaining perfect form. 150m is getting easier and easier to swim as my form improves.

  5. 185 3x5 squat
    135 3x5 bench
    65 3x5 rows



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