GLHF on GVT - An enchanced 10x10 log

  1. GLHF on GVT - An enchanced 10x10 log


    So this is gonna be my detailed GVT log. I saw a bunch of GVT threads/logs/questions on this and other boards and decided why not give it another shot. Last time, i did GVT i was natural, now not so much. I have a log thats 3-4 years old still on my pc with all the weights i did as well. By now you should be really interested in this run.
    Just turned 23, 5-10 204lb at 9% as of this morning. I was on a low calorie diet for 8weeks and on a bodybuilding split. my only concern is musle fibers, i dont give a **** about strength. my strength is completely non existent. if you are looking for a log with some major weights going up and down this wont be it. yes i am one of those dudes u see in the mall that look like they bench 350 but they get crushed by not really but u get wat i mean.

    Workouts go Workout 1:Chest/Back, Legs, OFF, Arms/Delts, OFF, Workout 2 Chest/Back etc..
    Workout 1 10x10 on 2 main exercises (ex. squat/presses/curl) + 2 smaller exercises (ex. side lateral raises)
    Workout 2 10x8 - | | -
    Workout 3 10x6
    Workout 4 10x3
    Workout 5 10x10 using 5% more weight than Workout 1
    Workout 6 10x8 +6% weight > Workout 2
    Workout 7 10x6 +7% > W/o 2
    Workout 8 10x3 +10% !
    The tempo is also very important. As an enchanced lifter, neurological efficiency is highly increased so explosive concentric tempos should be used. In other words keeping the weight moving at all times without locking out, BUT NOT cheating/boucing/leaning etc... I tried this......AND idk man, its really not the perfect style to train for me atleast. i like do go down for 2-3 sec, and stay at the bottom for 2sec than move up for 1-2sec, and get right back down.
    Always Change the exercises you did. Example: Day 1 bb flat bench + bb row, Day 6 incline db bench + 1arm db row.

    Day 1 Chest/Back Workout 1
    Day 2 Legs
    Day 3 OFF
    Day $ Arms/Delts
    Day 5 OFF
    Day 6 Arms/Delts Workout 2

    Current cycle:
    1-12 week 500mg/week test enanthate, just started the 5th
    5-9/10 week winstrol 50mg/ed
    -4-2 clen 2 weeks on 2 weeks off + 50mcg t3 (basicly i was runing Clen/t3 combo prior to and leading into my current anabolic cycle)
    5-14 clen 1 week on 1 week off + caffeine + OTC fat burner when NOT on clen
    (?) 11/12-14 week dbol 30mg/ed MAYBE
    1-14 Arimidex low dose like 0.125 to 0.250 eod
    5+ Ephedrine 50mg on clen OFF weeks, only got 10days worth of amps on the e

    14.5+ Nolvadex 40/40/30/30/20/20
    14.5+ Clomid 150 for 3days than 50mg/day for another 20days
    14+ Tribolus 350
    more clen if i need it, looking into more ephedrine as well

    Supplements (OTC)
    ON Whey 100% 2x/day
    ON BCAA 2g 3-5x/day
    Preworkout supplement but not on all workout days
    Milk thistle, hawthrone berry, multi, caffeine, + other basic supports

    Carb cut off 3days prior to Workout 1, the diet will be carb cycling something along this 150g carbs/day -100-50-0-0-150-100-50-0-150 etc...
    little BUT constant changes to **** with my metabolism

    60min incline walk AM, weight workout in the PM + 10-20min cooldown walk

  2. Workout 1

    Incline Hammer Strength

    Hammer Strength Row

    Flat DB Fly 2sec down, 2-3sec hold, 1-2sec up

    Stiff Arm Rop pull downs

    meal 1-4 were 3whole eggs + 7eggs whites, as pre workout was < that + some cheese, post wo 50g whey, 6th meal 3whole eggs + 7eggs whites

    Cardio: 60min AM, 500cal burned

    WOW.....strength got really shot. a few weeks ago i was doing 365x6 on that incline hammer press. a GREAT pump, now my chest feels soft, my back idkk ill report tmrw.

