Looking for Some HELP!!

  1. Looking for Some HELP!!

    I am 18 years old I have been lifting for 5 years made some great progress when I was younger but now I dont know what to do as far as a work out. I am very big in to the whole getting huge area of lifting so basically body building. I have tried 3 different work outs I made my self for 3 months a piece and have not had hardly any gains. Then I had to have shoulder surgery due to a football injury my junior year of highschool. I am back at it harder than ever and have been for about 4 months but have not seen any gains hardly at all. I take my target weight in grams of protein every day and take a multi vitamin pack that has the new creatine pill in it. I just need a good mass building work out. I was hoping someone on this website would be able to help me out with this. I am looking to bulk up for about 5 months then do a cut routine for next summer. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. (please dont tell me to do research cause thats all I do is reasearch when im sitting at home.)

  2. Hey man. Whats your training program like right now? Need a little more info to help you out.

  3. day 1 Chest and shoulders, day 2 Back, Day3 Legs, Day 4 Arms, Day 5 is abs and a focus day which means i would hit one part of me that i think needs improvement, Then rest for 2 days and do it again. I just started counting up for my diet I am looking to bulk up A LOT! Any advice?
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