Am I overworking muscles

  1. Am I overworking muscles

    I just started lifting weights again in addition to my cardio in October and for the past 4 months especially have really grown to enjoy. I'm taking creating, protein, and glutamine. My question is most post are saying just work out one muscle group hard per week, but i;ve really come to enjoy working each out about every 3-4 days. I was thinking with the creatine and glutamine (known to help with recovery) that it theoretically allow me to work out more often. I really don't even like to skip a day at this point. Although, I've heard muscles grow during recovery it would seem like 3-4 days would be sufficient for recovery. I'm I overworking my muscles?
    Typically, work out Mon-chest/back, Tues- Biceps,Shoulders,abs Wed- Tricpes Thur-legs/squats, abs and Friday start over with chest/back. Sometimes I'll rest 1 day from lifting and start chest/back on Sat's. I also mix in running after workout sometimes.
    Thanks fro help. I need these puppies to grow faster!

  2. The answer is yes.

  3. so with the creatine and the fact that I don't even really feel sore I still can't work the same muscle group every 3-4 days. Can you tell me why?

  4. As a beginner you really want to concentrate on your form and intensity. Those two things will go much further than heavy weight or frequency will at this point. Rest in between workouts is especially important at this point. The creatine isn't going to magically make you recover faster -- though it may give you some added endurance during your workouts. Stick with your setup that you have now, but consider putting a break day on wednesday and moving your other two lifting days to Thursday and Friday. Do three to four exercises per muscle group and do three to four sets of each. Make sure that your last rep of each set is a struggle -- don't worry about strict numbers so much as intensity. However, as far as numbers go, I'd aim for your reps per set to be around 12, 10, 8, and 6 for the final set. Make sure of course that you are increasing weight with each set accordingly. Legs are the one area that may require more reps per set.

    If you are doing all of these things, you should be plenty sore at this point and you should just concentrate on giving your body the rest it needs. You will grow, likely much faster than before because you will be allowing your body the time it needs to recover and you will be stronger the next time you go to the gym. That will in turn allow you to put up progressively more weight, which will keep you growing.

  5. squats and deads

    deep and heavy, proper form, lots of them

    take rest when you need it , plenty of food, eat and sleep.



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