GLHF's Bulk Season 10-11

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  1. GLHF's Bulk Season 10-11

    Hey guys.

    im not fancy but im gona try to detail.

    5-10, 190ish
    I was cutting for a while and now itll be pointless to further cut as i will sacrafice more muscle. my short term goal was to just be leaner and harder for summer, but my long term goal is to gain upto 240lb this winter season and than cut. so in this log i will record my workout/diet.


    Layne Nortons PHAT Split:

    • Day 1: Upper Body Power
    • Day 2: Lower Body Power
    • Day 3: Rest
    • Day 4: Back and Shoulders Hypertrophy
    • Day 5: Lower Body Hypertrophy
    • Day 6: Chest and Arms Hypertrophy
    • Day 7: Rest

    I will use main compound movements for 4-6 sets of 6-8reps on the Power Days. Hypertrophy is a higher rep work, super sets, drop sets, etc...
    As far as cardio goes, I'm gonna do 2-3 sessions for 30min at 80%, and 2-3 sessions for 30-60min at 60%
    I made the best gains with this program before, but did barely any cardio.


    Caloric surplus obviously...200lb x 15 = 3500cal
    Carbs are depending on the workout, very low if no workout/cardio only

    • (Pre WO) 50g Whey + 1-2glass ww milk + 1cup oats + 1 serving PB
    • (PWO) 0-30min 25g Whey + 1 serving PB + milk
    • (60-90min PWO ) 10oz meat + complex carb source for 100-150grams
    • 1-2 scoops Whey + milk + pb
    • solid meal 40-60g protein + fat .... like 5whole eggs + couple egg whites + cheese
    • a smaller meal like 1 cup oats + milk + pb
    • casein shake 50g + 1 glass milk

    i was keto cutting for past 4 weeks, for 2 weeks no refeed until beggining of this week. so ive been eating carbs and caloric surplus for a few days now. heres a pic of me a few days ago no pump and late at night, i am a little puffy lol.

  2. Lower Body Power


    V Squat (hack squat machine)
    2pps x10, x10

    Leg extensions
    130 x12, x12, x12

    135 x10, x10
    185x6, x6

    Reverse glute raises
    bw 3x12

    Standing Calf Raises
    1pps 2x15

    50g whey + milk + yogurt + 1srv PB than slept for 3 more hours
    3whole eggs + 6egg whites + 2 pieces bread + yogurt (100cal, 6g pro, 17g carb)
    50g whey + 1srv PB + yogurt
    9oz ham + 1.5cup rice pudding (10g sugar per 1cup and it taste WONDERFUL)
    McDouble (no cheese) (~200cal, 30g pro) + 1/4lber (510cal, 30/40/30fat)
    1 more meal will be had today.

    what the eggs looked like:

    30min incline walk 10% incline, 3.0 mph for 10min, 3.5mpg for 10min

    mostly eggs, cheese, whey, ham. NO carbs.

    notes* ive been having a headache, dont feel generaly good, my pee has a yellow tint or is straight up yellow, i pee a lot every time i go and i drink 1.5g + everyday my pee was always crystal. theres 2-3 inch spot on my lower middle back thats like puffed up. it hurts a little to pressing, and its a little warm. its same color as other skin.
    kidney problems do you guys think? going to the store on monday and buying kidney cleanser.

  3. you just get done or are you using any oral anabolics here?

    prolly is nothing, but check tint of your skin, eyes, and if you pee blood in you go to the hospital
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  4. i get done 2 weeks ago. i ran test e 500/week + 70mg tren ace first 3 weeks, than 7-11week i ran winstrol oral 50mg/day + clenbuterol thru out. not that heavy at all. i havnt noticed change in my skin other than getting paler (not tanning anymore), eyes normal, nails normal, toes normal.

    later today: Upper POWER DAY....cnt wait.

    diet so ffar:
    50g whey + whole milk glass + weight watchers yougurt + 1tbsp PB

  5. maybe its the winstrol? not that is a high dose or even long tho
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  6. Upper Power Day

    Flat DB 85s 4x6 than only got 5reps on last 2 sets
    DB Row 100s 5x6 couldve done more weight/reps
    db shoulder press 60s 3x6 with stretch at bottom
    db shrug 105s 3x6 hold at top
    db curl 45x6, 35x6, 35x6

    i couldve done more weight on everything but since its beggining of the program and im gonna have to get used to lifting so much i started with lower weights...

    big sub (turkey+cheese+tomato+letuce)
    shake after wo
    3eggs + 7 whites + 2 slices bread

    theres no more a bump in my lower back, it just went away. and my pee has been mostly better. it was probably just nothing.

    i lost my debit card on saturday while at a mall, in only a few hours there was 1100 debit charge, and 1800 credit charge for a total of 2900$. WOW, once of the charges was 124$ worth of macdonalds... seriusly the person just bought food to throw it out. i hope they buy their children 2900 candles for theyr funeral. was stuck filling papers all day yesterday. the guy was pretty helpful at the bank, he said 99 out of 100 times they will refund ur money, and it was clear that it wasnt in my nature.
    **** my life, everytime i do something positive 1-2 negative things hit me hard...

