Time to lean out!

  1. Time to lean out!

    Okay so I have been lifting really hard to bulk up. Unfortunately besides keeping my protein levels up, I let my diet slide. I went from 219 to 247 lbs. So the supplements I'm taking are: Andro Lean, Mega Shred (Omega 3, DHA, ALA, CLA, GLA, MCT, Lauric Acid, Oleic Acid, Myristic Acid, LA, Caprylic Acid, Capric Acid) and Clen. Oh BTW I'm cleaning up the diet as well just going to eat clean (bye bye ice cream I'll miss you)

    Goal is to get down to about 225-230 lbs. Prefer 225 lbs!

    Day 1
    Insanity style HIIT: this consisted of a 9 min warmup and then 4 exercises performed at max intensity for 45 sec each then a 30 sec break for 3 sets; next I changed the 4 exercises and repeated for additional 3 sets.

    Day 2
    Insanity style HIIT: the workout was constructed the same but I used different exercises.

    Day 3
    This was supposed to be a weight lifting workout but I had to work too late and decided to hangout with the family before I had to get the kiddos in bed and then fell asleep trying to get them asleep.

    Day 4
    I got my Insanity videos back from my friend and did the Max Interval Circuit; this routine is roughly an hour long and kicks your ass!

  2. So on Day 4 or yesterday I tried Clen and nows its in the garbage! I know that many people of used it and love it but not me. It made me feel sick as hell I could not tolerate it.

    Day 5

    Insanity Max Interval Plyo again this roughly an hour long workout of HIIT training. Approx. three mins of high intensity work alternating exercises roughly every 45 sec and then a 30 sec break. These are the most ball breaking exercises I have ever done. Its all about your max effort so it can work for anyone who is ready for an advanced training session.

  3. Looking forward to your results
    Just inject.

  4. Ive heard good things about Insanity and its cool your using this method to help lean out. Probably way better than the treadmill, ill have to try it someday. Good luck Shock!
    Primordial Performance
    ( at heart )

  5. Hey Guys thanks for coming along.

    Day 6
    Weights! I did a total upper body routine that included 6 sets of each exercise for 6-10 reps each set. The exercises were: lat pull, rows, bench press, military press, tricep extensions and curls. I would do legs but if you have any knowledge surrounding the Insanity routine you will understand that its not necessary.

    Day 7
    Rest day besides I worked late.

    Day 8
    Insanity Max Interval Plyo. I weighted in today before working out and I was down to 243 lbs. 4 lbs in 8 days is pretty good. So far what I have noticed about Andro Lean is that the first few days I had to force myself to eat and I sweat easy as hell. After the first 4 days I got appetite back but I get filled up really quick. I have had any issues or complaints about Andro Lean.

    Day 9
    Rested today but I was supposed to workout. My back was bothering me and I decided to listen to my body and instead of risking my back going out.

    Day 10
    Insanity Plyo Interval Circuit and all of my yard work combined for a butt kicking workout. I will weigh in again sometime next week. I am still loving this routine. My legs are absolutely shaking by the end of an Insanity routine. Looking forward to another weight day tomorrow. Oh if you are going to take Andro Lean you definitely need to keep your fluids up as it really does a thermogenetic effect better than I have had in the past. I am currious how well I will be able to maintain strength with my decreased lifting schedule.

  6. Day 11
    Today is a repeat of Day 6. I will post later today to comment if my strenght is maintaining.

  7. Okay so even with my decreased lifting schedule I have maintained by strength thus far. If my strenght holds out until the end of this routine I will credit it to Andro Lean.

  8. Great log buddy, I like the stories you add here and there about family. Have you had your bf% tested yet? And yea clen is a hate it or love thing.

  9. Having done P90X I'm interested in how this turns out. Best of luck!!
    Think training's hard,. try losing!

  10. Whatsaroid-

    I haven't tested my body fat % since summer 2010. Back then it was 12.something and I was at 219 lbs after completing 2 rounds of strictly Insanity workouts (lost 20 lbs). At that point I started ramping up my lifting schedule and got up to 240 lbs and didn't feel fat but rather buff. This is when I lost control of my diet and started back on ice cream and went up to 247 lbs and felt fat especially since my favorite shorts got tight (I know sounds girlish to talk about the shorts but its the truth). Thing is I have a 13 yr old daughter and I want any boy that comes around to think twice about pissing me off because I am in good enough shape to catch his sorry ass. Today's kids are so lazy. Only skate boarders exercise these days.


    Know that the results here won't be like doing just Insanity. That program will absolutely kick your ass because it is all about your max effort. I have created my own schedule because I do not want to lose my lifting conditioning this time around.

    Day 12
    Insanity Max Interval Plyo. Great workout today and it really kicked my butt. I had to go sit in the whirlpool tub in cold water to cool down. Also because my back was been a little sketchy I subbed some of the exercises that I tend to feel more in my back for exercises that were just as hard or harder but don't hurt the old back. I have always sweated hard doing Insanity but with the Andro Lean I seem to sweat even more. Gotta drink that water!

    I really hope that my kids will grow up to appreciate exercise the way I do. Two of my kiddos have started martial arts can't help but encourage them.

  11. Well yesterday my back went out so this log is going to be post paused for a couple of weeks. Once my back is healthy again I am going to run a 6 week log of this routine and Andro Lean. I hope to have you all back once the new log gets started.

  12. Rest up n heal,.. live to fight another day my friend!!!
    Think training's hard,. try losing!

  13. Quote Originally Posted by shocknyou View Post
    Well yesterday my back went out so this log is going to be post paused for a couple of weeks. Once my back is healthy again I am going to run a 6 week log of this routine and Andro Lean. I hope to have you all back once the new log gets started.
    Very sorry to hear that! Get well.
    Just inject.


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