Dead Lift 400 Lbs & Lose Fat Challenge.

  1. Dead Lift Challenge [New member log]

    Hey, all updating this post because the previous one was just awfully long.

    My goal is to get to a 400LB deadlift in 6-8 weeks.
    I'm currently at 300, maybe 325 on a good day.

    Looking for any tips and advice on hitting my mark ASAP.

    I've got a 4 day split on my routine, doing Chest/Shoulders, Biceps/triceps, Back, Rest, Legs, Rest.

    On here I'm just going to post my Back days so I can track my progress on the dead lift.

    So here it goes...

    Single arm lat pulley Pulldowns (L/R) - 100x12 (12/12), 140x (8/9), 160x (6/6), 170x (5/5)

    Machine Pullovers - 150x8, 160x6, 160x6

    Single pulley row (L/R) - 85x (14/14), 120x (12/12), 140x (8/8)

    Lat Pulldowns - 160x6, 150x6, 180x3

    Close Grip pulldowns - 130x10, 140x5

    Deadlift - 135x10, 135x7, 300x4, 300x4, 300x2

    Deadlift lockouts (smith machine) - 230x3, 180x3, 180x4
    tried these for the first time, but they just didn't feel right on the smith machine, so I'll prob do them on a rack next time.

    As far as supplements: Jack3d, Xtend, Animal Pak, Syntha-6.

    LMK if you know a great way to gain quick on the deadlift!
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