S.K's Fight to 205

  1. S.K's Fight to 205

    Hey I just finish a ph bulk cycle. From 170 to 192, and now am in my second week of post cycle. Once done with my post cycle I am going to continue to "LEAN" bulk to 205.
    My goal is to reach 205 by December and I am pretty sure I can reach that with ease. But my main goal is to be at 205 with 7% body fat.

    My diet for the next 3 months is going to consist
    3000-3500 cals.

    Workout Split Will Consist of:
    M - Chest/Legs/Forearms
    T - Back/Abs
    W - Arms/Forearms
    T - Shoulder's/Abs
    F - Legs/Forearms
    S - Cardio-Abs
    S - Cardio

    Leg's and cardio is important to me because I am a NCAA Soccer Athlete.

    Supplement's I am taking at the moment for my Post cycle:
    Liquid Torem
    Primordial Performance: TRS+TCF-1
    LG Science's: Anadraulic State GT
    LG Science's: GHenerate (6/6)
    LG Science's: Postal
    MHP: IGF-1
    MHP: Xpel

    Once done with my Liquid Torem/TRS+TCF-1
    I am going to start nolva/letro for 2 weeks to remove my gyno.
    For month 2 of my PCT I am thinking of using the Prime/PowerFULL/Pink Magic.

    After than just use my basic staple's.
    Creatine/BCAA/Multi/Fish Oils/Protein

    With my PH Stack I bulked to 192, right now I am cutting to remove bloat and fat that was put on, I am currently at 187 at 8.2%Body Fat.

    Will be updated daily.
    Also every 2 weeks pic's will be put up.

  2. Cool Day #1 Arms - Wednesday, 7/6/2011

    Day #1 Arms
    Wednesday, 7/6/2011

    Diet & Supplement's(P/C/F/Kcal):

    First Breakfast 8:00a.m:
    8oz. Oatmeal 25g/155g/18g/880
    1 Litre of Whole Milk
    3oz. Green Grape's -/17g/-/70

    60mg/1ml of Liquid Torem
    5ml of Sustain Alpha
    5ml of TCF-1
    1/2 Serving of Orange Triad MultiVitamin

    Second Breakfast 11:00a.m:
    4 piece's of Whole Wheat Bread
    2 Banana's
    1 Cup of Activa Yogurt

    400iu of Vitamin E
    50mg of Zinc

    Snack 1 12:30p.m:
    1 Green Apple
    4 Serving of Honey Roasted Planter's Peanuts

    Lunch 4:30pm:
    4 mozzerela stick's from Plucker's
    Buffalo Chicken Sandwhich in Mild Wing Sauce with Lettuce and Tomatoes
    Waffle Fries
    2 glass of coke
    4 glass of Water

    Snack 2 6:00pm:
    1 Banana
    1 Peach
    1 Liter of Whole Milk

    Pre-Workout Meal 7:30pm:
    1 packet of Oatmeal
    LG Science's: Anadraulic State GT
    16oz of Water

    I will be dosing 30min before I workout my Sustain Alpha/Endo-Amp/Toco-8/6 sprays of GHenerate/4 pills of Xpel

    Workout will be at 8:45

    Will update when I am finish with my workout.

  3. Arm's was a blast. Killed them for a good str8 hour with abs at High Intensity during each set.

    Day 2
    I wont be able to post much detail about to today well because I only have 2 minutes to update.
    I did shoulder's today, and was probably the best shoulder workout I have done in a long time. GHenerate+A.S is AMAZING!

    I seem to like EndoAmp Pre-Bed instead of Pre-WO.

    8 meals today, consisted of 325g of protein, 200g of Carbs, 140g of Fat, at approx. 3200 cals.
    Tomorrow I will be able to update more, and on Sunday I am doing all of my measurement's.
    Anyways Duece everyone!
    S.K's Fight to 205 w/ 7% B.F

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