  7. I've been waiting for this for a long time. Bring it GLHF!

    Wow hold on, I think I'm a bit to hyper this AM. Cardio time!
    Applied Nutriceuticals Representative


  8. Legs Hyperthropy

    Hack Squat
    3pps 3x8 controlled, fast tempo

    Vertical Leg Press
    6pps 1x15 just focused on pressing with the outer part of my quads, wider stance

    Laying Leg Curl
    125 4x12

    Leg extensions
    125x12, 100x10, 75x8 triple drop set

    50g whey + 1servng pb + 1cup oats + 1/2glass w milk
    50g whey + 1srv pb
    6egg whites + a mixture of dough, eggs, feta cheese, all baked together (i had a pretty big slice)

    im gonna have 3-4more meals, and 30min LISS + calfs + abs + forearms later today

    it was an alright workout, i had a great pump going. i tried doing more for my hams but decided to do them later today because they were already pumped and couldnt work them out hard. if that made any sence great!

  9. Yesterdays workout:

    Chest/Delts/Triceps Hypertrophy

    Flat BB speed work 135 x3sets normal grip, x3x3 wild grip
    incline bb 135 4x12
    high incline bench fly 50lb dbs 12-12-10
    hammer strength press 1pps x20, x15
    medium grip tricep lock outs with a 20lb chain on each side + 1 45pps 3x8
    db overhead extensions 30s x15, 40s x15, 50s x12 it was light i was just afraid of injury because i have to lift it up and than put it down and its kinda dangerous to swing around 50+ lb dbs
    bw dips 3x12
    side delt db raises 20s x12, 30s x8, 30s x8 drop 20s x8 drop 10s x12ish

    diet wasaverage. i dnt remember much but pre wo was 1 1/2 scoop ehey + 1 1/4 cup milk + 1cup oats, post wo was a weight gainer 980cal, 150g carbs, 55g protein.....

  10. Upper Body Power

    DB Row
    110x5x6 PR

    DB Flat Bench
    90x5x6 PR

    BB Shrug
    225x5x6-8 ....light, concentrated reps

    Hammer OHP
    185x5x6 light

    Chin Ups
    bw x 12, x12, x10

    bw x12, x12, x12

    Forearm stuff


    3whole eggs + 6whites + 3 slices ww bread
    pre WO; 1cup oats + 1glass whole milk + 1 1/2 scoops whey
    post WO; weight gainer shake (55g pro, 185g carb, 950cal) + bcaa + 3.5g creatine
    imma have 2-3more solid meals, and something small snack like fruit/yogurt/etc..

    notes: felt great in the gym today.

  11. Lower Power

    Box Squat, parallel, hit bottom stay there for a sec - epxplode up


    bw 3x10

    felt like overtrained. Layne was saying that it takes 4-6 weeks to adapt to the program and until than u shouldn't do as many exercises/sets as in the example, so i guess thats wat i went with.....

  12. Back/Bis/Traps Hypertrophy

    Medium Neutral Gril Pull Downs
    4-5 sets of 12-15, than went down to 2 heavy sets of 8, really liked the movement

    Db Rows
    80s x 8 didnt like it at all

    Hammer Strength Rows
    2pps 5x10

    Decline Bench Stiff Arm Pullovers
    30s x15
    40s 3x12 i came up with this exercise on my own lol i feel it in the front lower lats/rib cage

    V-bar cable rows
    100x12 drop 120x10 drop 140x8 (15-30sec rest)
    160x8 Rep PR
    180x8 weight and rep PR

    Close Grip on the EZ Bar Curls

    Spider Curls (hammer curl but right hand touches left pec vice versa....idk if theyr calld spider curls)
    30s 3x12 each arm

    Machine deadlift stance machine Shrugs
    2pps 4x15 squeeeeeze at top

    Seated Wrist EZ Curls super set with Reverse Grip EZ Curls
    40lb x20/x10 3sets

    Chain Curls (curls with a chain in each arm)
    3x10, squeeze at top, really like this movement

    4eggs + 6egg whtites + 3 slices bread
    50g whey + yogurt
    50g whey + 2 snickers
    shake 950cal 55g pro, 150g carb
    solid meal
    solid meal

    Uploaded with

  13. Check out laynes article on phat training on simply shredded for the power days.

  14. Legs Hypertrophy

    Leg Press Vertical
    2pps x15
    8pps x8 PR

    Horizontal Leg Press very narrow stance
    2 sets of 12

    Stiff Leg DeadLift (SLDL)
    195x3 sets of 8 PR

    Leg Extensions
    115 5x12 slow tempo

    Leg Curl
    115 3x12

    Calf Raises on horizontal press ss w/ bent over calf raises bw
    1pps 3x12/20

    Decline Crunches 3x20, Side Oblique Raises 45lb plate 4x15 each side, Weighted Crunches Machine 20lb x15, 30lb x15/10

