New Member Log...critics welcome.

  1. New Member Log...critics welcome.

    Ok guys, i wanted to post up my program and see what people thought of if. i am TOTALLY open to suggestions and critics are always welcome in my threads.

    Let me know what i can do to improve this. **EDIT** adding in some of the weights for the basic movements.

    Zack - Looking to take the LG trifecta stack w/ Sub Sterone Stack.
    31 years old
    204.5 lbs
    16-18% BF
    Goals - Body Re-comp. Want muscle growth while shedding some body fat. Looking for functional strength. Chest seems to be a weak point of mine.

    4 Day Split. Split is done like this Mon, Tues, Rest Wed, Thurs, Friday, Rest Saturday, Sun, Monday, Rest Tuesday, Wed, Thurs, Rest Friday...ect...2 days on, 1 days rest. I get plenty of sleep but i'm always looking to improve diet or other issues.

    1. Back
    --Deadlifts (3 sets) (225x10)
    --DB Rows (3 sets) (70x10)
    --T-bar (3 sets)
    --Pull-up's (till failure)
    --Wide grip pull down / Cable row (Superset) (3 sets)
    --Reverse crunch w/ plate (3 sets)

    2. Shoulders + Tri's (all 3 sets)
    --BB Shrug / Standing upright row (superset) (245x12 w/ 70x10)
    --DB Shoulder Press (60x10)
    --Seated reverse Fly
    --DB Lat raise
    --Nosebreaker / close grip press (Superset) (60x10)
    --Ropes w/ Cable Curl (Superset) (160x10 120x10)
    --DB behind head tri raise (65x10)

    3. Chest + Bi's
    --BB Bench press (190x10)
    --Incline DB press (65 x 10)
    --Incline DB Flys (35x10)
    --Cable X-overs
    --Incline DB curl
    --Preacher curl / Wrist curl (superset) (87.5x10 70x20) (done on Hammer Strength Machine)
    --Standing Hammer curls (35x10)
    --Straight bar curls w/ negitives (Till Failure)
    --Dips till failure

    4. Legs (Still slow from him injury)
    --Deep Squats (185x10)
    --45 Deg. Leg Press (245x10)
    --Leg extensions
    --Seated Calf Raise
    --Hamstring extension
    --Standing Calf Raise

    Cardio is done every other day as well as an Ab workout. Cardio is done at different time of day than workout. It is not done right after i work out.

    I am currently taking Creatine Mono (10g's a day), Jacked - 3 scoops before workout as well as Protein Shakes 3 times a day along w/ fish oil. Diet will get to where it needs to be.

    Let me have it boys/gals

  2. Overall not bad other than saying 0 about your diet than "Protein Shakes 3x a day" which is bad. The only thing i'd change beyond that is moving shrugs to be the last shoulder exercise

  3. Sorry about the diet, i thought that i would post that up in the diet section of the forum. Didnt know if this was the right place. Right now, eating 6 meals a day 8/11/1/3/6/9 (3 main meals are 70-80g's of protein. Other 3 snacks are around 20g's) Complex carbs worked into each meal for a total or around 2600-2800 calories, 270-300g of protein, and 260 for carbs.

    Interesting you suggest moving shrugs to last. I always thought the heavier push/pull exercises should be done first.

    On a side note, I live in Tampa and Tallahassee (long story). Where do you workout in Tampa? I just to go to LA on countyline and BBD

  4. Thats where I work out too, I live across the street in Live Oak Preserve. Well, on compound "main" exercises the heaviest should be done first, but shrugs aren't very compound, they are pretty isolated and are more of a back movement. Military press (or in your case db) would be considered a main and more compound press. Supersetting that with upright rows would work well, I've always liked push + pull supersets.

  5. no ****. I used to be there alot. I have a full leg tattoo. usually, people notice me because its crazy bright colors. I own a house right in Meadow Point (Morningside sub division). I'm in Tallahassee because my girl took a 2 year contract up here.

    Thanks for the help man

  6. Well, let me know when you are back in town, always fun to meet other people from here

  7. will do man. Thanks again for the help...

  8. Have you ever tried switching workout 1 with 2, or workout 3 with 4? I feel like you'd feel better having a 3 days separation between your arms, shoulders, and chest splits, as well as a 3 day separation between your back and legs. It should allow you to bench more (or at the very least bench more comfortably) and squat and deadlift heavier (your upper back is not too worn for the squat, and your hams aren't too fried for the deadlift).

    With that said, I'm also an advocate of doing heavier deadlifts vs. deadlifting for reps. But this is just from my experience, as my body adapts well to heavy stress from the deadlift. So you may not experience my results as you don't have my body, my nutrition, etc. But keep in mind my first point if you havent' already tried it.

  9. Toro, you're saying do it in this order...2, 1, 4, 3? It makes sense now that i look at it. I'll try it.

    As far as the deads go, i am coming off a bad hip injury so still feeling a little timid on squats, deads, leg press, ect. I do LOVE the idea of going heavy on deads as well as squats but i'll have to work up to it as this nagging hip comes back to life. I feel like i'm acting like an old man but just want to be safe than sorry.

    Great tips though!

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Vanilla Goril View Post
    Toro, you're saying do it in this order...2, 1, 4, 3? It makes sense now that i look at it. I'll try it.
    I actually meant either do 2,1,3,4 or 1,2,4,3.

    And word about the hip injury. Hope that works itself out soon, man. Good luck


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