  3. Cardio AM - 60min incline walk, 510cal burned

    Legs PM

    Squats - ATG, 2sec down, 1-2sec hold at bottom, 2sec up, lockout and right back down

    Laying Leg Curl - 2sec curl, 1sec down, right back up

    Seated Calf Raise
    2 45s x3x15

    50g whey ~250cal, 50g pro
    green apple post cardio (idk....just felt like it and it rely cant hurt) ~100cal
    20min after ^ 3whole eggs, 7egg whites ~350cal, 50g pro
    6.5oz ground beef (the leanest one) + 3 slices whole wheat bread + expresso for PRE WO ~550cal, 50g pro
    50g whey POST WO 250cal, 50g pro
    6.5oz ground beef + 2 slices ww bread 450cal 45g pro
    6oz chicken breast 200cal 30g pro

    total: 2200cal, 275g pro, 130g carbs

    notes: damn the squats were hard. i started cramping after the 2nd set lol, pushed thru it no probs. the curls were much easier, like i couldnt have done more weight or reps, but they just couldnt compare to the squats. first time doing legs in 2weeks
    upper back and upper chest are sore YES!!!!!! legs are alredy sore.

    other notes: im feeling good.

  4. Another very low carb day...but im feeling fine, not really drained. had a headache around noon but thats cuz usually i give my body ~50g carbs with the first meal.

    PM 60min incline walk, 350cal burned
    Weight rope crunches 3x15
    leg raises 3x15 strict
    3x15 each side with a 45lb plate lowering to the side than crunching side abs

    50g whey
    7oz smoked ham
    50g whey
    2 cans tuna + a lil no carb mayo + no carb mustard + hot sauce
    2 cans tuna + mustard + hot sauce
    and ill prob have 6 whole eggs + 2egg whites later

    legs sore. ass sore. pecks + upper back still sore. ARMS tmrw CANT wait, also med carb day. i plan on eating a banana for breakfast and than saving my other 80g carbs for 2hour pre wo meal. im thinking tuna + 4 slices ww bread, its gona b great.

  5. 60min AM Cardio, 540cal
    PM Arms/Delts

    BB Curl
    50lb x10
    50lb x10
    50lb x10
    50lb x10
    50lb x10
    50lb x10
    45lb x10 4sets

    Flat Bench Skull Crushers
    50x10 9sets
    * it wasnt heavy, but i focused on form and squeezed

    Side Raises machine
    50x15,12,9 squeezed at the top and held for 1-2sec on each rep

    Side Raises Cables
    20lb x15 3sets

    Db Side Raises
    15lb x30

    50g Whey
    8oz chicken breast + greek yogurt 380cal, 70g pro, 10g carbs
    2 cans tuna + 5 slices WW bread 800cal, 70g pro, 100g carbs
    50g Whey POST WO 250cal
    8oz Chicken breast 300cal, 55g pro
    8oz Beef 500cal, 60g pro
    8oz Chicken breast 300cal, 55g pro

    total: 2780cal, 410g pro, ~140g carbs

  6. OFF Day

    Low calorie, low carb day

    30min LISS + abs

  7. PM: 60min LISS 500cal
    AM: Chest/Back

    BB Flat Bench


    Peck Deck

    Machine Row inclined
    2 45s x 3x15

    high pro, med carb, med fat

  8. 60min cardio AM
    30min cardio PM

    was planing on doing legs. but for some reason i forgot the gym closes at 6 on sundays, i got there are 545 lol. the front desk girl was really cute, and was like im sorrrryyyy, damn she was hot spanish looking girl. long black curly hair, dark eyes, cute face, big ass/tits. i was chatting with her, and i got a free shake - 50g whey + skim milk + bcaa + creatine boost + fat burn boost + multi vitamin boost. idk wtf she put in that shake but than i went home and cardio was a breeze lol.

  9. Legs

    Vertical Leg press
    5 45s on each side x 5 x 10
    6 45s x 5 x 10
    * wasn't hard or heavy, just concentrated on pushing with the outer part of the quad.

    Seated Leg Curl
    90lb x 5x10
    70lb x 5x10
    *some what hard....was cramping, i couldnt control the weight that good. i kinda slammed it when flexed, controlled it on the way up tho.

    Seated Calf Raise
    2 45s x 3x15
    just chilling, stretching, focusing on muscle....cramping

    Protein/Carb day
    50 g whey + 2 ww bread
    10egg whites + 2 ww bread
    10egg whites + 2 ww bread
    POST WO 50g whey + 3 tbsp PB
    10egg whites + 2 ww bread
    2 cans tuna + some strawberrys + some light whip cream

    total: ~2200cal


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