  15. Chest/Tricep/Shoulders Hypertrophy

    BB Incline
    95x15 all reps are done with 1 sec hold at bottom

    Hammer Strength Flat
    1pps 3x15 slow concentrated

    Cable Flys downward
    20lb 3x15 with squeeze 1sec at top

    Laying skullcruchers

    V-Bar Press Downs
    4x10 with like 50lbs, idk

    Standing Overhead Extensions with Cables
    felt great

    Side Machine Raises
    70x10 3sets

    Facepulls from high to face
    30lbs 3x15

    diet has been fine, high protein/carb, moderate-low fat. ate a little too much side cream in past few days but fuk it its summer. Im gonna get some OTC supps, im liking Erase, and Shift, also DAA. Ima run the Erase for 1-90days at 1x/day, shift for 1-45, DAA 3g pre wo 1-90.

    im currently taking
    ON 100% Whey
    ON Opti-Men
    Muscle Juice

  16. August 21 & 22 OFF

    I was suppose to rest only 1 day, but i PRed every workout past 2 weeks, and im feeling tired. also theres no way i couldve done an upper power day.

  17. August 23

    Upper Power

    BB Flat
    bar x20
    135x6, x6
    205x 4set of 6
    *last workout: db flat, 90lb 5set of 6.... sucks

    BB shrug
    275 3x6

    DB Shoulder Press
    65x 4x6

    BB Row
    225x6, x6, x6, last 1-2 reps cheated

    2set of bw dips

    20min LISS

  18. August 24

    Lower Power

    BB Squat
    185x6, x6
    225x6, x6
    245x6, x6

    40x 3x12
    * this were great

    Leg Press
    8pps 2x6

    Glute Raise
    bw 3x12

    calfs multi set burnout

  19. August 26, 2011


    DB Hammer
    55x6, x6 drop to 45x6 drop to 35s x8 drop 25sx12

    V-bar Press Downs
    95x12, drop 75x12, drop 55x12

    EZ Bar Curls (20lb bar)
    10s on each side x15
    25s x8
    30s x8
    30s x8 drop 20s x6 drop 10s x6

    EZ Bar Skull Crusher
    10s x15
    25s x12
    35s x10
    45s x6 drop 35s x6 drop 25s x6

    Reverse EZ Curls ss with wrist curls
    20x15 80x12
    30x15 80x12
    30x15 80x6 held it for a while

    OverHead Tricep extensions with ropes ss w/ bench dips
    35x15 ss bw x12 3sets

    Hammer Concentration Curls
    95x6, x6 huge drop set with 5drops in weight, reps around 5-6 superseted with leg raises idkk

    Rope Extensions Standing
    35x 30 burnout

  20. I was supposeto do legs today, but my gym closed very early because of a huricane expected to come here at 6:00, its 10:30 now, its been raining but its not bad at all. i hate how people over react to the thought of going MAYBE tops 2-3days without power.

    Doing Legs tomorrow, at home. i got a power bench + 300lb olympic set. I did so many drop sets and other hypertrophy approaches yesterday and my arms feel great today. barely sore. im doing 2 super sets + 1-2 drop sets for legs tomoro. diet is 6/10

  21. August 28

    Legs DE

    Box Squat 135 6set of 3 focus on speed
    Leg Ext worked upto 150lb than did a triple drop set -25 each
    Leg Curl worked upto 125lb than triple drop set
    side db raises 3sets
    side cable raises 2sets
    facepulls 2sets

  22. August 29

    Chest/Back 12-10-8-6-6

    BB Shrug 185 4x12 light
    db flat 50s, 60s, 85x6, x6
    db row 110x6, x6
    dips +25x12, +45x10, +70lb x6
    Hammer Grip Pull downs v bar 180x6, x6
    incline hammer strength press 2pps 2x6

  23. August 31

    3sets leg raises, 2set weight crunch, 2set decline situp
    20min elleptical 131hrt entire time + 15min incline walk 1301hrt ~410cal burned

  24. September 2

    Back + light biceps

    Pulls Ups Medium Grip
    bw x10, x8, x6

    closegrip cable rows
    worked upto 160 than droped 140-120-100 for 6-10reps each drop

    Machine Row
    2pps 3x10 there was a superset wit different grips here

    Machine shrugs superset with incline machine row 3sets of 12/10

    Reverse flys with cables 3set

    db press seated
    50s 3x12 strict slow reps

    db side raises 4sets of 15s x15 slow strict

    EZ Bar curls 3x12

    thats all i can remember, there was more tho.

  25. September 3

    bw dips
    flat bench 5x3 135lb speed work
    incline bench 135x20, x12
    dips (20lb chain) ss with deep push ups 3x10
    pull ups ss with deep push ups
    vbar pressdowns ss with rope curls 3x12
    rope push downs, cable bar curls, face pulls triple super set
    some **** like that

    diet: 8/10
    need more veggies/fruit, and i feel ive been slacking on my good fats too. not a lot of sweet ****, thats good. drank some alcohol for my friends bday.

    HIIT + quads tmrw


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