So for The month of September I will be switching from my current 4 day split of chest/back, shoulders/arms, off, legs, back/arms weekends off.

I will be doing a 3 day (m, w, f) weekends off of intense full body workouts that are pretty high volume. I am used to high volume and I supplement accordingly. This plan is different than traditional hst because it follows a changing set/rep scheme. For example: week 1 monday is 5sets5 every exercise, wed is 4sets10, fri is 3 sets 15... Week two is Monday 2sets20, wed 5asets5, Friday 4sets10... This continues in a pattern for the 4 weeks! The lifts will stay the same however m,w,f and are as follows:

Exercises ____ and ____ means supersetting the exercises (5-10 seconds rest between the exercises)

db bench and facepulls
Pullups and dips
Pullovers and leg press
Bb press and v bar row
Db shrug *and upright row
Bb curl and crushers
Zottman and rope pd
Forearms bb
Abs heavy (rope crunch, decline, hanging lr)

Leg curl and*Leg extension
Wide lat pd and incline db*press
Arnold press and bb row
Incline Rear flys and *incline flyes
Seated db curl and straight pd
Cable single curls and single overhead
Obliques and reverse crunches

Reverse lunge
Cg bench and pullups
Flat flyes and underhand row
Db press hands in and straight lat
Chest cble Crosses and cable lateral ext
*Scott*bb/Scott reverse + overhead *one arm db ext*
Pinwheel curls + single arm kickbacks
hypers + bb shrug*
Forearms db
Ab Circuit /stick twists

I worry that this may be too much volume (too Many exercises ) for these sets/reps (primarily the 5x5 and 4x10)

I will be using erase at 4 caps/day, oxy elite pro 3caps/day, controlled labs am 2caps/day, reduction pm 2caps/at bed, ANabolic pump with meals, ai perform (for little test boost with erase) yoked*2 caps pre-workout.

I am going heavy on stims bc only lifting 3 days per work is the lowest I've ever gone.. I will also be doing some form of cardio to warm up 15 mins and cooldoen 5-15 mins depending on energy... Possibly one heavy cardio day on tues or thurs